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    Lenneth wasn't last, but she certainly wasn't first. With much more strict concepts of self-sufficiency and skill present on campus, it was expected that even someone arriving a week later after the season had started would (and should) be able to catch up to everyone who had found their way onto campus day one. Thus, they continually accepted new students even after the school year started, in droves even.

    The child of Valkyries was given an apologetic letter mere days prior. The faculty were, "Disgusted by their own failures in extending an application to you [Lenneth], one with so important a lineage," as was said in the letter. And so here she was, standing before the glimmering gates of the Divine Calm Academy, a campus looking not unlike the most massive of spiritual cathedrals. Indeed, by the rows of statues commemorating those who had entered the Tower and succeeded were lined along the path to the center of the academy. Forty-nine in all. The fiftieth warrior had yet to be conceived.

    Lenneth was let off of the hovering bus alongside a small group of other individuals made up of both students and parents alike. There were even some older students mixed in. All of them were eager to move inside of the campus, and offered little company to Lenneth as they made for the open gates to the academy. Lenneth was left to her own devices, free to go where she pleased for the time being. It was a weekend, and so she was privy to some freedom during the day, rather than beholden to academic classes.

    With a map already on hand, she had countless options; there was no end to the facilities present within the DCA.
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  2. Lenneth Vexia (open)


    Full Name
    : Lenneth Vexia
    Nicknames: Len, Lenny
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 years old
    Profession: Student
    Affiliation: Divine Calm Academy
    Hometown: Tundaria City
    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

    Light Gray
    Eyes: Brown
    Voice: Soft, high-pitched, cheerful
    Complexion: Fair
    Height: 147 cm / 4'10"
    Build: Slim

    : Polite, quiet around strangers, but talkative with family and close friends
    Hopes: Reach the top of "The Tower", Live up to her family's expectations
    Fears: Shaming her family name, Syringes
    Likes: Gardening, flowers, quiet places, magic
    Dislikes: Loud people, medical equipments, rain


    Magitek Warrior: The Vexia family is known for their expertise in combining magic-smithing with martial arts, especially using their self-crafted enchanted magitek weapons and equipments to augment physical prowess with some offensive spells. Lenneth specializes in wielding a pair of magitek lance and shield.

    Living Saint: Legends told that the Vexia family was formed by the union of a mortal man with a Valkyrie. Whether it's true or not, one thing is clear. Once in a few generations, with a random line of succession, a Vexian will be born with a fraction of the Valkyrie's divine blood, these people are dubbed "Living Saints". The Vexian who reached the tower's top is one. As a "Living Saint", Lenneth possesses natural affinity to the Holy element, inherently sharper speed and reflexes, naturally heals faster than normal, and can activate the unique "Awakening" power at will.

    Awakening: Lenneth unleashes her divine heritage, her hair takes on a bluish tint, irises lightening to crimson, and a perpetual light blue aura surrounding her body. When awakened, Lenneth gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Through her equipments, she can use her lance to fire destructive arcane beams and shield to create barriers around her. All these perks come with a catch however, Awakening rapidly drains her energy and prolonged activation will cause her to black out, even dying in extreme cases.

    A quiet girl from the Vexia family of magitek smiths and combat mages. Lenneth was chosen to enter the DC Academy due to her manifesting the divine blood running in her family. She wishes to live up to the expectations put on her shoulders, especially to her parents. Vexia is a diligent model student, often found in the library or magitek lab, learning new things. Occasionally, she wonders how her life will turn out if she wasn't a Living Saint, but no more than that. She was chosen, it'd be a shame to waste her potential. Her greatest goal is, of course, reach the Tower's top and meet the Legendary King.

    Anxiety, excitement, nervousness, thrill, all of these feelings mixed into one cacophony of emotions Lenneth expected. The scion of Valkyrur was in her first day of school, not her family's private home-school anymore, but the most prestigious academy in the whole world. Divine Calm Academy, or DCA, for short, a highly-competitive institute meant to produce graduates of the highest expertise. Nobles, warriors, researchers, farmers, all kind of people from various cultural backgrounds and nations studied here provided they could qualify the requirements, either through funds, connections, or talents. All these years, Lenneth was carefully tutored for her eventual acceptance in DCA, she was blessed with the divine blood unique to the Vexians, making her a Living Saint as her family called her. It was obvious she'd be chosen to enter DCA, with the ultimate goal of her reaching the tower's top like her predecessors, who was also a Living Saint.

    The teen stepped off the vehicle, brown eyes staring in awe at the classical architecture of the campus, a peculiar style compared to all the modern-style structures in the city. It reminded her of a cathedral... in fact, it was deliberately designed to look like it. She was wearing the academy's school uniform with her magitek backpack slung on her shoulders. "Let's see..." Her quiet voice looked over the map held by both hands, brown eyes scanning over the interactive piece of paper. The freshman had no fixed schedule for the day so she decided to get herself acquainted with the campus grounds, but first... she entered the campus' main entrance after traversing pass the beautiful carvings of past heroes, number 50 would be her, she'd make sure of it.

    Arriving at the lobby, Lenneth took a couple of minutes to bask herself in the campus' amazing design, the ultimate combination of the old and new. Classical music echoed in the massive hall, bringing a solemn atmosphere. Lenneth sighed as she mustered her courage, with determined eyes and a smile, the girl stepped up to the receptionist, "Hello, I'm a new student here in DCA, my name is Lenneth Vexia and I-" The conversation would continue between her and the clerk, Lenneth mainly asking about the important locations and names she needed to know. One of the things she asked was about accommodation, this included the girl's dormitory. "-Thank you, have a good day!" She gave the clerk a light bow, then went on her way.

    "Ha... I did it, phew..." Her voice was flowing and smooth just moments before, but it was the result of her etiquette lessons. Lenneth was a shy girl by nature, it was hard for her to communicate with strangers, but the scion realized it would only hinder her in life so she tried to work around it. She had done a good job so far, though as always, she still required practice. If nothing of note happened along the way, her feet would carry her to the dormitory, to her assigned room.
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  3. Lenneth's dorm was a good deal deep into the campus, surrounded by a plethora of equally enormous towers, practically castles in themselves. Her own room was on the third floor, nearby the stairs and an open-air window that let in a warm sunlight right across her door. It was a room meant for two, despite the prestigious nature of the academy; though nearly everyone present was an exceptional individual, there was, in the end, too many to treat individually. Lenneth expected a roommate, but perhaps none quite like the one she immediately met.

    Lenneth was greeted with a noise halfway between fear and excitement as another girl her age practically ran up to her and tackled her to the ground. "Roommate!" she cried, immediately grabbing Lenneth's hands as if comforting her. "You finally arrived! I was afraid you wouldn't come after this many days, and that I'd have the room to myself!" The brown-haired girl, about as tall as Lenneth as well, looked a tad bit energetic, and from the state of the room, Lenneth could tell that the girl herself had only arrived a few days prior herself; luggage and the like were still misplaced and strewn about the room.

    "I'm Perina! Perina Nirjev! Let's do well together," she happily stated before whispering something inaudible to herself. "What's yours?" She let go of Lenneth's hands before taking a few steps back, as if gesturing to the room as a whole. The interior possessed two beds and two desks, one on each side of the room. Bedding was supplied, though the rest of Lenneth's side of the room featured little else. Perina's, however, was drowned in stuff. It was immediately clear the girl wasn't totally organized.
  4. The Academy truly lived up to its reputation so far, beautifully crafted architectures congregated in one complex so massive it might have been a small city. The gray-haired teenager was looking upwards left and right, gawking at the towers around her. Sure she came from a privileged family, but she could safely say even with all their wealth, the Vexians couldn't buy even half of DCA. So engrossed with her sight-seeing, Lenneth arrived at her dome without realizing how she got there, "Er... ah, I think this is the place?" Must be her instincts. The information screen clearly said so. After asking for information from a nearby staff, Lenneth made her way into the female section of the dorm.

    "Hehehe~" She giggled as she made her way to the third floor, nervous and excited at the same time, this was going to be so much fun! "Uhm... 304, 305, ah, 306, there it is!" Arriving at her assigned room, the girl opened the door, "Excuse m- woaaaah?!" Not one second after she entered the room, someone tackled her, bringing them both stumbling onto the floor. Lenneth couldn't get a good look at the stranger yet, but her voice was distinctively female and from the first word she shouted, this brown-headed person was most likely her roommate. "Eh ah, er..." The Valkyrian scion tried to get her thoughts together as the unknown girl grabbed her hands. "...Ahaha, s-sorry about that..." It was an awkward reply, the girl spoke so fast, Lenneth didn't quite get what she was saying due to their situation.

    "Oh, I see," Now that the girl released her, Lenneth could get up and idly dusted off her uniform, "I am Lenneth Vexia, nice to meet you, Mis-..." Right, she looked to be the same age, better not to use any titles, the girl was actually learning to be less polite, "Perina, I hope we get along well." Lenneth bowed a bit before she carried her luggage inside. She was quite busy planning her schedule in her head so Perina's inaudible whispers went over her head. Scanning the room, Lenneth tried her hardest not to frown at Perina's side of the room, unlike this apparently disorganized person, she was quite the model student, diligent, neat, and polite. Hopefully this wouldn't turn into a living hell, well... as long as Perina leave her side of the room alone.

    "So, Perina," Lenneth chatted with her as she went to get herself situated by taking out her own stuffs. "Since you are here before me, tell me, is there anything important I need to know? And oh, where's the biggest library around here?" She could look that up in the information board and the map, but it couldn't hurt to acquaint herself with Perina. Among all the common things Lenneth took out, one of them would seem a bit peculiar to Perina, it was a transparent medical box filled with a magitek syringe with some vials beside it. "I ah..." Lenneth was quite aware that it might seem unusual, "I was born with a condition... I don't need to eat, drink, or sleep much, but I need this to keep my body going, it's a pain, but eh... it doesn't look like I have a choice. A-anyways..." She quickly put the box inside one of her desk's rack. "Let's go do something after this. What would you like to do?"
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  5. Perina didn't seem in the least bit perturbed after tackling Lenneth, her face just as neutral as the split second before she realized someone had opened the door. She tilted her head and pondered with taps on her cheek. "Biggest Library? That's certainly a hard one around here, given the size of the place. I wouldn't be surprised if the Academy set two records for largest Library in the world!" she laughed. "But really, I couldn't tell you. I don't use libraries much..." Perina seemed almost dejected, as if sorry that she wasn't a book worm.

    "You could try the various libraries marked on your campus though. I'm sure that would point you in a better direction than me!" Perina watched for a brief moment as Lenneth brought out various personal items, and though her expression didn't seem particularly confused by her medical equipment, she did seem inclined to lean forward as if to get a better look. She appeared stunned and shocked when Lenneth explained it, nevertheless.

    "What?! You don't have to do any of that stuff?! That's so convenient!" she shouted, eyes wide with awe, "Are you a homunculus or something? I didn't know those could enroll here!" Though Perina seemingly wanted her questions answered with how fervent she asked them, her attention quickly shifted, easily distracted by the mention of something potentially better to do with Lenneth. She pondered again.

    "Well you said you don't need to eat, but that doesn't mean you can't eat, right? You must at least enjoy eating sometimes!" she declared with a raised finger, "Unpacking can wait! You have to try some food from the best academy cafe... within walking distance!" Perina stressed the last part, indicating there was, apparently, at least another just-as-good cafe on campus that wasn't within walking distance. At one hundred square miles of campus grounds, it certainly seemed plausible.
  6. Lenneth was an idealist and believed every person was unique and one's actions spoke louder about a person than their background or appearance, however... she was also not blind to the fact that stereotypes existed because of reasons, as proven time and time again, there was some truth in them. This considered, Lenneth wasn't that surprised to hear the disinterest coating Perina's voice when she spoke about libraries, especially after seeing how she 'organized' her side of the room. "That's alright, I will certainly check them out." Still, she smiled as friendly as she could, they were different, it was nothing to be disappointed about, Perina wouldn't be her only friend. "Perhaps someday, I can take you there to show you how much fun you can have in a library." She wouldn't bet on it, but no harm trying.

    "That's-..." She was taken off-guard as Perina commented on her condition, partly because of her unusual enthusiasm, the other because of her excessively loud voice in a quiet room filled with just two people. Lenneth wanted to clarify things, but the comment regarding homunculi made her go wide-eyed as her brown eyes blinked a couple of times. Lenneth saw strange visions flashing in her mind, those of a white room with bluish magitek veins running on the floors and walls, feeding strange apparatuses and contraptions. The vision played out like a slideshow of still photographs, she was... underwater, there was glass surrounding her, and... needles on her arms- "!?" Lenneth gasped as she snapped out of it, shaking her head. It was similar to her recurring nightmares, she never told anyone about it, it scared her, but Lenneth was confident it was just her teenage hormones acting up. "Ahaha, no, maybe it's because I possess the blood of the Valkyrie that started my family. I was born from a mother and father though, no worries." She didn't say it, but she was relieved Perina moved on with the subject.

    "Of course!" Her relief fueled her enthusiasm for this particular culinary topic, Lenneth was using it to forget the bizarre experience just now. "I can eat like anyone else, I love vegetable dishes mostly, like salad and asparagus soup, also, Perina, my apologies, I wasn't clear before. I need to eat, just not much, one dish every few days is fine for me, same goes to drinking and sleeping." Lenneth looked at her half-unpacked stuffs, then back at Perina, as if contemplating something, "Al... right, I guess I can do this later." The girl then stood up, straightening her hair and clothes, "Lead the way."
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  7. Perina pouted, seemingly disappointed that Lenneth actually did need to eat and sleep and drink. The uniqueness of her roommate suddenly seemed gone in Perina's eyes, though she didn't seem any less excited to eat outside with her. "I'd heard a Valkyrie was going to be attending school. So you're the one huh?" she said as they exited the room, "I'd be careful on campus. I can imagine a bunch of other people will want to challenge you to duel's, just to see if they're stronger than someone with Valkyrie blood!" Perina couldn't have been closer to the truth, as Lenneth was also probably aware.

    There weren't too many notable bloodlines in the world; far fewer actually had something to how their worth with. Being a Valkyrie, then, was one of those kinds that attracted far more adversary than typically desired. As Perina trotted through the school, Lenneth in tow, it became clear that the older students, Sophomore's and up, seemed to know exactly who Lenneth was. he received looks of awe and distaste alike from those that stood in groups at various points during their long walk. The cafe was, as Lenneth became aware, further than she had probably wanted to go for simple food. The campus was shaping up to be more like a city than an academy.

    Eventually they made it to a large clearing in the long hall of sky-piercing buildings. The buildings around them were flatter, closer to the ground, and seemed much more like a commercial zone. Perina pointed out the cafe they were looking for at the other end of the courtyard, past the countless students that crowded the area. It was a busy place, likely one of the primary 'hang-out' areas on campus.

    Before the duo could make it to their food and drink, however, they were met with a roadblock. Lenneth's first-day luck ran out that moment, as several individuals stood before her and Perina defiantly. At the head stood a black-haired boy, nearly twice as tall as Lenneth and Perina, with an expression midway between disgust and confusion.

    Despite Perina's apparent laziness, she wasn't oblivious or slow. She immediately understood what was about to transpire.

    "Out of the way!" she said brazenly, "You can puff your chest some other time!" The three boys ignored Perina, gaze locked on Lenneth.

    "You're the Valkyrie, no?" one of them asked.
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  8. "Well..." Lenneth rubbed her arm with one hand as she pondered over Perina's words, "I don't know if there are any other people with Valkyrie blood outside my family so looks like I'm the one, though I'd love to meet other people like me." The gray-haired girl hopeful tone turned somber the moment Perina talked about 'potential challengers', she sighed as her shoulders slumped a bit, "I'm not surprised, my family kinda warned me about that... since my predecessor, Lady Valesti Vexia, was a valkyrian scion as well and she reached the tower's top." Lenneth was obviously not interested in the prospect at all, she didn't like fighting for fighting's sake, it must be for a higher purpose and this whole 'I beat a Valkyrie therefore I am mighty!' mentality seemed really petty and childish in her opinion. "To be honest, I wish I could just duel them in an pop quiz contest or chess or... something else with less violence."

    She didn't regret being chosen to bear the divine blood, nor mull over it, but by Gods almighty, she'd wish people could just go about their business, not minding her as if she's a piece of bizarre art in a museum. As far as she's concerned, everyone enrolled in this huge city-wide academy was special in some way. Everyone was on the same page, received the same education, and had the same opportunity to improve themselves. All of these made 'special' become ordinary, nothing to fuss over really. Lenneth was quite sure she's not the only one possessing 'rare' pedigree so why all the commotion? She had one firm theory, it's because as she said earlier, Valesti was one of the heroes who reached the top and bearing the valkyrian blood. If Lenneth was the first of her line to enter here, she's convinced no one would look at her any different than other students.

    "..." The gazes from her upper-classmen uneased the inherently shy girl as Lenneth unknowingly used Perina's presence to make herself smaller. She walked closely behind Perina, focusing on the brunette's shoulder instead of her surroundings. As the time went on, Lenneth progressively became more and more annoyed, both at the crowd and Perina herself. The former for their incessant stares and whispers, the latter for screwing up the term 'within walking distance'. Wherever place they were heading was definitely not within walking distance. "Are... we there yet?" The girl reached forward to tug at Perina's sleeve, fighting back the urge to just turn around, go back to her room, then finish unpacking her things. Unfortunately, they arrived soon after, this place was obviously a popular spot, evident by the crowd clamoring here. "...people..." Just great, she wanted this to be over quickly.

    To make matters worse, a group of male students who looked more like thugs than scholars blocked their way. "Ah... really?" Lenneth might be a rather sheltered shy girl, but she was not that naive to not know what was coming, the thug ringleader's expression certainly cemented any assumptions. She hoped to the Gods that Perina would drive them away... oh of course it was a thin thread of hope easily snapped as the thugs waved Perina's threat display. "Ugh..." The girl groaned as she slowly stepped out from behind Perina, looking away from the boys, examining the crowd around her, sighed, then back at them, "So what if I am?" Lenneth's right hand went inside her vest's pocket, grasping the miniaturized pair of magitek lance and shield, if worse came to worst, she'd not just stand there without a fight.
  9. Though she remained quiet, she kept relatively in front of Lenneth, clearly unwilling to simply be ignored. The male student raised his hands and looked taken aback with wide eyes.

    "Woah there Freshman! No need to get aggressive," he said, looking towards Lenneth's hidden hand. He crossed his arms and smirked, "It's against campus rules to fight out in public, you know? I'm not so stupid I'd fight you here and now... but if you're itching for a fight..."

    "If you don't quit it now we may just have to break those rules then, huh?" Perina shouted, shaking a clenched fist at the boy. She knew at the time that Lenneth likely wasn't the type to pick a fight in public if the rules forbade it; that much she could surmise from their brief interactions thus far. But damned if she didn't stick up for an... acquaintance? They would be true friends soon enough!

    "I'm not here for a fight. I just heard about a Valkyrie coming to campus and thought I should see what the fuss was all about. I expected someone a bit more... formidable-looking," he said. The crowd around them was beginning to focus its attention more and more on the encounter, until soon a circle was formed as if expecting a tussle.

    "This better not be what I think it is," shouted a voice from among the chatter. The circle around them made a clearing as one notable individual stepped forth. A tall girl with raven-black hair and a stern yet soothing complexion approached Lenneth, Perina, and the trio of boys confronting them. Immediately the boys seemed to cool their intimidation tactics, appearing straighter and less imposing. Perina kept her eyes lowered, but nevertheless maintained her disgruntled expression.

    The raven-haired girl looked between the parties before crossing her arms and speaking up. "Well?" she said.

    "We were just interested in seeing who the Valkyrie arriving on campus was," the boy said plainly. At the mention of Valkyrie, the girl looked towards Lenneth, apparently sure that she was the person in question. Her eyes seemed curious, but her otherwise stern visage never faltered.

    "Please don't harass new students," she said dismissively to the boy. She knew what was going on. The boys nodded quietly before disappearing into the crowd, which in turn followed suit, dispersing back to normalcy. The girl approached Lenneth and Perina with a smile. "It is good to have you here, Miss Vexia. I hope this event didn't put a bad impression on you of our campus?"
  10. The long-haired girl simply glared at the tall student as he sardonically tried to make her look like she's the one who provoked them. In the back of her mind, Lenneth had the feeling that maybe they simply wanted to talk, perhaps her annoyance at the long walk only to end up in a place filled to the brim with people clouded her judgement. "Tch..." The consideration immediately went down the proverbial drain the moment she saw his smirk, not to mention those arms arrogantly crossed at this chest. The Valkyrie kept silent, she made the wrong move, he was backing her into a corner, positioning her as the instigator, rather than dig herself a deeper hole, better to not humor this bastard any longer.

    "Perina, let's just..." Her quiet murmurs didn't reach the brunette's ears it seemed, Perina already jumped into the fray. Lenneth blinked once, the implication of her gesture didn't go unnoticed. A small smile curled at Lenneth's lips, it warmed her heart to personally see someone standing up for her. It made her feel welcomed and accepted, she was not alone in this new environment. Her respect for Perina just grew, they may not have similar passions, but she could certainly admire her bravery and optimism, besides... opposites attract, right? "Well..." Keeping up her smile, the Valkyrie took a step forward as she stood beside her roommate, "Allow me to kindly show you how... 'formidable' I am, perhaps we can learn more about each other, mutually improve ourselves, what do you say?" With a friend beside her, she could maintain her confidence easier, all the while trying to ignore the crowd forming around them. "You are correct, let's take this to the training field, shall we?"

    Unfortunately... or fortunately depending on one's perspective, their little fun was interrupted by another party, a particularly influential party to be exact. "...Eh?" Lenneth turned her head at the direction where the crowd parted, revealing a tall young woman, mature and regal, she stood a short inch away from being a whole foot taller than Lenneth. Her long elegant black hair only accentuated her charisma. Though she never personally meet this person, Lenneth was given a list of people she could go when in trouble, one particular name matched her characteristics, but she had to make sure. "Isn't she...?" Lenneth turned to ask Perina, but was a bit confused at her downcast eyes, was there a problem between the two of them? She refrained then, better to ask the person directly.

    Lenneth didn't waste any more time on the three boys, shrugging lightly as they answered the tall older girl. They went away, good, along with the irritating crowd, marvelous, she have to thank the lady. "Nice to meet you too, Madame." She didn't even question why she used the very respectful title, it just seemed fitting for someone like her, "Not at all, conflicts arise even in the most tight-knit societies, unsavory people can be found at every organization, but I am quite sure they are not the majority here in DCA. In fact, I am already assigned in a room together with this wonderful girl, Perina." Lenneth grinned as she gently nudged the brunette's shoulder, then turned her attention back at the tall raven-haired lady, "Say... please forgive my audacity, but are you perhaps... Valensa Vindraemel, the student council President?"
  11. Wonderful girl? Perina coughed and rubbed the back of her neck, certainly not obviously enough however to prompt Lenneth to notice. Her eyes were drawn away from Valensa, seemingly awaiting the much taller student to disappear before she engaged Lenneth again. Valensa gave a light bow of her head at Lenneth's greeting, the genuineness of her smile reflecting appreciation for the politeness. She crossed her arms and talked with a gentle tone.

    "Indeed I am," she laughed, "Don't belittle yourself Miss Vexia. I'm not one to require formality." She paused and placed a hand on her cheek, "Though I suppose I've been treating you rather formally as well. Hm..." She shook her head. "Let us call each other simply, Lenneth." The student president glanced to her side at the crowd who had so quickly returned to their daily business.

    "We have our fair share of troublemakers, even organized groups of them. It is a problem at our university, but far from a severe one. It is as you say; they are few and far between compared to the majority of campus. I do not doubt your abilities as a Valkyrie, but I would advise staying away from trouble anyways."

    Valensa mumbled something to herself. "Forgive my audacity, Lenneth, but I hope it would not be strange for me to say that I hope we can meet each other in the arena one day." Perina's attention perked up and she glanced up at Valensa with a look of what could only be described as disapproval. She was about comment about how she didn't think her freshman roommate would be able to reach such a skill level before Valensa herself graduated. To Perina, adding two and two brought her to the conclusion that Valensa merely wanted to beat Lenneth utterly. She scoffed and crossed her arms.
  12. If only Lenneth wasn't occupied right now, she would notice the sheer shift of Perina's demeanor from the perky cheerful girl with a motor mouth to this mumbling awkward shell of her former self, but alas... most of her attention was directed at the VIP speaking to her at the moment. Lenneth's face fluttered with excitement and adoration as Valensa confirmed her identity, she never thought having a chance meeting with one of DCA's finest, on her first day to boot, Fate surely was a fickle mistress. "I-I see, but still... I'm just a freshman, w-while you... " The Valkyrie was reduced to a mumbling mess at a seemingly simple offer of calling each other by their first names, the silver-haired freshman twitched, slightly looking down, her hands fidgeting with one another, a slight blush spawning at both of her cheeks, Valensa's charm was clearly affecting her. "A-alright then, hehe, V... Valensa..." It was so hard to abandon her inherently formal attitude, especially with someone of high position like Valensa, her overall charisma certainly didn't help Lenneth's case.

    "A-ah, forgive me... ehm..." She softly patted her own cheek, trying to control herself and her deep red blush, she couldn't be like this in front of the Student Council President! "*Cough* yeah... okay, I'm alright." She cleared her throat, slightly raising her voice to snap herself out, it worked... somewhat. "Organized? Well that's rather unfortunate," Her words flowed smoothly now, but from the blush still on her cheeks and occasional fidgeting showed she was barely keeping herself together, "Should I receive information on illicit activities, I will surely pass them onto you." Yes, she said 'you' as in Valensa personally, not the Student Council itself, Lenneth was actually scheming to justify her excuse of keeping contact with Valensa.

    "Oh, you honor me..." The scion wasn't fond of fighting for fighting's sake, but sparring with Valensa? It was for a higher purpose, she wanted to be Valensa's friend, maybe... something more than friend. "..." There Lenneth was, blushing like an idiot again, if this was one of those animated serieses, she would have smokes coming out of her head right about now. "I... I uh..." She pinched her own arm, "Yes, of course!" There, was it so hard? "I'd love to!" She may appear a tad bit too enthusiastic at the prospect of facing Valensa in the arena. Once again, Perina's disapproving look went unnoticed, also Lenneth obviously didn't share her cynicism regarding Valensa's motives, to the Valkyrie, the raven-haired lady simply wanted to, well, spar.

    The scoff however, only a deaf person wouldn't notice it, "Eh, Perina?" Lenneth turned her head at the short-haired brunette. "Eh... ah," Lenneth slightly raised her hands, realizing she was in a difficult situation, "I... I'm sorry, haha! I'm not ignoring you, we're still going to have lunch together, don't worry." Ah Lenneth, she failed to see Perina's apparent displeasure towards Valensa, which would turn the situation even more awkward as she... "Why don't we all three have lunch together? It'll be fun!" suggested such things, grinning wide, the girl waited to see her new acquaintances' reactions, hoping all would go well.
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  13. "Wonderful!" Valensa said, entwining her fingers together with glee, "I'm sure many will want to watch such a fight. You'll be a campus star in no time!" Her eyes soon frowned as Perina made her displeasure known, and seemed suddenly sorry for something. She quickly tried to forget the feeling, however, and gestured to Lenneth and Perina equally. "Ah! You two were going to get lunch together? I would love to come as well. I'd rather eat now than go back home and come here again! Where are your dorms at? Hopefully not too far from here," Valensa laughed.

    Perina sighed and dropped her displeased expressions. Giving, in she nodded as she put her hands on her hips. "We're really far, actually. It took us forever to get here. There really should be some sort of transport system here. Can't that one new freshman build something like that or what?" Perina complained. "Would save us all a lot of trouble."

    Valensa rose a finger, "She's got a lot more on her hands to take care of then building a magitek transportation fleet," she said considerately. "As much as I'd love one as well, it'll take more than just one student's efforts to build something of that scale." Perina quickly turned to Lenneth with a look of excitement.

    "Wait! As a Valkyrie, you're used to magitek mumbo jumbo right? Maybe you could work with them!" she suggested eagerly.

    "Perhaps they can discuss magitek themselves later. For now I think we should eat," Valensa cautioned, "I can introduce you to her later, if you would like, Lenneth? She's quite the inventor. You two would get along well I think." She turned towards the buldings beyond, but kept her focus on Lenneth, indicating she was prepared to finally leave the square and find a place to eat. Perina noticed and pointed towards their original destination.

    "The cafe there! That's where chose to go," she said, starting a walk towards the evidently popular establishment. The chances of finding an empty table, in our outside the cafe, seemed slim.
  14. "Oh, you flatter me, V-...Valensa." Lenneth was till getting used to calling the President by her first name, hopefully no one was giving weird looks at her... well they had previously, but for different reasons. "I imagine I still require a lot of practice to get on your level." She was convinced that Valensa was simply exaggerating... but when one thought about it, duelling against Valensa herself would indeed bring her some fame, a campus star though? That would only be possible if she won, which would be very unlikely unless Valensa deliberately lose the match. She clapped her hands once, "Superb, it is decided then, we'll have a meal together." Her smile grew bright and wide, there was still faint blushes on her cheeks of course, she was going to have fun with beautiful charming Valensa? Oh my~

    The Valkyrie giggled to Perina's little sarcastic remark, "Oh come now, Perina, surely it's not that far, within walking distance..." She used this chance to get back at the brunette for the social suffering all the way from their dormitory to this faraway mystical land of congregating students. A small smug smirk curled at Lenneth's lips, knowing she had 'burn'-ed Perina. Obviously, these two were talking about someone she didn't know, other than the person in question was female, a freshman, and seemed to be a Magitek engineer. "A freshman designing something of such scale? Wow..." She must either be a genius or had a lot of money, or both.

    "Er..." The silver-haired girl grinned awkwardly as Perina turned to her, she didn't want to ruin the mood, but she was slightly offended that Perina considered her knowledge of Magitek came because of her blood, not her own hard work and diligence. Being a Valkyrie had nothing to do with one's mastery of Magitek, anyone could do that provided they put genuine effort in learning it, "....Yes, I am trained at operating various magitek weapons and devices, not designing them though." She let it slide, knowing Perina, the girl was just too excited and considering they had known each other for less than a day, it was an honest mistake, no harm meant at all. "May I... suggest you refrain from mentioning the term, at least in public..." She mumbled, taking another approach to make Perina - and by extension, Valensa - stop shouting out 'Valkyrie' every few minutes.

    "Of course, I'd like to meet her, Presid-... I mean, Valensa. Lenneth nodded, her stance was mostly neutral on the prospect, but if this person had passion for magic and technology, then at least they had one solid common ground to work on. Thus, led by Perina the Spirited, the trio entered one particular cafe in the square. Lenneth took a few moments to admire how homey and comfortable they designed this place, "I hope they have vegetarian food." She jested, half-serious however, Lenneth could eat meat, she just prefer vegetables as they tasted better in her opinion.
  15. Valensa put a hand to her lips, seeming rightly embarrassed for perpetuating the same issue that had Lenneth confronted mere minutes prior. Perina rubbed the back of her head and chuckled. "Sorry," she quickly apologized, "It's hard to not be excited when your friend's a...!" she shiftily looked about, "a Valkyire" Perina said quietly. The cafe was, indeed, fairly crowded, though they seemed to get some special treatment thanks to Valensa's presence. The student workers brought out a few extra chairs that had been stowed away in the building unused, presumably because there wasn't enough space inside to use them, and any more outside encroached on the territory of other establishments. Still, they made an exception, quickly setting it up outside in the sunny light as they ordered their food after trudging through a fairly-sized line.

    The meals were surprisingly well thought-out, as expected of such a rich school. Fancily-named pastries and soups lined the chalkboard menu behind the register, and a kitchen sizzled with activity behind a curtain in the back. Valensa purchased a breaded soup of some kind, the name of which escaped Lenneth's tongue. It must have been foreign. Perina on the other hand settled with a simple cinnamon roll, quite content with and likely craving some serious sugar at the time.

    Their table outside was situated outside the of conglomeration of others that had been chained to the stone ground. A small notecard on it with 'reserved' served as the means to prevent it from being snatched up by the patrons in front of them. Valensa tipped the card over and sat herself down, as did Perina.

    "So tell me, Lenneth. Besides fighting, what do you enjoy doing?" Valensa asked politely, stirring her tea. Perina bit into a hefty corner of her roll, and after quickly downing it, pressed the question.

    "Can't fight all the time," her voice was slightly muffled, she still had a bit of food in her mouth, "gotta find something else to do in between classes and stuff, unless you're hardcore into battling."
  16. Even in the academy of privileged people, Valensa was considered a high-priority figure, evident by the cafe's crew quickly setting up a spot just for them outside the building. In other words, they skipped what otherwise be a long reservation queue, not only that, the cafe went out of its way to brought out chairs to organize a new temporary spot just for President and co. Though Lenneth's main motivation to befriend Valensa was admiration and desire to learn from a more experienced upperclassman, she couldn't deny the benefits of having connections to such influential figure. Of course, not everything was handed on a silver spoon, they still had to follow standard procedure when ordering their meals.

    "Uhm..." Lenneth examined the selections, fitting for the academy equivalent of a wealthy neighborhood. The names were unnecessary complicated since with crowds like these, simple short 'nicknames' for the menus would speed up service. Fortunately, she found one of her favorite dishes, "One asparagus soup, and oh... one mashed potato please." Extra nutrition couldn't hurt, especially her Valkyrian metabolism conserve energies better than most people, unless she used that one ability. Nothing wrong with Awakening her powers per se, but she would feel like shit for some time after releasing it. "I need more practice..." Her scion ancestor could do it just fine, it was said Valesti could perpetually keep up her Awakening, almost like a second skin. She wondered if Valesti needed those shots every three days, Lenneth never slackened in her 'medication', she was told it was absolutely essential to maintain her body, keeping her powers from going out of control until she learned to suppress them better.

    Before long, the female trio were seated at a comfortable spot, a portable one, specifically just for them. Lenneth felt rather embarrassed, but rather than wait hours just to get a spot after walking so far and bumping with three student-thugs, a little nepotism was fine. Lenneth sat after putting her tray done, then began uttering a short prayer, not to any particular deity, but as an expression of gratefulness for her lot in life. "Mmm..." Lenneth looked slighty up in a thinking expression at Valensa's inquiry, "Well, I don't enjoy fighting for fighting's sake you see, I wish to achieve something higher whether through academics or combat." She took a sip from the soup, ah, delicious, "Horticulture is my actual hobby, I love gardening and cultivating plants, both for aesthetics and medicine. Aside from that, I have passion in magiteks, always love to see new inventions, especially if they benefit the people's welfare." She gave Valensa a small smile, "What about you, Pres-.... Valensa?"

    "Ehehe~" A small giggle escaped her lips upon seeing Perina's tomboyish antics, it was interesting to eat beside someone whose manners differed from her like oil and water, "No, as I said, I'm not a 'hardcore' fighter. Unfortunately..." Lenneth sighed, stirring her soup, "My... blood grant me abilities for combat purposes only. I don't see firing beams and charging through rocks as something... harmless, maybe I can get a job at clearing the landscape for construction and building demolition" She mused, then after Valensa answered her question, she would turn to Perina, "What about you Perina, what kind of activities do you enjoy the most?"
  17. Valensa seemed, for a moment, as if she were going to pinch Lenneth's cheeks. Her interest in gardening, it appeared, tickled the president's heart. Of course, being who she was, an air of calm was needed. She merely returned a warm smile before sipping some more tea. She placed the cup on a plate and folder her hands over one another.

    "I enjoy a number of things, namely leading. It's a good thing I do what I do and love it; I can imagine I'd have gone mad by now with so many tasks at hand. Thankfully there are others to help me. Planning, organizing. I just love seeing plans follow through and show success! It's very rewarding to me." She smiled again and her cheeks glowed. "I also enjoy painting on occasion, and some swimming here and there. It's not often I have a lot of time on my hands to spend leisurely, though." Valensa turned to Perina, who was still eagerly munching on her pastry. She swallowed a large chunk to begin speaking.

    "I enjoy fighting, myself! I have to graduate at the top of everyone! It's my ultimate mission!" she said fervently, clenching a fist, "Though I should probably find another hobby as well. Like I said, you can't be fighting all the time, unless you're a certain knight," Perina looked aside. "I've been thinking of taking up a sport to pass my extra time. Maybe basketball." She bit into the pastry again with reckless abandon.

    "That is a good point though, Lenneth," Valensa said, "I've never thought of a business employing mages to demolish things. Perhaps that would be a good idea. Maybe you could form such a company, hiring destruction mages to be bought by construction tasks for certain needs. You might have just discovered a lucrative market," Valensa laughed.
  18. Valena's answer was exactly as Lenneth expected from her appearance, demeanor, and position. There were few who could exceed her expertise in taking charge of such an important organization in the Academy. "Well, may I say you're doing a very good job at it, Valensa?" The Valkyrie giggled, noticing the glow on the President's cheeks, oh my... she was so passionate about it, her emotions were affected. Lenneth stared in awe as the normally calm and collected President spoke with passion, "Well, are you enjoying your free time at the moment? We're glad to honor you with what little leisurely moments you have, Valensa." She grinned, assuming Perina was enjoying the meeting as much as she did, well the answer was as clear as her pastry munching. The brunette looked adorable, like an eager puppy eating her meal.

    "That is... commendable." Lenneth tried her best to appreciate Perina's 'ultimate' goal, but truthfully, she didn't find it worthy to achieve, fighting your way to the top sounded barbaric and petty in her opinion. True fame came from people bowing down to you or defeating your enemies with mere words, but of course, each to their own. "Yeah, all that fighting can get to your head... Sport sounds fitting for you, yes." Lenneth then blinked in curiosity when Perina mentioned 'knight', "Who is this 'Knight' you speak of, Perina?" Was it a rival of hers? Someone important? She wanted to know.

    Whether Valensa was jesting or not, the prospect of using her fighting talents for construction businesses looked promising, unusual, but promising nonetheless, "Hmmm... alright, I'll put it in my notes, hopefully I can truly create my own Demolition company after graduation, I have to be financially free from my parents sooner or later." She mused. Their meal would continue with idle chatter between the three, then before they knew it, about two hours passed. They finished their meal with Valensa returning to her duties and Lenneth walking back to her dormitory along with Perina. Her first day was a good one, "What should I do tomorrow, oh, I'll give the simulation arena a try."


    On the next day, Lenneth was up and about early in the morning. Since it was Sunday, the academic activity was scarce, most of the students were having fun in and outside the campus. Lenneth used the opportunity to make use of the simulation arena, a high-tech facility specifically designed to project virtual reality for training purposes. The Valkyrie was fiddling with the control panel in one of the many simulation rooms, wide and open just for her to use. "Hmmm, what kind of environment should I pick?" Lots of choices, grassy plains, urban, beach, forests, jungles, canyons... "This one then!" She pressed a few holographic buttons then bright bluish lines of power trailed all over the room, constructing the VR environment to her selection, a barren canyon region with brown soil and rocks.

    "Alright!" The girl huffed, she was already suited in her combat uniform, then entered the simulation. "Wow..." The technology was cutting edge, the environment looked real, the air smelled real, even the feel of pebbles under her boots felt real. She bent down to gather some small rocks in her hands, truly DCA was the best academy in the whole world. No time to dally, she was here for a reason, warming up her muscles. After doing some calisthenics and light jogs through the canyons. Lenneth stood still, breathing in and out... it had been some time since she activated... that. Now was a good time to see if she still got it, didn't want to get rusty for her future endeavors in DCA since she's representing the Vexia family and all. She may not like the unnecessary attention that came from her blood, but the fact she was a living testament on the Valkyrian Legend, she must live up to it.

    Taking out her miniaturized & shield, she pressed a small button on it, transforming it into its original size, still compacted in the form of a bulky tube, she would have to separate them for combat uses. Closing her eyes, Lenneth focused on her powers while simultaneously activating the magitek weaponry.



    The spiralling pattern on the weapon began glowing blue then turned like gears. The lance's handle popped out of the compacted shield, she grabbed it then slowly pulled it out as the shield expanded itself to its true form. Her hair began floating upwards as if she's underwater along with her whole body emitting a bluish aura. As she opened her eyes, they were no longer brown, but bright red. A wave of power erupted for her form, sending rocks and pebbles flying away from the sheer force of her activation alone. Lenneth steadied her breathing, keeping her concentration to the fullest, getting careless would run the risk of her Awakening going out of control, harming herself and others around her... thankfully she was alone at the moment, but still, she was here to succeed.

    Lenneth felt she got the hang of normal combat maneuvers so for today, she went right to the main event. Placing the lance in front of her, she aimed at a particular section of the canyon walls. "Haaa..." Gathering her strength, the lance's whole body - except for its grip - began spinning, gradually increasing in speed, and then...



    She launched a huge bluish beam out of its tip, blazing towards the canyon then crashing to it with a loud boom. "Kuh..." Keeping up the beam, she turned her hand to the right, carving a deep streak on the wall, the beam cutting through the sturdy rocks with apparent easy. They may be virtual, but mimicked the consistency of actual canyon rocks to the last detail. Lenneth gritted her teeth the attack kept draining her energy, then after a few seconds, she stopped. "Ha... ha..." Panting, she examined her work, no... not good enough. Valesti could've done much better than this, she was nowhere near the level of her ancestor. Still in her Awakening state, Lenneth was deemed to continue, pushing her limits.
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