Return to the hillside

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  1. Martha stood on the hillside, just where the overgrown grass turned into a foreboding forest. Thought the trees looked older it looked the same as when she had last been here.Their shadows stretched out in the light of the soon setting sun. It seemed so long ago, but was really only a handful of years. She smiled to herself, remembering how childish she had been, so trusting and open. Yet it had been worth it, and now she was once again waiting for D. She often waited for him here, the first place they had ever met. Sometimes he couldn't make it, but one could hardly complain when dealing with a Hunter. The job came first. She sighed.
  2. The hunter moved quickly on his cyborg horse. A few arrows flew by his beautiful features as his horse lept from one stone to the next the hillside was in view . With a quick jerk his horse turned towards his attackers . Three men in foot but with cybernetic limbs they were quick. A flick of his wrist sent three thin wooden needles to deflect the tips of the arrows sending them into nearby trees. He drew his long sword and dismounted.
  3. Hearing the sound of steel being drawn Martha's gaze found the battle below her. Cursing she realized she didn't bring her sword, and was useless to help. She moved behind the tree she was standing near and watched, her heart pounding. She wanted to call out to him but she bit her lip instead.
  4. Slowly approaching the men he stopped five paces from them. "give it up hunter! The vampire king wants a word with u but he told us to end your life if you didn't come peaceably." D just stood there sword didn't even look at the ready but a blue medallion on his necklace glowed and with sparks and shrikes the cybernetic legs of his attackers crumbled " what the hell! ". D turned " there was only one fit to be called King and his time has past." he resumed his walk towards the hillside
  5. Martha relaxed against the tree with relief. That was quick. She followed him with her eyes as he walked up the hill, still behind the tree. He looked the same as always. But then, being half vampire would do that.
  6. He smiled up at her as he approached. "Forgot your swrod? After all that training, looks like you need more." When he reached her he snapped his fingers and the horse came trotting to rest at a neary by tree. His arms wrapped around her and he embraced her.
  7. Stella glared from the tree tops, her yellow eyes staring at the interchange below her. One- her friend, the other- a stranger. Her dark furred skin blended into the tree. Stella knew that the wind would not be in her favor for long to keep hidden, it never does. As the two were embraced, Stella jumped down from the tree, landing behind D. "It's been a long time." Her ears perked slightly at the sight of her friend, but she was still on guard... not knowing who this other was. Stella's tail was stiff, she was not usually this friendly.
  8. Martha returned his embrace. These moments seemed few and far between. She was startled at the sudden appearence of someone else. "Do we know you?" She asked warily. So far the stranger didn't seen threatening but out here you never could tell.
  9. D smiled "it has but you must forgive me if I don't remember you." another voice spoke out " your getting old." d clenched his left hand and the voice was silent
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.