Revan's 1x1 Search (with plots!)

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last roleplay and I'm really starting to miss it. Now that my life isn't as hectic I think now's a good time. I am prone to getting overwhelmed though, so I'm only looking for one or maybe two partners. For that reason I might be picky and I apologize in advance for that.

I have a couple plots here that I've done in the past, but none of these have ever gotten very far for one reason or another. They still make for really good stories though, and I've really been wanting to try them out again.

A few things before we get to the plots:
  • I enjoy talking/making friends OOC, but I tend to be more passive in conversation. I can send you pics of my cat though.
  • I tend to play males, but I can play females too.
  • I prefer to have romance as an element, but not the focus of the roleplay. I also prefer romance that builds up over time.
  • As a side note to the romance thing, almost all of my characters are asexual, and I don't do smut. At all. So please don't ask.
  • 2 paragraphs is usually my default state, but it typically ranges from 1 - 3. I'm pretty good at mirroring my partner.
  • I'm cool with roleplaying via thread, PM, or Discord.

Onto the plots!

A long time ago I did a 1x1 that was essentially Until Dawn but with our own original characters. The plot here is a little flexible, we can keep or do away with pretty much any story points of the game (I would like to keep the "lodge in the mountains" setting though). We can change up the monsters or remove the supernatural elements entirely. Depends on how crazy we wanna get with it.

This would likely require us to play 2 - 3 characters each, and the dynamic would be a group of college-aged kids who have been friends since high school (maybe longer for some of them, but we can work that out). I really like the idea of getting to explore these character's relationships with each other.

This plot is an AU which is sorta based on How To Train Your Dragon (not a crossover, so there's no HTTYD lore or characters, it just borrows some elements from the series).

So the idea is that Pokemon are regarded as dangerous pests and monsters to be exterminated, until our characters discover they're actually great companions. It would probably be a more medieval setting, and follow the HTTYD style plotline of keeping their bonds with the Pokemon a secret from the village/town. In a medieval setting, it'd make sense there's no advanced technology geared toward repelling or controlling Pokemon, like pokeballs. I guess that makes it kinda set in the past? Like the origin of people and Pokemon starting to work together.

As a side note I first roleplayed this plot long before the release of PLA, so it's not based on that. It really is just HTTYD but with pokemon.

This is a pretty generic plot about an abused individual that is rescued by my character (maybe he breaks up a fight or runs into them running from home) and given the offer to stay at his house. I have a specific character I want to use for this one (as well as a sketch of his entire house I made like 5 years ago and I'll be damned if I'm not going to get some use out of it).

I'm a bit tentative on this one because I don't usually do slice-of-life and I don't have much of a direction for the plot, so it has the potential to go stale. But I've explored this once before in a 1x1 and was really liking how it was going until it died.

Thanks for your time! Feel free to post here or PM me!