Return of a Princess (Nydanna & MaskedDemon)

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  1. Jocelyn Turner Jocelyn’s head began to nod, the lids of her eyes lowering each time her head lowered. A few times she managed to jerk her head up and give it a slow shake before she could doze off, but this time she was down for the count, the teacher’s droning voice at the front of the classroom too difficult to fight. Her eyes slowly drifted closed, her head lowering until it rest against the desktop in front of her. She was seconds away from drifting off to sleep when a sharp snap of fingers above her ear startled her out of her rested state, her body jerking in her seat and her head snapping up. Tilting her face toward the man standing in the aisle, she blinked sleepily up at him as the rest of her classmates laughed out loud at her antics. “Miss Turner, do you think you could stay awake and share with the class the reason behind Civil War started?” Came the monotone voice of her teacher, a potbellied, balding middle aged man by the name of Mister Edwards. The blonde blinked again at the question, her brows furrowing into a thoughtful scowl before she gave him the answer he had requested. “Because the south wanted to secede from the union. Can I go back to sleep now?” She replied, causing another outburst of laughter from her classmates.

    The teacher however was not amused. Shaking his head, he snapped his fingers, pointing toward the door. “To the principal’s office, Miss Turner.” He commanded in a voice that showed a bit more emotion than his typical speaking voice, and Jocelyn had no other option than to comply with his wishes. It was the third time that week she’d been sent the principal’s office for falling asleep in class, and she knew her aunt Carol was not going to be happy with it at all, but Jocelyn honestly couldn’t help it. She hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in the past week, and now all she wanted to do while in class was doze off. She’d tried fighting it as long as she could, and she almost succeeded this time around; if only her teacher’s voice wasn’t so boring.

    Jocelyn was a rather odd girl by even the lowest of standards, but given her history it really wasn’t much of a surprise. Born to Josh and Katherine Turner, she was the youngest child and only daughter to a perfectly happy couple. Unfortunately, her father died only a week after her birth, and from that moment on her mother blamed Jocelyn for his death; as if the infant had been the one behind the wheel of the car that had crashed into his. Life went downhill from Jocelyn from there. Her mother became psychotic, claiming that Jocelyn was a demon who had taken over the body of her infant, and refusing to take care of her daughter. It was only thanks to her aunt Carol that Jocelyn survived, her father’s sister taking over Jocelyn’s care while her own mother wanted very little to do with the girl.

    It was on Jocelyn’s sixth birthday that everything came to a head when her mother decided to show the world the demon that she really was by trying to slice her open with a pair of scissors. Again luck was on Jocelyn’s side in the form of her older brother who had walked into the her room in time to catch his mother stabbing the little girl in the shoulder. Katherine was carried off to the nearest asylum, while Jocelyn was taken to the Emergency room to get fifteen stitches and spend the rest of her birthday in the hospital. She still carried the scars of that day, the physical wound having healed long ago, while the emotional scars still remained untouched. It wasn’t that she as a bitter, angry person, but Jocelyn had major trust issues, along with social problems that no one could even begin to comprehend. She was a loner by her own choosing, and she enjoyed it that way. Her aunt and brother had been trying for years to remedy it, but Jocelyn liked being alone. People were strange, she had learned that early on, but at the same time, she never quite fit in anywhere that she went.

    The difference started the moment that Jocelyn could first pick up a crayon and draw. Her talent at even that young age couldn’t be denied by anyone, but her drawings always had a freakishly odd quality to them; they were all premonitions. No one picked that up until the day she drew a picture of her brother wearing a cast, and later that week Aiden had fallen out of a tree and broke his arm. From that moment on her only remaining relatives remained silent about her strange talent, but each time they saw her with a pencil in her hand they would begin to panic.

    The other differences weren’t so easy to notice, from her strange eating behaviors, to the types of clothing that she wore. Her aunt always believed that it was Jocelyn showing her individuality, but when it became apparent that wasn’t the case, Jocelyn was sent to whatever doctor her aunt could find, and forced into counseling to find out what was going on inside her head. Eventually it all boiled down to Jocelyn being emotionally scarred due to her mother’s attitude toward her, along with a major case of ADHD. They gave her pills and sent her on her way without even considering that there was nothing wrong with her at all, but that she simply didn’t feel like she belonged. She didn’t care about boys or clothing the way other girls her own age did, and when it came to being inside for an extended period of time, Jocelyn felt smothered. She loved being outdoors, hated anything other than organic food, and could not tolerate modern clothing. She dressed in long flowing skirts and sweaters, most of which made out materials that her skin could tolerate. Try as she might not to be picky and strange with her quirks, it was hard not to notice how different the teenager was when compared to everyone else she went to school with.

    Now that idea was being enforced by her teacher, who looked on sternly as she gathered her things and threw her backpack over her shoulder. She shot a nasty glare at her teacher as she walked to the front of the room toward the door, quickly throwing it open to step out into the hallway.She tossed one final glance inside the classroom, catching a familiar pair of eyes that always seemed to be on her every time she looked. Jocelyn wasn't sure what the guy's problem was, but no matter what she was doing, he seemed to be lurking around every corner. Right now she couldn't think about that, having no other option but to turn her eyes away and back to the hall. Closing the door behind her Jocelyn debated whether she should head straight to the principal’s office or spend the time wandering the halls until she felt like receiving her lecture. Deciding that the later sounded the best, Jocelyn began to stroll casually down the hallway, taking the ‘full school’ tour on her way to the office. The halls were empty, and there was little risk of getting into any more trouble than she already was, so why shouldn’t get take her time heading to the office? A little goofing off never hurt anyone, and it wasn't like she needed to know any of the crap that they were teaching her anyway. With those thoughts in mind Jocelyn drug her feet as she began to walk through the vacant halls, hoping that she didn't cross paths with anyone.