Return of the Picture Challenge: PIRATES!

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  1. NOTE: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words; this challenge aims to see how many words our members can tell from a picture. Each week an image relating to a certain genre shall be posted, and members are challenged to see what sort of plot, character or idea can be developed from it.

    You can post as much or as little as you want to; post the short story the image inspired, or post the quick idea for a plot that it gave you. Quantity is not what this is about; this challenge is all about trying to inspire you to get ideas for genres you may not previously have had any interest in.

    There is no time limit on these challenges; feel free to get involved whenever you like.

    CATEGORY: This week, the category is PIRATES!
    And so without further interruptions... is this week's image (open)
  2. Ka Ching, idea! here is my plot inspired by that picture

    "It all started with that damn map and its damn treasure. Why do pirates have to love treasure so much?

    Why couldn't we just have skipped this one? It's not like we were on the verge of starving to death, but no... The captain wanted that treasure and that meant everyone wanted it.

    The Cursed treasure of shark Island was rumored to be more gold that any crew could ever spend, but there was a catch. It was CURSED! What did the curse include, no one knew and that meant it was all a lie (or so we thought)

    We landed on Shark Island late that morning and set of to find that damned treasure. It took the better part of the day to find it and then we had to dig, and dig, and dig. The chest was huge, the captain could easily have laid down in it. The captain instructed us to hoist it out of the hole and to carry it back to the boat. That was the longest walk back to the ship I ever had the pleasure of doing. With the men all exhausted, we dropped the chest on the deck. A loud crack sounded, and we all froze, thinking it was the ship. That the chest was so heavy that it was weakening the ship. It was the Island! All the plant life was disappearing, sending thousands of birds into the sky. We kept watching as the island started to move. Fins appeared from the water along with a tail. The island itself swam away. leaving us with the treasure.

    We turned back to the chest and found it missing. "My treasure. You stupid two-leggers never listen, and now you all die!" The words came from an 8 foot tall gray shark. The chest was resting on his shoulder as if it weighed less than nothing. The men were so distracted by the sight of the shark beast that stood before them they never saw the other creatures. They attacked us. Slaughtering us with such ease.

    I was thrown from the ship by the captain as she fought another huge shark creature. When I broke the surface of the water, the ship was already sinking. All the crew was dead, but for me. I saw that day and I got away from that cursed spot as quickly as I could."

    The old drunken pirated went on about the story, trying to convince the captain that the story was true. He didn't notice the thief that stole the old rumpled piece of paper from his pocket until the crew was back on their own ship.

    "Let me see it!" The captain ordered. The thief walked towards him, the pride as clear as day on his face. "That damned fool never even thought to look." the thief boasted as he placed the map in the captain's hands. "Raise the anchor! Hoist the sails! We set sail for shark Island!" The Captain ordered as he lifted the map to the sky
  3. She growled deep in her throat. "You discussing fish, just because I am a woman does not mean I am any less a pirate!" She yelled causing the fish man to turn around. "Oh so the girls got some fight to her hmmm?" He grinned, showing off his shark teeth as he dropped on of her men to the deck, where he lay unmoving. "I'll tell you again beast, get of my ship or I'll paint it's deck with your blood." She stood tall her men dragging the wounded below deck as she and the shark monster faced off. "I'd like to see you try!" He screamed as he dove for her, only to snap at empty air as she sun away. "As you wish." She sneers, stabbing his side with her blade. The fight goes on and with a final attack the shark mutant jumps from the railing, sorting over head just as the captain looks up. Quick as a flash she sheaths her cutlass in his heart. The thing falls still and she pulls her sword from his chest. "Toss this trash overboard, he is not worth dirtying my deck with."