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  1. This has been opened back up at request. Will only be looking for three players who can run at least two characters plus NPC interactions. You may look to the IC immediately below this for small development and detail which has occurred.
    Thank you @Diana for putting this back up.

    (This is the OOC for Return to Beginning)
    (For IC click here)

    Edit note:
    Check back for updated information pertaining to cities, worldly events and other details. Updated information will be in green, events will in orange.

    You had said your goodbyes, made your peace and remembered your regrets as death took you; little did you know, death would not be the end. You know not why you have been brought back or where you even are, yet you are beckoned to explore this world and find why it is you have come back from the dimension of the dead.
    Why is it that you are back? What will it take to find the answers? Is this life after death or something deeper? Heaven? Hell?

    The world of Terminus has taken a turn that none are aware of.
    Caught between massive boundaries, both cultural and spiritual, the peoples of this world have but few common bounds upon the massive but harsh world of Terminus. The planet itself, much of it deadly to most organisms which thrive on a belt of green fertile land which stretches for thousands of miles on a Pangaea like continent. Surrounded by cold deserts of endless snow or oceans that span across the world, greatly contrasted cities have sprung up across this belt of life.

    One of the most remarkable contrasts between these small civilizations is their tenacity to bend away from the view of their neighbors, creating what appear to be entirely different worlds in just the borders of these civilizations. In what is known as the "Last Lands", far to the East at the edge of the continent and last known expanse of civilizations were the two 'metallic cities'.

    Cities list & descriptions below:

    Tauxite (open)

    • One with perplexing and obvious boundaries, this city was built up. Vast fields of nearly untouched land with the occasional but well hidden mine which immediately gives way to vast structures, reinforced by nearly two thousand years of advances in architecture and seamless transitions of a second story, then a third, fourth... Many of the buildings appearing to have nearly forty floors each, every two or three an addition between buildings bulged forth to another building near it; by all accounts, after you stare up at the unusual sight, one loses track of where one building ends and another begins, as if a staring to deeply into the woods and losing sight of the gaps in the forest ceiling.

    • This city is known as Tauxite, advanced in ways which loom over the other great cities of the world, possibly due its need to grow up, in a literal sense of course.

    • It is a leader in electronic production in after the discovery and harnessing of electric currents nearly four-hundred fifty years before, after the need to brighten the newly developing under city but cut the major reliance for wax, cotton and oil resources; it was when the demand became so great for these resources the prices nearly bankrupt the local government. It was in the year 492 A.L. the city held a region wide exhibition for alternatives to the looming issue. Of the many scientists, researchers and inventors which filled the thin streets of the city, dubbed the 'tower forest' at the time, an inventor known as Lesalt Homast shined through the crowd with his electric devices powered from simple hand cranked devices and minerals from the earth in larger devices which burned great flames and crafted to harness the power to create this energy. This was considered the greatest milestone in the cities history, harnessing energy in thin lines which now crawl up and hang tower to tower like vines and branches.

    • It was only four years ago the city closed its borders after harnessing a new power source which was rumored to have created a city worthy of the heavens. Many emigrated from the city before a great wall was built around its perimeter. Nearly twenty-thousand left the city which was but a small fraction of the uncounted population which filled the metropolis. It was this twenty-thousand that founded a small outpost which manages small bursts of communication with Tauxite, setting up small smuggling rings which trade the valued commodity of Taxuite with the outpost in exchange for a variety of herbs and drink which had become quite popular with both the under city and the hundreds of thousands which resided in the towers; still known only as Outpost-One.
    • Religious beliefs of the denizens of Tauxite are similar to that of the other nations of the world. A polytheistic society which shuns those who take no belief in the many Gods of the Sky. However, over the course of Tauxite's history, its denizens slowly grew apart from the rest of the world in both culture and religious beliefs.
    • The acting leader of Tauxite is known as Premier Slovak who has ruled for the past forty-one years, chosen by the People's Council, a group of thirty-five who are voted in my the populace of Tauxite every two years. It is unknown if this is still practiced outside of Tauxite after all trade and communication were shut off four years ago.
    • Recently, the gates of Tauxite opened and a dark, high speed convoy sped forth from the gates; destination unknown. This is the first time Tauxite has opened its gates for nearly five years.

    Outpost One (open)

    • This is the second city from the East. Over the past four years since its founding, there have been another twenty-five thousand who have migrated from other far nations which caught word of the outpost. Though some still manage to leave Tauxite, despite its heavy no-emigration policies which were enacted just before its closure to the world. Outpost-One flourished with its freedoms and no real governing power.

    • In many cases a court was created in the city center when one was caught committing a crime and a mob gathers to hear the argument between the parties involved. It is a sort of informal court with no real judge, jury or executioner. In near all cases, an agreement was made between parties, creating a sense of moral throughout the community of just over fifty-seven thousand.

    • A variety of local 'interest groups' had formed to act as public servants; after two years the groups had consolidated and became known as "The People's Acting Army". Acting to fight crime, fires and floods, other natural disasters and construction force. This blend of people acting together, many began to work, exercise and even live together; the result after nearly two years had created defined individuals who were named "Jacks" or "Jack Rabbits" by many of the populace, this quickly became the informal name to the People's Acting Army; this was due to the many members skill in many trades, most notably in such a short period of time.

    • The forming of Colony-One was in the year of 944 A.L. according to world calender, the current year is 948 A.L., fourty eight hours before the fall of the year into 949, ushering in the next year Terminus revolved around its bright yellow sun.

    • The religious beliefs of Colony-One are the same as Tauxite is or was. Though atheist are more commonly accepted in society. The same Gods of the Sky and polytheistic ideologies are mainstream due to the influence of the original immigrants who'd left Tauxite.

    • Leadership and government operate similarly, a council convenes monthly to address domestic and foreign disputes, trade, laws, et cetera. Though there is no single king, premier or otherwise single source of power. There are currently twenty-seven members of the council, voted in by the peoples, though there is no set re-election process. The title is for life and you become a public servant until either your dying breath or are incapable of continuing your service to the peoples.

    Neiklot (open)

    • The third city from the east, Neiklot. A peculiar city filled with the runoff of cultural influence from Tauxite, though the city has spread out over one-hundred miles of farmland with an incredibly dense city at its heart. Many waterways have been dug out over the course just over two-thousand years. Aged above Tauxite by barely a century, Neiklot has flourished with the discoveries of Tauxite and its own fertile land; worked by generations of farmers, sophisticated techniques have made Neiklot a paradise for the working man. Though its industry ruled by simple resource gathering, this has not impeded Neiklot in its ability to somehow measure up to its neighboring region city.

    • With an advanced transportation network of trams, water-ways and thoroughfares; large transportation vehicles, resembling monstrous blue trucks, can be seen towering above many buildings, slowly roaming the massive thoroughfares. These massive vehicles, moving marketplaces. Nearly fifty roam the bustling city of over a million souls, these moving buildings served as hubs for local commerce, holding hundreds of people at a time and over one hundred tons in all variety of agriculture product. They'd been always refereed to as Life Wagons and was quickly adopted as the official name for the monstrous vehicle.

    • Though there is one special version of all these Life Wagons called "Fertile Drop" which out-classes the other Life Wagons by nearly two-hundred tons and stands over eighty-feet taller. A special hangar was constructed on the city heart South-side to accommodate the vehicle for servicing and supplying. Making regular trips to the fourth city from the East is the oldest of the six centers of the world, Madris. Though Fertile Drop had more than just the cities agricultural product, but a variety of trade had been installed as well.

    • The Fertile Drop had become self sustaining over time in its travels between the two cities, its old shell had many ports added over the years, decks inside had been updated and redesigned. It resembled an open market on its interior, houses and shops stretched up two hundred forrty feet, small elevators next to freight lifts lined its exterior walls and small tram cars zipped around on lines, carrying a dozen passengers at a time, stopping at regular intervals between extended bridges above.

    • The interior directly reflected the image of the heart of Neiklot. As one moved from the city center to its outskirts, it gradually became less dense until only farmland remained. It is also on the outskirts of this fine city, that elements of Madris come into play, since magic has yet to be recognized as a safe practice since numerous incidents where somebody casts a spell they cant control, ending up in a number of unfortunate events which have degraded the populaces opinion of magic. Small farm houses enchanted to hover off the ground as a recent trend among the cities outer populace while in some cases water can be seen siphoned from wells with no means of mechanical devices and dispersed among local water towers; this is believed to be the work of local sorcerers or witches, spell casters of the sorts.

    • However, despite this common belief in Madris, a majority of people who roam the streets know how to cast simple spells through necessity; such as lighting a candle or a fireplace.

    • Religion in Neiklot remains polytheistic for the majority, though small sects worship specific God's of the Sky and other cults secretly exist worshiping the darker things of life and of death. Though it is an unknown number of how many have taken to atheism or nihilism within the territory; it has remained an inconsequential factor in Neiklots development.

    • As for governing powers, there is no central leadership present in Neiklot. Much of the city operates as different sections, each responsible for its own infrastructure, development, services, et cetera. Meetings are held at each quarter of the year to discuss recent developments in the sectors and how resources may be managed through Neiklot as a whole. One special interest however, is the group known as Seekers. They have but a single mission to the people of Neiklot and that is to root out corruption within its government without mercy. Death is the only punishment for such crime and has kept a surprisingly clean and just government for its thousands of years of operation.

    Madris (open)

    • Madris, the city of magicians. Though magic is actively present in Tauxite, Neiklot, Colony-One and the last of the great cities, Taurus. Madris resembled something out of an M.C. Escher drawing. Small hovels floating high in the air to a small handful of large buildings hovering but a dozen yards high. The architecture remained old, many buildings made of stone, reinforced with many rebuilt arches that have been designed into nearly every building in the city. The reason for this, is the local guilds all have only one member known as an Architect; this is the one magic user trained in the art of material restoration, a skill which may not take immense skill, but incredible focus. Recreating matter after its broken down over a period of time takes an immense amount of willpower and many years of training. The arch however, is what holds the enchantment properties of the magic used to restore the building, acting as a physical anchor to any structure holding any enchantments or runes.

    • Everyone in the city uses magic on some level after it was discovered that any intelligent being with will could summon such power with enough power, training or natural skill. Though many can summon simple spells, there are a number of people capable of producing intermediate magic; but there are few, one in few thousand, who can produce incredible spells, these few being the ones capable of creating new ways to summon magic and produce new spells. Though only a few hundred of these individuals are discovered and elected to be part of a guild, it is believed there are many more who may never be discovered for their awesome and raw natural ability.

    • Madris is near five hundred years older than Neiklot and has attributed to the success of Neiklot through trade of small enchanted trinkets and other general trade. As time has passed on, much of the food supply to Madris has come from its neighbor nation, resulting in numerous major trade agreements between the two cities governing bodies. In recent years an unusual trend, as are the many others within Madris, began to set in; morphing food color, specifically fruit and vegetables. Just one of the many defining traits of Madris among his magical heritage.

    • Madris is a holy city for those who fanatically seek the word of the Gods of the Sky. For it is every hundred and thirty years a man-god known as Himis descends from the heavens to gaze in wonder at the works of art created by the denizens of the world. Though most Gods prefer to have no direct interaction unless absolutely necessary, Himis is one of the few who proves not only their existence, but gives light and knowledge that the Gods have yet to leave this world to doom.

    • As for leadership, a line of Kings from the Rautous heir line has ruled the city for the last thousand years. Though the way Madris operates has hardly changed since its early days. The city runs mostly on Guilds supporting locals, their business', farms and other services. Many are based in magic, though in recent years non-magic means have been developed for sanitation, expanded farming and other more practical issues for limited magic users.

    Taurus (open)

    • Then there is Taurus, the last city from the East, the first and foremost which spawned civilization. Nearly five thousand years old, Taurus sprawls for hundreds of miles; covering vast amounts of land with small hamlets still popping up in the wilderness while an incredibly massive city sits with a population of nearly fifty-million souls. Though the oldest, it has burned twice in its history, been overthrown twelve times by local rebellion, demolished by a great tsunami a millennium ago and still, to this day, experiences pockets of destruction in its many districts.

    • There are nine districts in all, each one bordered by man made rivers, with the exception of a canyon which runs through what is now the cities center, a gap opened in the earth over two and one half millennium ago. Considering its sheer size, it was the initial forming of thousands of tribes which once scattered the world, even out in the zones of Terminus though inhabitable. History speculates, but it was thought the tribe leaders managed to contact each other through old forgotten magic, causing the tribes to form on the Western sea and settle to create a center for all the beings of the planet. The various denizens of the world intelligent enough to do so, migrated to this new haven and added to the growing populace.

    • As time has passed, so have the denizens of Taurus; different factions supporting different causes have popped up throughout the cities vast districts, each district dwarfing the other cities in and of themselves. Though it was the harnessing of electricity discovered in Tauxite which changed the face of this grand city, lighting the night sky and creating new industry, throwing the ancient city into a new age before its citizens were ready. It was shortly after the effect of the the extreme high density the impact of electricity; a small electrical fire sparked a massive outage and burned for three months, destroying twelve square miles of residence, business and other structures. This was the first fire the city experienced, killing nearly one million souls from the fire alone, another million from ash and smoke which clouded the rest of the city for weeks after the fire smothered itself in its own destruction.

    • The second fire was during a small and failed revolution of varying peoples who had the strong ability to summon magic. Though the uprising was quickly put down after a few months of intense fighting, nearly the entire second district was destroyed. This was only four hundred years ago and sign of ruin still haunt the second district and its burnt bones.

    • As for the citizens themselves, there are no rich or poor here, only survivors anymore. The city survives through 'order through disorder'. Most grow in this city molded by where they grew, some more fortunate and capable of having a decent life without to much worry of death, violence or other disruptions to life. While others lived in back alleys hidden by the stalls and shacks built between looming buildings just as meager as the little shacks built around them. Then there are everyone else in between, one day will not be like the next.

    • No centralized government has existed in Taurus for nearly a hundred years and many follow local leaders, each with their own ideology. A result of this has created numerous trade networks between districts which, before the last and final revolution, contained much needed smelters located only in two districts, the partially rebuilt district two and district nine; these two districts the only two to have extensive mines which still have deep seems of coal and iron ore. After hundreds of years, other deposits have been found through miles of tunnels deep beneath Taurus, most deep enough to keep citizens from digging into them, implying most are more than fifty feet deep. The only entrances aside from a handful in the two districts are a number of openings in the cities center through the canyon.

    • There has been no central government for some time in Taurus, as the city has grown beyond the control of any councils or governing powers. Various currencies are used across the city and small groups have taken to controlling city blocks or small districts. Though two prominent powers have risen over the past decade, claiming the old mills and factories in the most major districts, bringing some form of stability to the nation city.

    • As for religion, the Gods of the Sky are worshiped here, though many do not practice the faith. As many afflictions upon the city over the thousands of years have diminished faith, as well as terrible conditions for its millions of denizens. Taurus is seen as a religious wasteland to its neighbors; its closest neighbor, Madris, has had internal conflicts with immigrants seeking shelter in Madris who do not accept the faith. Though dissent has stirred, there have been few if almost no major disputes created by this rift in other nations. As for Taurus itself, fanatical hoods openly execute any who stray into a district controlled by fanatics and visa-versa.

    Technology (open)
    Technology in this world is similar to the tech of our world. Though certain advances have been unnecessary for the denizens here.

    Vehicles, such as motorized transport aren't particular common, barring the Life Wagon's of Neiklot. Most vehicles seen are based on internal combustion designs, though there are no mainstream producers of motorized vehicles. In some cases, particularly Madris and Taurus, vehicles move by magic will and force instead of physical fuels. The same goes for any other mechanisms that require motors and/or engines. (ie: cranes, large equipment, etc.) The only city which much tech is commonplace though is Tauxite.

    As for electronics, the same rules apply. Tauxite being the only city which has highly branched out on the use of electronic devices pertaining to both entertainment and more practical uses. Television, phones or communicators, lighting, general home accessories. Outpost One shadows this, though much of the tech found in Outpost One, Neiklot and Taurus is either secondhand sold on separate markets before (and after) Tauxite closed its borders.

    Major advances in Tauxite's tech have put them at the forefront in advancements, though the knowledge of said advances remain a mystery to much of the world except for those who have remained in the confines of the great tower city.

    Magics (open)
    Magic is very common, though not widely practiced. Most denizens of this world understand magic and are capable of willing the elements, forces and other magics on some level. Though much fewer are capable of willing greater forces; many go through many years of training to understand how to tap into magic, mana, et cetera.

    The most common magic to date however, is Architectural magics. As being a trend to enchant the walls, foundations and every other aspect of most buildings in Madris; this trend has spread to its neighbor Neiklot but is rarely seen in the dense districts of Taurus. Architectural magics include the use of 'fire holding', the act of suspending a ball of fire or controlled balls of light in order to lighten the streets of cities and their outer villages.

    - 1 point Fire Spell = The ability to light a match or conjure a small flame.

    - 5 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a fireball

    - 7 point Fire Spell = The ability to change your fire spell into lightning

    - 10 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a fire storm

    - 15 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a lightning storm

    This will act as a general guideline for magic use, though it is expected to use common sense, variables and surroundings of your character in accordance with magics available.


    • This is a sandbox RP, leaving you free to create and add to the world.
    • Meta-gaming and God-mode are not tolerated.
    • "R" is an acceptable rating here, though do have some decency in spare excess detail in gore. As for sex and/or sexual acts, fade to black. ("R" in reference to language, violence, scenes of intense distress, etc.)
    • You may post regularly or 'out of order' in many cases. However, when interacting with other players or reaction to anything that may be a global event, please be patient and allow others to respond in due time.
    • If you wish to do something you may consider OP or may not fit in with the RP, go ahead and run it by the OOC to converse with others involved.
    • Otherwise, follow the forum Iwaku rules as well.
    As for your character sheet:

    Physical description:
    Brief history:
    Abilities: (magic, physical prowess, extra sensory perception, et cetera)
    Death: Were they aware that they died, or had they accepted death prior to? Either or, give a brief scene of what occurred just before their initial death.

    As a way to change things up, you may use a character who has died in a previous RP who has a significant story known only to them. They then find themselves revived with nothing but a couple of possessions from their previous life that were present on their person at the time of their death, clothing barred. A cloak available, whichever color you may choose and appear outside the bounds of a city.

    Questions? Comments? Leave them in the OOC for shared viewing and I'll respond as soon as possible.[/spoiler]

    Edit*: There are currently two positions (minimum) open for this RP. Roster will be updated as required.

    Special thanks to Aira for helping me with some editing.

    Roster (open)
    Lacuna as Mervin
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  2. Hmmm, doesn't look like anyone is going to bite on this one. Waited a few weeks though I'm unsure if this'll be suitable as a jump-in roleplay.
  3. Edit to first post.

    I'll go ahead and put the same thing here.

    No clear way for anyone to enter the world or find a place to start off. So a thought decided to strike me as to this problem and make a more interesting entrance.
    For me, I've been hoping to make an attempt to bring a character I'd used previously back somehow, considering I'd never felt I was finished with said character. Then it struck me, why not have this as a premise to this story? You may use a character who has died in a previous RP who has a significant story known only to them. They then find themselves revived with nothing but a couple of possessions from their previous life that were present on their person at the time of their death, clothing barred. A cloak available, whichever color you may choose and appear outside the bounds of a city.

    If anyone has any ideas to adjust this, please post here in OOC so others may read as well.
  4. This seems pretty neat :D
  5. It's something I've recently started to attempt, though I've had a hard time expressing my character until just now. As it is a jump-in-roleplay, go ahead and 'jump on in' as one would. Otherwise, I suppose I've been just wanting to breathe some life back into my first creation.
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  7. Its jump in, though I'm thinking about talking with an admin and seeing if this can be pushed over to Fantasy. But do join in if you'd like.
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    For any looking to join up, I will put the details here and on the initial OOC post.

    Aside from myself, I only really require two dedicated role players who can manage and keep track of numerous characters while keeping a primary character they are centered upon. I am currently unsure as to the status of Lacuna who has posted while this RP was in jump-in and am awaiting response. So consider the minimum two players still open. Thank you!
  10. Edit: Character sheet form added to OOC.
  11. Interested. Banana squid.
  12. Right and I must mention that I'm not one of those who can keep multiple characters up at once!

    I'll post my character sheet soon ...erm ...somewhere. :]
  13. PotatoChipGolem: You may go ahead and post it up here in the OOC or PM it to me and I'll look it over. If it's good I'll post it to the OOC.
  14. There we go.
  15. Are you still looking for a player who can play multiple characters at once???
  16. Yes. Go ahead and drop a CS when you can.
  17. so I never go the notification or if I did I did not see it ..but what is needed here??? Is this still a real thing?
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  18. Yes! Very much so, but this doesn't seem to get any real hits.
    However this can operate just fine with two players for the time being, maybe some activity will draw others in.

    Otherwise take a quick gander over at the IC and read up real quick, not to much has transpired as it's mostly been myself attempting to perpetuate the story and gain some interest from others. After that you may post a character sheet here according to the CS mapping on the first post here in the OOC at the end of my first post. I know it's all a bit wordy, but I have trouble consolidating information like that and making it look more appealing for newcomers.
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