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  1. If this is a thing not allowed, please remove the topic. ^^

    This is a reversed interest check, which means that rather than me looking for players for one of my gigs, I'm looking for GM's to peak my interest about your RP.

    So, a bit about myself.
    I'm a experienced roleplayer with several years of writing behind me. Though I'm a tad rusty at the point this should change itself in time. I write decent characters, at least according to my own head, and I like quality above quantity; which means that I might not write those extra 500 words just to pad out; rather I try to write well.
    This also reflects in my characters, though I used to have an average length of 3-4 thousand words they are now much shorter but sort of better detailed... Strangely enough.

    I prefer to play a mage of sorts, being known as a mage-whore in my normal circles I would say that magic and mages are my specialty, but I'm able to play anything and anyone with little effort, if any at all.
    As for settings, again I'm game for the most, but prefer either medieval fantasy or Sci-fi, but some form of super-powers involved does makes it more interesting.
    Though I have interest in mature RP's that take form in gore/violence and not in sex or romance in any way.

    Due to my work and off-work time-usage I cannot guarantee more than 1-3 posts a week, I might go on a spree and post 18 posts a day but as a guarantee I cannot say more than a few time a week, which means that if someone is 'tied in dialogue' with me they might be stuck for a day or three.

    If you want examples of my writings I haven't really been a part of too many RP's here in Iwaku, but navigate to my user page and see what I have written, I recommend reading a post that is not all pure dialogue as well as one that is, just to get a feel of things. Should you wish, off course.

    I know this is not much to go on but I'm willing to answer any questions related to this should anyone be interested.
    I might not have perfect grammar or typing, but when writing out a RP post I write it all either in MsWord or a GoogleDoc so that I at least get some proper grammar and dictionary use.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.