Revan's Return

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  1. [Setting: Republic Frigate - Leviathan]

    Leviathan was oncourse to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, on board was the old Sith Lord Revan. The Jedi went to great lengths to recover Revan and wipe and replace her memories. Currently resting in the Med-Bay, Arvin Surik and Carth Onasi stood on the bridge of the ship, watching as the stars passed by.

    Bastila Shan would be in her quarters, meditating on the previous battle. If it wasn't for her Battle Meditation, the small Republic Fleet would of been destroyed by the Sith Vanguard, but they prevailed in the end. The Republic needed to take the Sith Threat more seriously next time.

    Carth and Arvin knew one another from serving under Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, though Carth was recognized as a hero and Arvin was recognized as a traitor. "When do you think she will wake up?" Carth directed the question at Arvin. Carth was wearing his standard orange republic pilot suit that he was given. Most of the Republic Pilots wore this attire.

    Arvin was wearing a robe over his full body armor (no helmet). He directed his attention to Carth
    "She will awaken whenever her wounds are healed" Arvin was the one who boarded the ship with Bastila. He was lucky enough to be given this task, but it was all to redeem himself for the crimes he committed in the past.

    "I don't like this. What if her memories return? I may have served her in the Mandalorian Wars but she has changed" Carth had every right to be skeptical of her. He was a Republic Soldier, and she betrayed the Jedi and the Republic when she came back as a Sith.

    "That is why I am here...if she recovers he memories I have been ordered to kill her" He turned around and headed towards the Med-Bay, with Carth in tow. Her physical wounds will heal, she is in a kolto tank and it shouldn't take long, but what about mentally? Arvin didn't truly know the answer to that.

    Soldiers saluted as the two walked by, Carth was an honorable war hero, and so was Arvin, but the Jedi Council has proclaimed Arvin differently. Punching in the code to enter the Med-Bay, Carth seemed uneasy, but Arvin shrugged it off as he and Carth entered to see how she was doing.
  2. Felth drummed his fingers on the desk, leaned forward on his hand. Med-Bay was peaceful as usual, almost deserted save for one patient. He glanced to up to look at the tank across from him. The Jedi girl was the only reason he was here at all.

    She’d been badly injured in a battle a few months back and she was still unconscious. The young medical officer couldn’t help but wonder just what had happened to her. When they’d first brought her back from the battle, Felth had been certain she wouldn’t survive the night. Her body had recovered since then; except for a few scars that remained. Unfortunately, her mind seemed to be far more damaged than her body. Even with the healing, she had shown little sign of metal activity.

    He leaned back in his chair, still watching the girl’s floating form. She looked peaceful, almost like a child deep in sleep. What had her name been again? He glanced down at the reports in front of him. Ah, Dekari, that was it; Dekari Marr. The other Jedi had been reluctant to share even that much. Then again, they weren’t known for sharing a great deal.

    He got to his feet, walking towards the tank to check the readings. At least it was something to do, even if they never seemed to change. The medical droids turned to him as he rose, awaiting his instructions. He glanced down at the monitor, going through the basic readings as he scribbled down numbers.

    A flash on the screen caught his gaze. He paused and looked down to the flashing information. Her brainwaves were picking up. He blinked and then he ran through a few diagnostics to check. The machine wasn’t malfunctioning. He glanced at the girl’s face and gasped when he saw it. Her eyes were opening. His hand slipped into his pocket as he reached for the small communications device within and hit a button on the side to page the other Jedi on the ship. It seemed their friend was finally waking up.
    Steel blue eyes slowly open as Dekari began to wake. Her mind was slow to take the images before her and her vision was blurred. Where was she? She felt weightless, like she was being suspended in the air, but it was not empty space around her. Her eyes tried to focus on what was in front of her. It looked like glass. Something was moving outside of it as well. She tried to reach for the glass, but found her arm unwilling to move. She looked to her left and found herself entangled in wires.

    Before she could do more, a noise came from above her. A pair of metal claws, or perhaps hands, came down and clamped around her waist. They began pulling her up and were quickly joined by a pair of hands. She broke the surface of whatever liquid she’d been in, still trying to make sense of everything around her. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t seem to form a complete thought.

    “Hold still,” she heard someone say as she was lowered back down onto what she assumed was a bed of some sort.

    She glanced toward the voice and found a man there, a doctor of some sort. He laid a towel across her shoulders as he began to take away from of the wires, including the oxygen mask she hadn’t even known was over her mouth. She coughed as her throat breathed in normal air. He added another towel, helping to dry her off.

    “I’ll go fetch her a dry robe,” the man suddenly declared as he moved back. She glanced up after her, her eyes still unfocused as she tried to see just what was in the rest of the room. There were a few other figures in the room, but they were unclear. Just where was she and why couldn’t she seem to remember anything?
  3. Carth and Arvin seemed to arrive in time as she was being pulled out of the tank. They made there way to her, Carth had his hand on his blaster pistol. He wasn't going to take a chance and get jumped by her. This wasn't the Revan he remembered, and he doesn't know how to feel about her anymore. He only signed up for this mission because he served under her and because the Republic trusted him.

    "Dekari. Can you hear me?" He called her by the false name the Jedi Order gave her. He was seeing if she would respond to it, if she didn't, she was disoriented or still Revan. His hands hung loosely at his sides, as his sapphire blue eyes stared down at her, letting the Medical Officer cover her in a robe.

    "How long has she been awake?" Carth directed his attention towards the medical officer. He wanted to know how long she has been awake. He was going to judge how well she is cooperating with her new memories, name, and the such. Though his hand never left his bolter pistol.

    Arvin crouched down and helped her up, directing her to a nearby chair. He has been in a kolto tank before, he knows how disoriented a body can be after sitting in there for so long, especially being in one for months. She would take a few minutes to recuperate everything that has happened.
    "Dekari. What is the last thing you remember?" He figured that Bastila should be on her way.

    After the Medical Officer gave his report, Carth decided to take his leave. He felt like he was going to endanger everything right now, he needed to gather his bearings. He was a professional soldier and he was letting his feelings get in the way, and he didn't need to do anything reckless.
    "I will be out in the hall" He punched the code into the console, and left the Med-Bay.

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