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    As the crisp air of early september blew softly over the surrounding countryside, a lone blackbird landed high atop one of the high stone peaks in the magical school of Hogwarts. If we could be lucky enough to have the exceptional view of this particular blackbird, we would see down upon the open court yard of the beautifully maintained castle. Thick rows of bright evergreen hedges outlined neat, cobblestone walkways. Every so often a small tree would poke up here and there, offering contrast to the perfectly trimmed greenery.

    The blackbird, who was in the process of chewing down a rather large, and plump worm, was suddenly startled. It flew off in a hurry from its roost as a shrill bell rang out into the morning sky. At this point rows of students, all dresses in matching black gowns, whos only differentiating traits would be the various colors that hung from either scarfs or small idems, signifying their respective houses. Griffendor, Slytherin, Raven Claw or Huffelpull; The four founders of the greatest school of magical study that has ever existed.
    TERMINOLOGY ((Awesome, right?))

    Potions - Taught by Professor Alaister Taboran
    and Played by Grumpy

    Defense against the dark arts - Taught by Professor Robert McLeod
    and Played by Darkness

    Magical History - Taught by Professor Stormac Hein

    Herbology - Taught by Madam Bonnie Brush

    Transfiguration - Taught by Professor Emily Eastwick

    Study of magical creatures - Taught by Groundskeeper Rubious Hagrid

    Divination - taught by Professor Lauren La loopa

    Astronomy - taught by Professor Dean Gray

    Patty Pixie, playing Aurora Malfoy, Slytherin, 6th Year
    Diana Notacat, Playing Alathea Hawthorn, Ravenclaw, 7th year
    October Knight, Playing Maximus Greywind, Griffindor, 6th year
    Big Red, Playing Zeromus Liberi Fatali, Griffindor,
    Latsyrc, Playing Columbia Star,, Ravenclaw, 6th year
    Warmasterdeath, Playing as the Spteznaz, a Super elite russian special ops unit ((as there are several characters he will be playing as, please refer to the OOC For info on the unit))
    Blood Magdelene, playing Kaori Amakusa, 4th year Ravenclaw

    Maximus Greywind, known as Max to most of his class mates as well as professors, hurried down the narrow hallway bridging the courtyard and the Trasnfiguration hall. On his way he past a noisy group of third year girls, who seemed to be obsessing over the newest flavor of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. The flavor was apparently called "First kiss" and to Max, who on more than one occasion had had terrible experiences with the beans, they sounded disgusting. He took a sharp left at the end of the hallway when he felt a cold shiver run down his spine, causing him to shake uncontrollably.

    " Morning, Nick." Said max to one of the many resident ghosts that swarmed the grounds. Nearly headless Nick, who seemed to be in quite the hurry, said a quick hello then was on his way. Max payed little attention to the abrupt behavior of the "Headless haunt" as he had more important things on his mind this morning. For weeks now, Max had been Taking a some what hidden passage that went from the Transfiguration hall to just outside the eastern side of the Greenhouses. It was a passage that ran through the walls, and despite being dark and dank, it served for a quick way to go from point A to Point B during class changes.

    As Max approached the secret entrance, that was located between a broom closet and an old picture of a wizard with a glass of wine, he took care to look both ways before entering the almost un noticeable passage way. He loved finding new ways to travel from class to class, and in all his six years at Hogwarts the thrill of new discovery never ceased to amaze him.

    After several twists and sharp turns, Max saw the dim light that indicated the end of the passage. He stopped for a moment to tighten his red and gold scarf that hung around his neck. He next patted the inner pockets of his ropes to insure his wand was safely concealed, and as always, it was. He peered out into the bright morning light and saw that the coast was clear. As he stepped out onto the soft grass he took a quick glance back and noticed that the entrance, or exit rather, had already closed back up. It seemed that this particular hidden passage was One way, that was fine with Max as it had once again served it's purpose.
  2. Aurora practically glided down the hall, her robes flowing nicely behind her as she made her way to the greenhouses. She cringed at the thought. "Herbology with the Gryffindors. Lovely..." She reached the greenhouses and took a seat at a table. Aurora was one of the first there and as the rest of the class filed in, they tried to avoid her. It was normal. A few more Slytherins came in and sat behind and in front of her, occasionally asking her opinion on something trivial. The only real friend she had was a 6th year Ravenclaw and she intended to keep it that way.

  3. [​IMG]


    Origin: London
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Level: Enhanced

    Intelligence 4
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 2
    Energy projection 5


    Abilities: Similar to the characters in the video I posted, Rewind has fashioned his clothes to have slots that resemble a VHS player so that when a VHS tape is inserted into said slots, it projects a holographic 'shell' let's say with mass that covers Rewind. Say he puts in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tape, the image that's put forth would be of Leatherface, say he puts in Short Circuit, it'd be of Johnny Five, he puts in King Kong, etc etc.

    The shell is referred to as such because Rewind doesn't actually turn into King Kong or Leatherface but rather a representation of the character appears in holographic form with Rewind nestled safely behind it. If King Kong(1933)'s tape is put in, the shell may as well be a suit of armor that Rewind is hiding within. There are also additional slots on his arms and legs which he can use in a desperate situation and the slot on his chest has been damaged in some capacity.

    For example he could put in a VHS of Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives in the left arm and get a superstrong projection of Jason's left arm with machete in tow and he could put in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors in the right one and get Freddy's claw. For his legs, he could give himself the legs of a monster such as the Alien or the Predator to give a bit more 'oomph' behind kicks and such.

    However, there is limits to Rewind's tech. If a tape gets damaged while it's stuck in the slot, this could prevent a perfectly good slot from opening while the projection fades and Rewind's left vulnerable as he has to scramble to either pry open the incapacitated slot and rip the ruined tape out or place a new tape into one of the other slots. That and if a character is strong enough, they can reach through the projection and rip the tape out of the slot leaving Rewind once again vulnerable.

    Also, Rewind can't record off a home movie on VHS or anything like that since it doesn't have a central character and is just a real life family going throughout their business.


    Andre Delgado was born as a military brat. During the Cold War, his father had been stationed in the United Kingdom and thus for the majority of his 'kid' years, Andre spent them as a Yank living among the Brits. This of course had it's pluses like getting fish and chips, the nice weather, and all the old castles you could explore.

    But what interested Andre the most was what his father imported from the US. VHS tapes, CED/Laserdisc tapes. It was at an early age that Andre decided he wasn't going to follow in his father's footsteps and instead? He'd take up film-making! After all if a crew of people who were friends and on a low budget could make something as gruesomely awesome as The Evil Dead then what couldn't he do?

    Of course, getting movies like those in the UK was easier said than done. Thanks to the establishment of Video Nasties, movies like Cannibal Holocaust, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, and the like were all barred from the UK! Meaning that all the tapes Andre got as a kid were ones that his father managed to import from the US or ones he got by going with his father to less than reputable stores.

    Sometime after the Cold War was drawing to a close, Andre's family had returned back to their native NYC. It was around this time that Andre's video-collecting could be fully realized. No more did he have to worry about videos being outright banned! He could see movies like Pulp Fiction, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and previously Video Nasty movies like The Burning and Night of the Creeps back to back if he wanted!

    As he grew older, so did Andre's collection and when he finally moved out on his own, his father was kind enough to impart his eldest son with his own collection of tapes that he had amassed over the years. With their being one special tape in particular but we'll get to that later. As websites like Youtube came into being, Andre liked the idea of being able to talk about his passion and do it for a living!

    So many internet critics/reviewers were becoming a big hit and talking about movies that they either hated or loved, top ten lists, the works! Andre wanted in on that market and thus came the Be Kind, Rewind channel where Andre reviewed movies from different genres and even had some skits here and there. He had a modest fanbase for sure but even this wasn't enough for Andre! He had to dig deeper! Find even more of a way to get connected to his movies!

    That's where inspiration came into play. Watching a film late one night by the name of Terrorvision, Andre was taken aback by the idea of movies playing such a central role...In an actual movie! The monster of the aformentioned film had ended up being transmitted by the family's new dish satellite. Of course, the monster didn't turn into any of the monsters from the movies that the family watched.

    But the idea of being able to be on the screen and then coming into the real world charmed Andre who set to work. Buying VHS players off EBAY, Andre dismantled them down into more 'portable' sizes. In this case small enough to work as slots on his sleeves or his chest. Once tapes were placed into said slots, Andre had worked it so that a hologram would appear of the main character of whatever film Andre had put in. But these holograms had mass to them, thus in practice allowing Andre to become the character...

    Though this wouldn't be the weirdest thing Andre had come up with!

    Shoutout to @SirKaltao for having this awesome CS format which I'm shamelessly borrowing. But giving credit where it's due c:

    Name: 'Jamie Lee' (Rewind's nickname for her. Real name unknown)
    Alias: Living Dead Girl
    Age: ???(Rewind assumes her to be late teens-early twenties)
    Height: 5ft 7in



    Normal(i.e the shell Rewind created for her to inhabit)

    Her true form:



    Intelligence (3): Died as a freshman in college though given when she died(the 1980s)times have changed quite a bit.
    Strength (5): Superhuman: Able to lift over 25 tons, up to 75 tons. This range includes Class 50 (up to 50 tons) and Class 75 (up to 75 tons).
    Speed (5): Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph)
    Superhuman Durability (6)
    Short Range Ectoplasm Manipulation(3)
    Combat ability: Got into a fair share of scuffles while she was alive-took self defense classes. (3)
    Total: 25, Superhuman

    • Superhuman Strength: Exceeds the limits of any normal human.
    • Superhuman Speed: Top speed of 17,000 mph. Though going this far pushes Lee's shell to it's limits/it'll begin falling apart at the seams and if she doesn't get a chance to stop and tend to the tears in her shell, it might rupture entirely and she'll be left to float along.
    • Superhuman Durability: Highly resistant to injury and is capable of withstanding great impact forces that would greatly injure or even kill a normal human. Also, plus the fact that she's already y'know, dead. But if her shell's destroyed then their isn't much she can do on her own. She's just a spoooooopy ghost in that case :<
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Capable of regenerating from injury faster than a normal human.
    • Ectokinesis Manipulation: Jamie can manipulate ectoplasm into varying forms such as balls of ectoplasm she can throw, armor, and the like.

    These are the kinds of songs that the rebellious girl who would go on to be known as 'Jamie Lee' would listen to her in youth back in the 1980s. It was a welcome reprieve from the necessities of everyday life. 'Oh your grade's slipping' 'Stop sitting in your room all day' 'Hahah, look at that chick! Sits alone by herself at lunch!'

    All the same kind of nonsense chatter that 'Jamie Lee' wanted nothing to do with. At least when she put on her walkman and laid down in bed, she could pretend as if nothing else in the world mattered. It was just her in her own small island and if she could have had it that way forever? That's how she would have preferred it to be. That was until she found someone who she felt understood her. Understood her in a way that nobody else ever would.


    The field of forever stubble spread across his chin, the cigarette drooping out of his mouth. Not to mention the bandage wrapped around his head, bloodied from a scuffle no doubt. The leather jacket and the messy hair. There was always the stereotype of finding 'the perfect one.' The one who would do anything for you in the blink of an eye.

    Well, fuck that noise!

    'Jamie Lee' didn't find this guy conventionally attractive. Hell, half of the girls at school couldn't even stand to be around him. Guy smelled of underage drinking, tobacco and who knew what else? But that's what drew Jamie Lee in, someone who didn't dare to stand by the norms of society. Someone who saw potential for a kindred spirit in this guy. Which is why one day after school was out, she finally approached him.

    "Hey! Cigs and pot! Got a second?" She called out to him and he wheeled around on his heels with his eyebrows raised and his hand clenched into a fist as he spat out in a deep baritone "Hey what? You whacked in the head or something? The fuck kinda nickname is cigs and pot anyway?"

    "Well, doesn't seem like anybody knows you apart from what they can sniff as you slump down the halls. Which happens to be..." Jamie Lee let that hang as a grin spread across her face. 'Cigs' blinked before his shoulders slumped. "Well, fine ya got a fuckin point? You want a medal?"

    "Heh, nope. Just some of your time. You ever listen to The Cure?"

    "Have I listened to them???"

    That was just their first encounter. After that, they hit it off like nobody's business. She already earned dirty looks for just being herself, what was the harm in earning a few more? The two exchanged favorite songs, cigarettes when the other got enough money to buy a pack, and before long they were a couple.

    But the good times couldn't last forever. Months went by, and despite greatly enjoying her time with her new lover, Jamie Lee's performance at school and at home only seemed to have gotten worse. Having picked up the habit of ditching classes thanks to Drew(Cig's REAL name)and staying out longer than she should have, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that Jamie Lee's friends and family were a bit concerned.

    Many times did both parties try to sit Jamie down and tell her that while she might have been happy now, hanging with Drew wasn't going to be great for the longhaul. But Jamie Lee couldn't believe what she was hearing! The few people that she had considered friends and her own family? They knew how much of a hard time she had feeling like she fit in.

    Now the one time she does? She has to go and break it up. But she wasn't going to let it end like this! Packing up her belongings, Jamie Lee sneakily snuck out of her house after calling Drew to meet her at the train tracks. If her family didn't want her and Drew to be together? Then she'd go off with him to somewhere that would accept them! Sure, work would be hard for a couple of drop-outs but they'd get through it!

    Drew did show up of course but with what appeared to be a camcorder and a pistol. Confused by the items, Jamie Lee understandably spoke up. '...Drew?'

    Drew's face seemed pale and there was no cigarette dangling from his mouth this time. His entire body seemed to be alight with nervous jitters as he shakily looked his girlfriend in the eyes.

    "Everybody hates us! W-We can run but where will we go? What if we run into the same kinda people? Will we just keep packing up and go..?"Drew whimpered as he gestured to the camcorder. "I...I thought you called me here so we could be together...One last time."

    She couldn't believe this. The guy she'd fallen head over heels with and decided she'd run off with to find a place where they wouldn't be judged? The guy who didn't give a shit about what the world thought of him wanted to end it all like *snap* that?! As she felt her own eyes growing misty, thoughts raced through her head. How scolding her parents had been of her spending so much time locked up in her room, how she should go out and get some fresh air like a 'normal' girl.

    Would they be upset if she was gone? Or would they shed crocodile tears and think about where they went wrong as if their beloved daughter was imperfect in some way? What about her friends? She wasn't exactly a social butterfly so their likely wouldn't be too many non-family mourners at a funeral for her. Hell, that brought up it's own set of queries. How many people would even bother attending? How many of those who did truly did it because they cared or because it's what was 'expected' of them?

    Maybe Drew was right. Maybe they could hop onto a train and go to who knows where and they'd run into the same problems. Just a constant cycle of trying to find that perfect place. But what Drew was proposing? When both of them 'left' so to speak, they could be together for all eternity. Where no one could judge them.


    Without a word, she stepped onto the tracks as the train's whistle could have been heard approaching steadily in the distance. Realizing what she'd done, Drew held up the camcorder and believe you, me, it was quite the task to hold it when tears made everything a blur for the man. Deciding that this would likely be the last time she'd ever get to speak her mind, she decided to put all that she could into it.

    "...Mom? Dad? I know...I wasn't exactly the daughter you were looking for. You probably wanted a Tiffany when I turned out to be Dinah Cancer. But you raised me, fed me, clothed me and I know I was disobedient, even an outright bitch at times. But you stayed your hands and never struck me even though I would have done it had I been in your shoes. You tried to do right by me and even got me an education! I'm sorry I couldn't finish...Oh God!"

    Pausing as tears streamed down her face, the train loomed ever closer on the tracks. Pulling out her walkman, she took a deep breath and placed the headphones on and let the music play as she smiled.

    "Mom, dad, friends...Drew? I love you.."

    And like that? She was gone and Drew was all alone. Turning off the camcorder, he fell to his knees as he pulled out the pistol. He had made sure to load it before coming out here. But as he stared down the barrel, minutes passed by as beads of sweat rolled down his face. Though he knew full well what was happening.

    The gun dropped from his hand as did the camcorder and Drew glanced up at the sky with tear-soaked eyes.


    What kind of cruel fate was this!? The one girl who had given him a chance when nobody else had, who had taken time out of her life, out of her studies to hang with him. She was gone and it was now when he stared down the barrel of a revolver that he decided that he still wanted to live. But what reason was there?

    His mind was racing and until he found an answer, he couldn't sit out here! Grabbing the camcorder and pocketing the revolver he raced off from the scene and this time? There was no more music...


    It's not known what exactly became of Drew. Those who knew him claim that he moved towns, changed his name. Whatever the case may have been they said he was terribly shaken up over something. For what he was doing these days? Rumor has it he's trying to help teens who were in bad spots like him and Jamie Lee. Perhaps to ease some sense of guilt? Nobody but Drew knew for sure.

    But as for the tape that contained Jamie Lee's last moments? In an frantic moment while he was consumed by panic sometime after the incident, Drew sold off the VHS tape along with a few others to a family that had just moved from the United Kingdom to New York. Given that this family in particular had quite the collection of VHS tapes, the tape in question didn't see use until much later.

    This family in question? It was the family of the internet personality Rewind, otherwise known as Andre Delgado. Having been obsessed with VHS thanks to the advent of Video Nasties in the UK preventing him from seeing many films until his family moved back to the states once his father's military commission over there was done. Deciding to pop in a tape that his father had mentioned he'd gotten in a deal back in the 90s, the tape wasn't exactly what Andre had in mind.

    Had his father unintentionally or intentionally bought some kind of snuff film!? Disgusted at what he was seeing, Andre normally would have taken the damn thing out and destroyed it! But this tape wasn't just any kind of tape, this one was haunted. Not having been able to rest due to Drew's change of heart, Jamie Lee's spirit lingered within the tape waiting for someone to play it. She had hoped it'd be Drew! At least then she could try to find out what had stopped him. What made him go back on their promise?

    But as the spirit pulled herself free from Andre's TV, she was just as surprised as Andre was mortified.

    "You're...You're not Drew!"

    "...You're a ghost! Who the hell's Drew!?"

    "He's my boyfriend!"

    "WAS your boyfriend! I mean...Don't hurt me!"

    Andre exclaimed as he glanced around the room for a stray tape. He sure as hell couldn't fight off a ghost as he was! Aha! Spotting a Robocop VHS on his table, Andre leaped for it and closed the tape into the slot on his shirt. Could Robocop even take on a ghost? He had no idea but he was about to find out! Pressing 'play', the mirror image of Robocop appeared around Andre as he rose to his feet and aimed his gun at the ghost.

    "Your move, ...creep?"

    But this ghost wasn't here to fight. She had been waiting so long to try and find any kind of explanation. Whatever reason Drew might have had for doing what he did. She had to know and instead? Here she was in some stranger's apartment as nothing more than a ghost! Tears streamed down her face as Andre pressed 'stop' and removed the tape.

    "...You okay, ghost? You got a name?"


    "...I probably did, but like hell if I remember it. All I can remember is the train tracks and Drew.." The ghost's eyes watered once more and her bottom lip trembled as Andre grimaced. This was one of his break days meaning he didn't have to worry about uploading anything. But if this was going to be a thing with a ghost now, he couldn't have her crying all the time.

    "How about Jamie Lee? Y'know like Jamie Lee Curtis? Halloween, Prom Night, those times she was on SNL?"

    "...I guess that'll do. At least until I can remember anything else."

    Alright! So he had a remorseful ghost who was upset with her past boyfriend named Drew. One who didn't even remember her own name but hey! Jamie Lee was pretty cool, right? Though, it still looked a bit odd just having a ghost hanging around his place. What if he got visitors and they got spooked? He liked the thing he had going and he didn't want to be pigeonholed as the 'spooky ghost guy.' Tapping his chin in thought, Andre blinked as he suddenly grabbed Weird Science off the shelf and rushed off into his backroom.

    Not exactly wanting to intrude since she hadn't even meant to appear before this guy, the ghost-now christened-Jamie Lee floated idly outside the room in the living room as she heard...Oingo Boingo in the background? Hours seemed to click by and if she could have fallen asleep, she most certainly would have! But as midnight finally started to draw near, Andre stepped out and motioned inside the room.

    "I...Dunno about why you're in my tape or what's your deal. But I'm not an exorcist or a Ghostbuster. Plus, crying aside? You seem pretty alright...So I whipped up something you can shift your ghostly self into." Andre pulled the tarp off the robotic shell which stared blankly at Jamie Lee. The ghost was dumbfounded. What kind of guy had she stumbled across?

    "It can do some pretty crazy stuff. You don't have just me to thank for this by the by. You got Oingo Boingo, and Kelly Lebrock to thank for this. Go on, give it a try! Then we can kick back and you can try to explain this whole ghost deal to me, eh?"

    This all felt so surreal to Jamie Lee and she was the ghost! She had so many questions of her own. Like what happened to Drew, how this guy got ahold of this tape, and how much had changed since she...died. But it'd probably be better if she was in a form that let her interact with this place beyond just floating around. Closing her eyes, Jamie Lee phased into the shell and everything went silent..

    "Jamie Lee...?"


    "...Heh, it's alive! It's alive!"

  4. Alathea Hawthorn

    It was a great day for a special project. Being a Seventh Year student, Alathea had several free-roam hours that she was able to put directly in to homework, projects and presentations in preparation for the N.E.W.T.s later in the year. Her ultimate goal? A position as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

    All she had to do was stand out.

    Of course, this meant that Alathea had to try and do something special. Right this very moment, she was down near the Greenhouse preparing one of her spells. To show off your skills in Defense, you needed something to defend against. Unfortunately, Hogwarts was normally as safe as you could get. That meant she was going to have to stir up some trouble. Slytherins were always willing to do something dastardly just for a laugh, but today Alathea had a more harmless idea.

    She was going to enchant the flower pots in Herbology to go on a people licking rampage.

    Now all she had to do was wait outside the Greenhouse looking perfectly innocent until the class got started. Alathea grinned in anticipation!
  5. Maximus made his way to Green house three, feeling a little full of himself having used one of the castles many secret passage ways unnoticed. It was like having a private express lane, he thought to himself. Up ahead he saw Griffendors and Slytherins both filling into the Glass walled classroom. As he got to the entrance he noticed a 7th year Ravenclaw, Alathea, standing near to the door and looking innocent. She seemed a little out of place as the class mostly consisted of 6th year students, but Max let the thought slip his mind as he walked past, smiling at her as he did so.

    Once inside He quickly scanned the work stations to find an open spot. Slytherins gave him dirty looks as he made his way to an empty seat next to a group of Griffendors. He caught sight of a Slytherin girl, Aurora, who seemed to be quite popular among her housemates. Although she was pretty, Max despised her just the same. Just as he fished out his Herbology book Madam Brush's voice addressed the class.

    " Today class." Said the short, slim, slightly aging witch " We will be exploring the many uses of the trembling tea plant." She Brushed away a loose strand of grey hair away from her wrinkled face as she set a Medium sized pot with a small green plant on the table in front of her. The plant was small with tiny leaves that stuck out of a thin stem. When Max looked closer he noticed that the little leaves were shaking at an alarming rate, as if they were cold and had the shivers. What an odd plant, Thought Max as Madam Brush droned on about it's extraordinary healing powers. So far it was shaping up to be yet another boring class, Personally Max couldn't wait for potions; His favorite subject.
  6. Rob had a grin on his face when he came out of his office behind the classroom, twirling the wand around his fingers and producing tiny colorful sparks as it went around. He walked a few steps, placing himself by the blackboard and raising his wand.

    Words started appearing on the blackboard as he moved the wand, and quickly a word formed. Soon enough all the second year students saw the word WEREWOLVES written in all capital letters on the board, some of the students fixed their seating, Robert lost his grin and put down the wand.

    “Today,” he said, taking long steps towards the desk, “we’ll talk some about, well, ye already read it.” He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a few pieces of parchment and placed them on the desk, until finally he got out a book, dusty and not very well-cared for, he brushed aside the dust on the cover, and grinned slightly once again.

    “Professor McLeod, are we going to have to read about vampires as well?” asked one of the students, a muggle-born from Ravenclaw, not enjoying too much the look some of his full-blood classmates gave him.

    Robert chuckled, not taking his eyes away from the book as he started to skim over the pages, lifting dust as he swiftly searched for what he was looking for.

    “Well, sometime later we will, Underworld’s not a really good example of real vampires, I mean, they’re nice to you if you’re wearing a jacket…” he said, lowering his voice as he found what he was looking for, reading for a couple of seconds before he moved to the front of the classroom.

    “Well lads, for the moment I just want you to read up on the history of werewolves, pages sixty to sixty four, seventy five, and a hundred twenty, give me a short paper about the witch hunting of 1856, by short I mean at least an entire page, Smith.”

    Moments later while the students were doing their assignments, Robert got out of the classroom, and headed quickly for the library, jumping each three steps of the stairs, good thing he wore sneakers.

    He entered the library, quickly heading over to the reception, to the frustrated reception of Madam Pince, reminding him of better times when he only entered the library to sneak from his classes, until she figured it out and threw him out. He could only answer that she was just as lovely as how he remembered her.

    “Oh, and what did you do to your hair? It’s lovely.”

    “You spent a lot of time amongst the Americans, it seems.”

    “Nah, their wizards just mingle a whole lot more with the muggle world, anyway,” he changed the subject, looking at one of the Ravenclaws sitting around, he took a few seconds to speak again, Madam Pince turned to see what he was looking at.

    “Say, isn’t that girl in the NEWT class with Eastwick?” unfortunately for him, Madam Pince didn’t know, but he wasn’t worried, he’d find out on his own, the kids still had work to do in the classroom. He didn’t look back to answer the librarian’s comment about him not changing one bit after more than twenty years.

    He approached the Ravenclaw and sat in front of her, looking at the book cover.

    “Interested in he-who-should-be-named-by-now, are we?” he asked, smugness in his face and his eyes fixed on her own, “Forgive me if I’m wrong,” his voice was low, “but aren’t ye on Miss’ Eastwick’s class?” he leaned forwards on the chair, Madam Pince was taking a peek from the reception, worried, she knew Robert too well not to be.

    The yell resulted in the majority of the second-year students jumping nearly a foot in the air and dashing for their seats. Having already spent a year in potion's class, they had some idea what to expect from Professor Taboran, but the man was crazy enough to still terrify them more than a little.

    Taboran strode through the doors of the dungeon classroom, wearing his trademark aviator's hat. On top of his robes, he was wearing a black leather jacket, a fact the students were wise enough not to call him out on.
    "Let's get started then, shall we?" the professor suggested to no-one in particular, "Wait, there was something I need to do first... attendance, wasn't it? Silly idea, really. Not sure what it's got to do with potions and teaching..."

    Muttering to himself for another few seconds, Taboran then noticed his class again and snapped back to a brief moment's sanity. "Today, we're going to be mixing a fairly simple potion that will grant the drinker, if brewed correctly, the ability to see in the dark for a period of time, depending on the potency. I wanted to have you all make the Draft of Living Death, but the headmaster forbade me. Something about it being illegal in nine different countries, or along those lines..."

    With a flick of his wand, instructions for the potion appeared upon the dusty old blackboard at the front of the room, surrounded by various shelves holding numerous vials and flasks. "Instructions are on the board..." Taboran began, then suddenly whirled round to slam his hands down upon the desk of a small red-haired boy sitting at the front of the class, "ABERCROMBIE! Open the storeroom, would you?"

    Looking down at the terrified boy, Taboran blinked a few times before saying, "Wait a moment, you're not Abercrombie. That's the sixth-year boy, the one with those hideous boils..." he shuddered, "Horrible things." He glanced at the boy again, "What did you say your name was, again?"
    "...Martin, sir. George Martin." The professor had already turned away, however, and was striding over to his desk.
    "Yes, yes, Abercrombie, just get the storeroom open. You all have an hour and twenty minutes to complete the assignment. Whoever does not succeed in this endevour will be accompanying myself and the Groundskeeper for a trip into the forest to see if we can locate several rare mushrooms that grow within." He turned to the class, smiling, then suddenly was yelling again. "GET TO IT, ALL OF YOU!"

    The joys of potions...
  8. Columbia had been reading for about an hour, undisterbed, before she noticed a professor looking at her out of the corner of her eye. She didn't much like Professor McLeod. He seemed a bit stuck on himself, in her opinion. His leather jacket also squeeked when he moved, disterbing her reading.

    She stoped reading to watch him out of the corner of her eyes and listen to him and Madam Pince. She knew he was going to approach her, and he did. As he sat across from her, she raised her eyes to met his. Her dark blue eyes staring defiantly into his.

    "Interested in he-who-should-be-named-by-now, are we?” the professor asked. Columbia smiled a bit but didn't have enough time to answer before he spoke again. "Forgive me if I’m wrong," his voice was low, "but aren’t ye in Miss’ Eastwick’s class?"

    Columbia stoped smiling, and decided to lie with a bit of honesty. "No, sir," she answered, her voice just as quiet. "It's my free period, and i've decided to devote it to a period of Wizarding History that strongly affected this school." Columbia marked her page with a pice of parchment, closed The Downfall of the Dark Lord, and showed him her other two books (Harry Potter: The Making of a Hero and The Rebuilding of Hogwarts: From Rubble to Regency).

    "I believe that everyone should be fimiliar with their history, sir. If you don't know the mistakes of history," she pointed to the word "Rubble" in the title of her last book, "you may repeat it."
  9. Alathea Hawthorn

    Alathea waited until the Herbology class was good and started. The Professor was rambling on and the students were trying to pay attention while fussing with the weird plantlife in the greenhouse.

    Pulling out her hawthorn wand, she gave it a wave and a flick as she cast her spell. "Flora Likitus!"

    It could have been a poof, or a flash, or a flicker... but just as she wanted, many of the potted plants in the greenhouse were starting to sway about! Alathea peeked in through the window, clapping her hands in pleasure as a few started crawling up out of their pots and growing long pink tongues to start slobbering on students! Just as planned!

    ...of course then the plants started growing sharp teeth.

    ...and getting bigger.

    That wasn't as planned.

    "Uh oh."
  10. Rob tapped his fingers on the table for a couple of seconds, a slight frown on his face. He stopped, looking into her eyes, and smiling. He got up and fixed his jacket.

    “My mistake then, lass, keep that up then,” he said, looking down at the girl and her books.

    “Remember though, the historians always leave out some of the details, they tend to be important.”

    He took his leave from the table, had he not been supposed to be teaching something right now things would probably have taken another turn, or so he thought. Robert reached the librarian and calmly approached her and asked for some books on werewolves, as apparently the classroom only had one with enough information about them on it.

    She named him some books, and he figured he’d get them when he was in the classroom. He pondered about telling the librarian about the girl, but he dismissed the thought, might as well, he was already in the know-how that teenagers only learned through experience, or maybe it just his family.

    He shrugged off his divagations as he headed quickly back to his classroom, much more calmly going down the stairs than before. He entered and sat in front of the desk, most of the students already done with their little essays.

    “Good,” he said, flicking his wand and casting a summoning charm that transported the books into his desk, “Well, I think we should start talking about werewolves, can any of ye tell me about the one and only werewolf to ever… live in the grounds of Hogwarts?”
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  11. "Ok, now class" Said Madam Brush after finishing her almost unbearably long speech on the oddly shaking plant. "One at a time, you may come up and collect your Trembling tea plants. After which you will return to your tables and we will begin a more detailed study of them. With a flick of her wand three rows of pots appeared, each containing about twenty of the medium sized pots. A smallish 6th year raven claw boy that sat next to Max leaned over and whispered

    "I bet I know where she was hiding those."

    Max had to stifle a laugh as he heard his name being called. He approached the desk and placed his hands around the small potted plant, taking notice to how it gave off small vibrations as he did so. When he turned to head back to his seat he noticed, or rather felt, something very odd. It was wet and slimy against his chin. What the hell? Thought Max. He looked down and nearly dropped the plant.

    The Tiny Trembling tea pant had changed. In the place of small leaves, giant tongues shot out and licked aimlessly in the air. Outlining these were a pair of very sharp looking teeth. Just as Maximus was turning to ask Madam Brush if he had gotten the wrong plant he heard a girl scream, then, all hell broke loose in the greenhouse.
  12. "Oh bloody hell," Aurora said rolling her eyes and then noticing a girl in Ravenclaw robes standing just outside. "You..." She pursed her lips and amongst the chaos, walked over to her.
    "You DO know how to undo this right?" She asked the girl. The blond girl sat still stunned and somewhat shaking her head.
    "Bugger. One second." Aurora put her wand to her head and concentrated a bit, Making Columbia's wand light up in the library.
  13. As Aurora spoke, the glass on the eastern side of the greenhouse blew open with a shattering roar as three camo clad Spetznaz troopers swung in, their gear and weapons missing apart from their sidearms.

    his combat knife drawn, Vladislav dodged and weaved his way to the teacher, he was followed by Lesya and Mishenka, they too had drawn their knives
    "Get children outside, we deal with monster plants!" he yelled, bodily grabbing a student and yanking him backwards, just as the sharp teeth of a plant slammed shut where the boy had been moments before.
  14. Columbia watched Professer McLeod leave. His last words etched in her head, the Scottish accent thick as it echoed again and again. It was a statement she needed to ponder, and she opened up the book she had marked to continue reading where she had left off.

    She was completely absorbed in the book when her wand lit up. "Why now? I'm busy," she whispered, slightly frustrated from having her reading interrupted. She already knew it was Aurora so she took out her wand and placed it to her head, concentrating a little. "What is it?" she asked.

    Aurora's voice came through clearly along with the noises from a room in panic. "Get down to the Greenhouses," she said, and was gone. Columbia left her books on the table and rushed out of the library. It took a total of two minutes to run from the library down to the greenhouse. Following the sound of screeming from panicing students, Columbia found the one Aurora had wanted her to go to. She walked over to Aurora's side, both as calm as ever (although Columbia was slightly out of breath from the run).
  15. Zeromus dashed down the halls, his boots plodding loudly at his speed and force, as he ran to Greenhouse #3, his wand at the ready. "Damn Slytherins, causing trouble..." he mumbled, knowing that there was indeed danger, and it was a Slytherin-Gryffindor class. You'd have to wake up pretty early in the morning to fool anyone about who was behind it. He kicked in the door rather brute style, and brandished his wand at a pot of the impending plant, and yelled "Bombarda Maxima!" as the pottery spewed awry, the plant also rending into bits, the tentacles dying off slowly without it's body. He aimed at two more, and did the same deed, also seeing what seemed like Spetznaz attacking the plants as well. He grinned. "Good, brothers to a common goal." he thought, as he Stunned a plant who was about to make a meal of his hand. As he did that, another plant chomped on his shoulder, as he yelled in abrupt pain. "Blasted thing!" he yelled, ripping it off, with his robes torn and blood freshly oozing from the wound. He set it aflame, and kicked the pot to the ground with a smash. He stomped on the pod for extra measure. "Bloody tea plants..." he grunted, as he looked for his next target.
  16. Aurora smiled. She loved seeing a Gryffindor in pain. "You know what, Columbia?"

    "What's that, Aurora?" Columbia said, smiling also. Aurora backed up, Columbia following.

    "I think we should just sit back and watch," Aurora replied, laughing a bit at the scene unfolding in front of her. She leaned in to Columbia, whispering. "Did you find anything useful?"
  17. Columbia smiled at Aurora. "Actually, i didn't find much," she said. "The history is fairly boring, but it did explain why the Dark Lord failed." Aurora nodded her head, listening, as Columbia continued telling her what she found. Panicing 6th years, Spetznaz shouts, and mutated plants drowned her voice in the large room, making it impossible to tell Aurora any important information. A plant started reaching toward her and she flicked her wand, sending it flying across the room aimed right at a crying Gryffindor. She looked at Aurora, asking silently if they could interupt the chaos and make it orderly without destroying everything. Aurora shrugged and nodded, raising her wand.
  18. Aurora sighed. Why did everyone have to make everything so complicated? Columbia and Aurora raised their wands and in unison shouted, "Petrificus Totalius!"

    Everything froze, the students included. Aurora lowered her wand and started blasting infected plants while Columbia put the room back together. "This is pathetic," Aurora said, a plant bursting in her hands.

    "Anyway, Columbia. What were you saying?" Aurora asked.
  19. Columbia looked at the mess caused by a spell-gone-wrong, and wondered what idiot could have made that mistake. She decided to ask Aurora about it later because at the moment she was tidying the room.

    "Anyway, Columbia. What were you saying?" Aurora asked as she blasted plants apart.

    "Well, the Dark Lord's failure began with his lack of knowing when to stop. He also failed in regards to his ambition, he wanted too much. He didn't know his limits and tried stretching them until he couldn't control what was going on around him." Columbia continued talking about the Dark Lord's failures as she and Aurora put the room to rights.

    "Should we unfreeze them, or leave them for someone else?" Aurora asked, standing back to look at the now clean room that lacked attacking plants.

    "Lets leave them frozen. Let them think of their stupidity for a while." Columbia and Aurora walked out of the neat room with students waiting to be unfrozen behind her.
  20. Aurora looked back at the greenhouse and quietly unfroze them when Columbia was way out of earshot. Sometimes she liked to show a little compassion and this was one of those rare times.

    "I see." Aurora said, continuing their previous conversation as they headed down the hallway. "So, we need to watch eachother. Maybe it's better that we are working together instead of just one of us taking everything."

    "I think I'm the one who is going to have to keep you in check," Columbia turned and started heading back toward the library. "I need to look up one more thing before we can start even planning anything. Joining me?"

    "No. I want to do some Quiddich practice," Aurora replied, about to turn the other way.

    "Really? Quiddich? I can't believe you want to play QUIDDICH at a time like this," Columbia sneered, rolling her eyes.

    "Keeps me in shape," Aurora flashed a smile. "Plus, you never know when we'll need a fast getaway. See you!" She turned and headed down to the quiddich field, ready for some private practice.