Reverse Harem RP?

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  1. So there was an RP that @EternalMusic and I never got in motion and it's a reverse Harem RP. So the RP is about several normal girl were "scouted" by the government to an all rich boy high school to share how commoners lives. Nothing more to be said than this though as all of the plot will be played during the IC~

    and in case if anyone doesn't know what Reverse Harem means:
    Reverse Harem is the opposite of Harem which was a genre that man have several girl surround him, with that being said reverse Harem is the other side, meaning it's a genre that have girl surrounded by boys.
  2. Also just to state everyone the girls are very few we will only be accepting a selected few so first come first serve!

    1. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    2. TAKEN - @Arius LaVari
    3. TAKEN - @Infinatis
    4. TAKEN - @Psycho_Proxy
    5. TAKEN - @DANAsaur

    BOYS ((will forever accept people who want to be males))
    1. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    2. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    3. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    4. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    5. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    6. TAKEN - @KeatonWorshipper
    7. TAKEN - @Azreal
    8. TAKEN - @Nitro Nasty
    9. TAKEN - @Psycho_Proxy
    10. TAKEN - @Charlie's 4th Angel
    11. TAKEN - @Rebel-Dynasty
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  4. Infin, you would call a girl. Dibs on a guy named Jack.
  5. For the IC
  6. I call a male
  7. I would like to try it Muse
  8. Male please
  9. You guys probably know what my name will be .... Azrael as always
  10. Mine would be Beth, or Andrea
  11. got it~
    Got it~ And don't worry about reserving name just reserving spots at the moment~
    Got it~
    Got it~
    dont' worry about the name Azreal~ *smiles*
  12. I know that I don't need to reserve the name, it's just my OCs are all named Jack except one, because I already had a Jack in that one.
  13. ah okie dokie~ it just seemed as though everyone started to shout out names~ *laughs*
  14. Can I be Ivan?
  15. Or Ill call my character Michonne if shes black. (naming them after TWD charries)
  16. We are going to be setting this RP in Japan or Korea.
  17. Wait I lied I think it was New Jersey or something liek that.... @GreenSea help~
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  18. Could I reserve a Female and Male spot?
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  19. YEP~! *huggles Proxy*
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  20. * Huggles* You attract me with these rps, I tell you cx
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