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  1. "Oh jeez, oh boy," a young man muttered to himself nervously, pacing back and forth as he waited at the airport, holding a small sign for a certain girl's name. The young man in question was a Samuel Peterson, more often referred to as just "Sam." Physically, he was quite the average American, standing at 5'8, with an average build, a black crew cut, fair skin, the works, donning a black jacket, blue t-shirt, and khaki pants. He had often been told that he didn't stand out much, which was probably why he needed to make the sign stick out somewhat, but perhaps that was besides the point. He was waiting for her to arrive.

    The girl that he had been in an online relationship for some time now who lived in another country. Sam had admittedly not expected much to come out of the relationship at first, given the popular belief that long-distance relationships rarely ever worked out well, but here he was, standing at the airport, ready to meet her at last. He was excited, yet nervous. Hyper, yet anxious. Briefly checking his phone for the time, he'd continue standing around the airport, sign in hands, waiting for her to appear.

    "Alright, calm down, Sammy boy. You can do this," he breathed to himself, clearing his throat, "You're a relatively charming guy, right? C'mon, girls like confidence! You can do this, man!"

    Talking to himself wasn't one of his strong points. Neither was self-encouragement. But hey, no one could hear him over the activity in the airport at the moment. Right?

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