Return of the Void Chapter I: Rise of the Heros

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    History of Nimerven

    Over three hundred years ago the world was split into six seperate countries. Talan, the land of the tinkers and engineers. From the Talanites came the relics of long lost technology we find scattered throughout the world today. Varkanus, the land of the Mages. Little explanation is needed here. The ancient Mages kept records of any and everything magical. Artwis, the land of seafarers. From the Artwisians we have our modern day boats and ships which sail the seas of the world from port to port. Grifilum, the land of farmers. Vast fields filled with wheat and grains can be found through out this land. Orge, the mountainous lands. Home of the more antisocial of the peoples and the fathers of our current methods of building. Lastly, Brakish, the wastelands. Inhabited by none. Supposedly the ancients scouted through the lands, but all record of this is lost. All six lands lived in harmony with each other, trading and travelling amongst each other fairly freely.

    However, there grew a Mage in the land of Varkanus. He grew corrupt and powerful. Using his powers over the dark arts he ensared most of the world into his control. His name was Void, namesake of the ensuing Void War. The entire world was caught up in this cataclysmic war which threatened to tear the very seams of the universe and leave them all driftnig in the dark abyss of nothing. After many years of constant war, a group of Mages rose up and together they sealed Void into the Abyss forever, thereby stopping the war. They then set up a tower in the center of the lands, this became known as the Tower of Sages and was the new governing power for everyone. All six countries no longer had definite boundaries. Everyone became part of what was collectively referred to as Nimerven.

    Three hundred and twenty eight years have passed since Void was imprisoned. The lands are peaceful again. Technological and Magical knowledge from before the war is still the goal of many many Nimerverns. However, a new threat has arisen. Corridors have been spotted on a couple different occasions leading to and from the Abyss. Monsters and beasts have escaped into Nimerven and ravaged many homes and cities. The Tower of Sages has put out a call. A call for warriors brave and courageous to undertake the challenge of discovering and stopping this disaterous phenomena. The tower either will give no, or has no information on how or why these "Vectors", as they are called, have arisen. It is up to you to find this out on your own.

    Chapter I: The gathering of the heros and the first set of vectors.

    "Do you think anyone shall answer the summons Victor?" An elderly wizard asked as he looked accross the breakfast table at the one he was addressing.

    Victor smiled a bit and swallowed the bit of egg he had been chewing upon. "I think we shall have a plethora of young heros swarming into the Tower at any moment. Beleive you me Grethy."

    A door at the north end of the dining room burst open with a loud cackling laugh. The sole female member of the Tower of Sages, Helaen, walked through, nearly doubled over in laughter. "Your fool paper will have no results Victor. Those human insects out there are nothing but cowardly creatures who will push anyone else to do anything of any importance. We need to take care of the Vectors ourselves, if you ask me." She took a seat accross from Grethy and tapped the table twice. Shortly a steaming plate of food floated over and set itself in front of her. "We need to get off our lazy bums and do something. We havent done any real magic in centuries!"

    Pointing his fork at her Grethy shook his head. "You would be surprised what those little insects can do. Termites ruin entire houes in days, and we cant even see them without magic. Ants will carry off your entire picnik right under your nose. So be carefully what kind of insults your throwing around!"

    A chuckle was heard from Victor's seat. "You both make valid points. However, if we were to do it ourselves then the people would rely more and more on salvation from the Tower of Sages to the point we would become icons of worship. We are here to govern, not to save. Let us gather together a group of brave men and women and have them save the world. We can sit behind and guide them along the way but the people need a source of help from amongst their own ranks. Let them save themselves!"

    Grethy shrugged a bit. "Well I suppose we will see if this little experiement works if anyone decides to pop in." Taking a gulp of milk Grethy looked over at Victor once more. "What if noone shows up?"

    "And I assure you they wont!" Helaen decided to input her opinion again.

    Victor shrugged. "Then perhaps we shall have to take care of it ourselves. Though, I don't think that path shall be neccessary."

  2. An insect flys in a small hut that looks like it was created by a begger that has some what money and the mage Draid pops out of the hut and strats to run to the local teaching area where Tish is teaching students. He dashes to area and notices his gut is floping every where so he mumbles a spell to him self and water fills his clothing giveing the illusion that he appers muscular or just looks large on the body area. He gets to the school area and looks for Trish. Runing around he finnaly finds her teaching a class and he waves her down to signal that he wishes to talk to her.

    *Before he left the house*
    Draid slices up some fresh vegstables he pulled out of the ground and throws them into a pot of cold of water. he mutters some spells to himself and the water starts boiling up. He mutters more spells to clean up his house, the water rubs against the rock floor cleaning off all the dirt and burn marks from thrying to attempt other element spells. as the marks clean up his water bug comes in and signals him that the town neer by was raided. He stops every thing he dose and runs out his hut.
  3. Arum was working on walking to the tower. He had nothing better to do, so why not go there? Everyday was a constant bore for him, getting into fights he had no idea how they started, eating one or two meals a day if he was lucky, and sleeping on top of roof tops to avoid paying money at an Inn. The way he walked looked like he was being arrogant and better than everyone else to the wandering eye. When in reality he was just walking how he always had, not feeling like he was better than everyone. Just walking. Scowls appeared on the faces of some men, that just came out of a bar, at the sight of Arum. They didn't like the look on his face or the way he walked.

    They all looked at each other as if they were communicating in their minds. As one, they nodded and walked over to Arum, surrounding him and causing Arum to stop walking. "Hey kid. We don't like the way you look." A man said that looked as if he was the leader.

    "Move. I'm not in the mood to deal with scum like you." Arum said calmly.

    "Scum?! You're asking for it shorty." The man behind him said. By the sound of his voice, he was clearly drunk. He tried to hit Arum with a clumsy punch, but missed. Arum didn't even have to move.

    "Someone is angered easily." Arum said casually. "Now, let me pass. I have other stuff to do than deal with you f***ing b******." This time, all of the men took swins at Arum. All he had to do though was duck and move off to the side to avoid their pathetic attacks. Each of the men hit each other with their attacks, causing them to fall over and onto each other.

    "Drunks..." Arum sighed. He was already quite a ways away from his drunken attackers, and kept going towards the tower.
  4. Tish sat a top the black mare as she stared at the tower. Her fellow scholars had warned against her going but she had to find out the truth. With a sigh she nudged the mare into a trot and began the the trek down the green hill as the wind blew against her. She made it to the bottom of the hill as she heard the explosion from the town behind her and in a panic she turned the mare and galloped back in the direction of town. She arrived quickly and jumped off the horse tying the mare to a small tree. Taking a deep breath she walked into town prepared for anything.
  5. In the center of the town there was a green glowing sort of light. More of an orb if you will. From it came the monsters. Small doglike creatures they are. Swift on their feet with ridges lining their back.

    These creatures are swift yet weak in general. To the unsuspecting masses of humans they are largely deadly, though can sometimes be fended off with beating.

    However the group in this town, werent so easy to stop. There were five of them. Each one running through the streets catching the straggling humans by egs and feet and quite gruesomely tearing them limb from limb. One pregnant lady, two children and a fat gentleman were already dead lying in the square where the Vector so suddenly appeared. The creatures werent stopping, though most of the village had hidden in their homes. The creatures scratched and kicked at doors trying to get at the people inside.

  6. Draid fell asleep waiting to speak to tish and when he had woken up only to discover she was gone. He ran around looking for the girl untill the a student told her that she had left for the tower. He cursed while he ran to the direction of the tower. As he ran he relasesed the spell of the boiling water and to clean his house, it would drain him to keep the spell going from a distance. He ran untill he was out of the town. He had to stop because he never had to run this far for anything. An explosion came from behind him, and he knew it was the vector. The only thing draid could do now is to save the town from the cretures. He'd only wish he had help as he ran into the now dangress town
  7. Tish saw the creatures, the blood, the dying, and she felt her heart quicken with fear. She knew she couldn't leave these people so she ran back to the mare and pulled a sword from a bag on the animal's saddle. She ran back into the village unsheathing the sword. She could fight as well as any man but against a vector that may have meant nothing. She whispering in another language and the blade began to glow with a silver light. She ran past one of the creatures catching it's attention. She turned brandishing the sword in front of her ready for a fight.
  8. Draid ran into the city without a regret in the world, though there was many things he wish he could have done but it wasint the time for him to be thinking about it. He calls out a spell that will help him control the water element without any extra spells, only a hand movement and a special call. Runing past a few boddys struck him with fear but he had to keep going even if it ment death for him. He cathes a vecter trying to but open the door to a house, before the monster nottices him draid call out "Water in the air! FREZZE!".
    As the vector turns to the mage it frezzes in its place, as draid sticks his arm out a large ice spear apperd out of his hand he slams the ice rod aginst the frozen vector. The ice shatters and draid is left with shards of ice on the floor. Now draid is off to the strange green glowing light comeing from the side of a bulding.
  9. Arum was in the middle of all this. Vectors killing people left and right. Only one came after him. It jumped at Arum, who blocked the creature's attack with his right arm. The vector bit down hard on Arum's arm. Hid blood dripped down out of his wound and made a little blood pool on the ground. "You fucking little son of a bitch.." He muttered, bringing his knee up into the vector's neck with a fair amount of force. It was enough to get it to let go and be dazed for a little while. Arum brought his right leg up high in the air over the thing's head, only to bring it down again, hard. The heel of his shoe dug into the vector's head, making a little tear in it's skin. The force of the attack slammed the vector into the ground as well.

    "Stay down..." Arum said. He knew his attack wasn't enough to kill the beast. Only knock it out at best. Arum didn't bring a weapon with him from Brakish, so this was the best he could do for now.
  10. The three remaining alive and consious creatures snarled in anger. One caught suddenly by the appearance of the glowing blade leapt forewards at the female who wielded it. Its mouth open in a viscious snarl . The other two looked over at the remaining threats and growled turning from the homes of their pervious targets they walked slowly, heads down their glittering black eyes each looking at ther new targets. The two moved together, not stupid enough to attack one on one like their coworker. After a moment they each charged forewards simultaneously darting low to the ground towards the male, Draid. They would take him down then move to the other who still stood afterwards. They ignored Arum and their uncounsious brother next to him in their first charge, going for the arms of the Water Mage. The villagers screamed, there were a handful of wounded inside the houses who had not made it to safty in time.

    "An interestng lot..." A lone wizard stood over a marble basin in a darkened room. Within the basin was a small pool of perfectly still water. In the water was displayed the very scene which was taking place in the village a bit away. "Let us gauge their skills a bit; find out what they can accomplish..."

    Grethy stamped impatiently upon the ground whilst he waited for the other wizards to gather around the mirror. "Hurry up damn you all! Some of our heros have allready encountered a Vector!"

    Victor smiled at Helaen in that "I told you so" kind of manner, to which she crossed her arms and frowned angrily.

    "What color Vector have they run into?" An elderly male wizard spoke from the center of the group. His grey hair seemed to simply blend into a grey beard and in turn into the grey robes he wore. This was Tjaden, the eldest and generally considered, leader of the Tower.

    Grethy jutered a bit as he went on to explain. "Its a green one, not to powerful, and fairly basic. Its a good thing they didnt run into one of the others. PLus this will be a good way to see how strong they are before they even arrive, and..." Tjaden stopped him with a wave of his hand and pointed at the mirror. "Oh yes right!" Grethy turned to the mirror and with a few whisoered words an image shimmered into view on its surface. He seemed gittery with excitement. "They have a Water Mage! Oh good good!"
  11. He ran to the glow of light untill he heard a small buzzing noise from behind him. He knew it was the water bug that reports to him once and awhile but things where diffrent today. The bug was Draids eyes in the sky. The insect landed on Draids shoulder and in orrder to communicate the small insect uses a series of hums and buzzes with its wings. The insect tells that there are a cupple of vectors prowling neer heis area. Draid gets an idea, but he would have to be quick about it.

    The vectors start to slowly crawl towards the water mage slow as he utters words under his breath. Strangely you could see fog slowly flow out of his mouth of each word he mubbles to himself. The fog suddenly got thicker and bright white. The fog coverd all around his body and touched everything around him. The vector jumped with its claws sharp enough to cut through the fog, But the vector chaught no flesh with its claws. It quickly ran out the fog but every time it jumped out the fog it seemed to spread and cover the vector once more. It paniced and ran through out the town clashing with the walls of homes. suddenly a spear pirced the body of the creature causing it to scream in pain. The ice shard started to spread on the vectors back untill it froze. Draid was allmost out of energy, but he needed to get rid of the orb of light and the vector. With the fog he can feel anything touch the fog. The next vector did not enter the fog wich worried draid becuase he cant hold the spell for very long.
  12. Tish shivered but drove the sword through the vectors open mouth. It grabbed at her leg leaving deeps cuts, and she screamed. Muttering some words under breath as she fought down the pain, the already glowing sword grew brighter until she had to turn away. The vector screamed and the weight pulling on the sword vanished, the glowing fading. She turned back to stare at silvery blade sighing in relief when she saw no more vectors nearby. She turned and opened her senses, seeing a strange fog growing near the center of town. She ran off keeping out of the sight of any remaining vectors. She arrived, stopping before she entered the fog and saw a vector, appearing smarter than the others. Taking her chance she charged and struck it on the shoulder. Her spell was beginning to run out but she still had a weapon. The vector swiped at her and she dodged driving the weapon into it's leg." Please hurry and destroy that orb while I distract this thing!" She hoped someone was within the fog for she wouldn't last for long with her leg in the shape it was.
  13. Draid herd the womans call and he cannceled the power draining spell and finnaly he had seen the woman was Trish. Her leg was torn with the red blood pouring out her leg. He wanted to help her with some cover heal spells but he was kidding himself, becuase she is one of the best healers in the area. He decided to do what the girl had said to him through the fog. He ran to the green orb wich helped the vector stay in the area. He had seen a vector that had been punched in the head and Draid decided to leave it it alone. He ran to the green orb that was spilling out energy and Draid didint know what to do. He was stuck. Was he suppose to just seal it? was he suppose to trap the orb in its energy untill it runs out. The draid got the perfect idea. He hasent masterd this spell but it can only work for a good 2 minitues doing this, He would need to kill all the vectors before the spell wears off. This was also Draid time to shine in his town, He could just imagain the partys, the holidays, then He shoke the thought out of his mind and started to mutter a diffrent lang under his breath. He stuck his palms out to the orb and an ocean blue orb surrounded the green and its power spill suddenly stoped. The Blue orb obsorbed the power comeing out of the green one and gave Draid a sudden power surge. This extrem power jolted him to the point where he wount sleep for days, but he knew he would want to sleep for days affter the spell wore off. Water surrounded Draid createding Ice armor for him and he stuck out his arm for the ice spear and ran heavly to trish.