Return of the Void Chapter I: The Rise of the Heros


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Over three hundred years ago the world was split into six seperate countries. Talan, the land of the tinkers and engineers. From the Talanites came the relics of long lost technology we find scattered throughout the world today. Varkanus, the land of the Mages. Little explanation is needed here. The ancient Mages kept records of any and everything magical. Artwis, the land of seafarers. From the Artwisians we have our modern day boats and ships which sail the seas of the world from port to port. Grifilum, the land of farmers. Vast fields filled with wheat and grains can be found through out this land. Orge, the mountainous lands. Home of the more antisocial of the peoples and the fathers of our current methods of building. Lastly, Brakish, the wastelands. Inhabited by none. Supposedly the ancients scouted through the lands, but all record of this is lost. All six lands lived in harmony with each other, trading and travelling amongst each other fairly freely.

However, there grew a Mage in the land of Varkanus. He grew corrupt and powerful. Using his powers over the dark arts he ensared most of the world into his control. His name was Void, namesake of the ensuing Void War. The entire world was caught up in this cataclysmic war which threatened to tear the very seams of the universe and leave them all driftnig in the dark abyss of nothing. After many years of constant war, a group of Mages rose up and together they sealed Void into the Abyss forever, thereby stopping the war. They then set up a tower in the center of the lands, this became known as the Tower of Sages and was the new governing power for everyone. All six countries no longer had definite boundaries. Everyone became part of what was collectively referred to as Nimerven.

Three hundred and twenty eight years have passed since Void was imprisoned. The lands are peaceful again. Technological and Magical knowledge from before the war is still the goal of many many Nimerverns. However, a new threat has arisen. Corridors have been spotted on a couple different occasions leading to and from the Abyss. Monsters and beasts have escaped into Nimerven and ravaged many homes and cities. The Tower of Sages has put out a call. A call for warriors brave and courageous to undertake the challenge of discovering and stopping this disaterous phenomena. The tower either will give no, or has no information on how or why these "Vectors", as they are called, have arisen. It is up to you to find this out on your own.

Chapter I: The gathering of the heros and the first set of vectors.

Chapter one of Return of the Void is the introduction of the Heros. Above is the history of the land and most of the major ideas needed to understand the state of the world of Nimerven as it currently stands. Below is the character sheets and space requirements. If you want to join in but want to fill a different role other then one of the heros, say perhaps a friendly mentor, feel free to send me a PM asking me to approve the spot and then I will update the list if I like the idea.

Also, in this specific RP the goal is not to finish the entire RP all the way to the end. I am breaking it up into different chapters for a reason. It will follow a similar structure as that of a book. Chapter one is mostly introduction of characters and also the beginning of the quest. More to get the players familiar with the vectors themselves as well as how to go about destroying each one. This may sound like it would be easier to just do it as one full RP but each chapter has a different goal, all of which will lead in the end to the final chapter with its final fight. The whole story itself is meant to be rather long and drawn out, so breaking it up gives players the chance to leave and join as needed. Say if one person has to leave for an extended period of time, that can be written into the story and if need be, someone else can take their place at the beginning of the next chapter.

I myself will be filling mostly a GM sort of role. Guiding the story as it goes along. I will not be playing as any major character except for one, and he will not be actively present until further along in the story line. I will control many NPC characters as well.

Chapter I Players


1. Draid
2. Tish
3. Revlan
4. Arum
5. Captain Orion
6. (Holding for Azrael)

Character Name:
Race: (Try to keep this basic. Nothing to crazy as this will be the first thing I judge your character by.)
Land of Origin: (i.e Talan, Varkanus, Artwis, Grifilum, Orge, Brakish, or none of the above)
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
Character Name: Draid
Gender: M
Job/Role: He teaches spells, but mostly water spells
Age: late 20s
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Varkanus
General Appearance: Hair is long enough to touch his shoulders, blue eyes, brown hair, a bit chubby, no facial hair, owns glasses, wears a cape with some begger cloths.
Current Goal/Purpose: To learn how to control all the elements
General Personality: opptamistic view, works hard, trys to be funny and nice to every one
General History: When he was about to be born he was going to die, but a wizzard saved his life with a water spell trapping him a ball of water to subbsitue his mothers womb. when he was ten he decided to become a water mage to save other lives.
Character Name: Tish
Gender: F
Job/Role: Scholar, but she does use magic, mostly healing spells.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Varkanus
General Appearance: Tish.jpg Brown hair, yellow eyes
Current Goal/Purpose: Discover the truth about the Vectors
General Personality: Quiet but gentle. Friendly but because of past mistakes keeps to herself
General History: Lost her parents when she was a child and almost died. Was taken in a nearby village and stayed there until she was 17. A year after she left she learned that the village she had called home was destroyed and became interested in history.
Character Name: Revlan

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Inventor Extraordiano!

Age: 15


Land of Origin:

General Appearance: Imagine a little kid, about four and a half feet tall, hyped up on all the sugar in the world. Now imagine him with dirty blond hair and blue eyes with leather gloves, goggles, and coveralls. That is most likely Revlan.

Current Goal/Purpose: Build More Stuff! Oh, and... Um........ Uh............ Cookies?.... No.... Oh! To improve the Super Mega Mk. One!

General Personality: If you haven't gathered already, your hopeless. He is hyper. Very. Very. VERY. Hyper. He is quite strange though that can be clocked up to just being from an old Talan bloodline. Yep, there be crazy about.
He can be sweet though, but clingy, though most of what he clings to doesn't mind.

General History:
Revlan was born to one of the oldest (and most ecentric) families in what used to be called Talan. He was given an education, quite a good one, before he started outshine even his elders. His inventions, always wierdly named, weren't exactly common place but they were useful and helped the lives and jobs of quite a few people.

His current invention is the Mk.1 fighting suit. Pretty much a large clockwork suit that allows him to stand up to the bigger people. Which is pretty much everyone. It has some bugs to fix out though...
Character Name: Arum
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Land of Origin: Brakish
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: He doesn't have a goal/purpose right now.
General Personality: He comes off as rude to everyone he meets. He automatically uses foul language because of the way he grew up. This gets him into a lot of fights. Despite how he looks, Arum doesn't like fighting, even though he is good at it.
General History: His father was banished to Brakish for murder, and took his pregnant wife with him. That was where Arum was born and where his mother's final resting place would be. Arum was taught to be rude to get what you want by his father. He soon figured out that it was wrong after he ventured out into the other lands. He's trying to be nicer, and most of the time things don't go the way he hopes.

((I'll edit it if need be.))
Characters Draid, Tish, Revlan, Arum Approved.

Holding space for Azrael.
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Re: Return of the Void Chapter I: The Rise of the Heroes

Character Name: Captain Orion Okeanos

Gender: Dude.
Job/Role: Captain of his ship, the "Sea Star". Grants passage to those needing to cross the seas. Teaches surfing.
Age: 20
Race: Two parts human & one part merman.

Land of Origin: Artwis

General Appearance:

Due to his heritage there are physical attributes which cannot be seen in the picture. Namely that he has gill-slits behind his ears and patches of scales run along down his legs all the way down to his feet which end in webbed toes. Often he will dress to hide these features as many people do not always look kindly upon half-lings.

Current Goal/Purpose: Simply to make a living off transporting cargo and passengers across the seas and oceans. Beyond that he wants to spread the art of surfing and win competitions during down time at various ports of call.

General Personality: A relatively easy going young man who often speaks with the sophistication and slang of a surfer. However that belays his relatively sharp intellect. Courage and a sense of duty define him. Without a doubt he is the type who would go down with his ship while ensuring everyone else escaped. Though to be fair he wouldn't exactly drown. He is a talented sea captain and surfer as well as a seasoned combatant. To fight him while he wields a gaffing hook or harpoon is not advised. But surely his strangest weapon is the enchanted surfboard he wields in battle. It is has never been broken against any weapon.

General History:

His grand parents on his father's side were a sea captain and a mermaid. His father grew up a half-ling with even more merman qualities than Orion. Yet his father, who became a renowned fisherman, still managed to find a woman to love him. Ignoring the world which had discriminated against him and his own father. . . he still wanted to have a family of his own. From this union Orion was born as their only child, raised up to be a strong sea-faring lad with all the knowledge of the sea he could possibly contain.

Now a young man, he has become captain of his own ship and transports those seeking his services. . . for a price. But breaking in the tradition of his family the youthful rebellion in Orion drove him to take up surfing in order to distinguish himself from his father and grandfather. Luckily he has found a way some somewhat balance both.
Captain Orion accepeted.

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So Step one: Gather at tehe Tower, let the sages take a good look at ya before they send you off into the unknown!
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