Return color coding to the different forums?

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I remember that before the most recent style overhaul, the different forum headers or categories (Community, Content, Group Roleplaying, One x One Roleplaying, Chat Roleplaying, etc) all had different colors.

Is it possible to bring those back? It would make the front forum landing page a lot easier to navigate.
Ahm, right now probably not. D: The color coding proved to be a problem when it came to creating the multiple style color options. Especially across the light to dark differences. We'd have to do special color coding for all the base styles and then it would start getting complicated, and complicated does not make diana happy during site updates. >:[

I am open to other suggestions, though! O_O Like maybe unique forum icons for each forum? I dunno. Maybe members have some ideas!
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But without colors the site feels so plaaaain!

I suppose that icons could work, although if they're not done well they'll just add to clutter.
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