Resurrection: The Veil Beyond Oblivion



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You entered the little run down diner with the faint red neon glowing letters in the window that spells out "Open". The cloaked man that approached you when you woke up said that you could find answers here. Before you could mutter a word, that man had vanished like he didn't even exist. You stand for awhile in order to take in your surroundings. The small diner doesn't have much to offer. A simple dingy tile floor with cracks running across the surface. Worn counter that look like it has seen better days. Red cushion bar stools lined up in a row that extends the length of the counter. In a small portion of the diner you see two sets of booths. One is empty while the other has an aged looking man with a scruffy white beard sitting with his face towards you however it seems like he is more interested in his cup of coffee.

"You gonna sit down or what honey?" the waitress working the cash register says.

Her voice snaps you back into reality. You slowly make your way to the man. Soon as you leave where you were standing, the bell on the diner door chimes, alerting more customers have arrive. Though you don't look behind you to see who it is. The man looks up from his cup of coffee as you finally approach his booth. He extends his hand towards the empty seat in front of him, motioning you to sit down.

"Well what brings your lovely presence into my company?" says the man with a warm smile.

Now that you're face to face with the man you get a better look at him. Beneath his eyes rest droopy bags as if to show how little sleep he has gotten. Small scars are etched upon his leathery looking skin, even his face has a few scars running amok. The man's graying hair is unkempt and appears to be oily. Quite frankly the man looks like he belongs out on the streets then sitting in a diner sipping on coffee.

"Ah I know why you're here. You want answers right?"

You nod, you're interest now on the words he is saying.

"You wonder if you're dead then why are you still breathing? You're suppose to be dead." the man chuckles then takes another sip of his coffee, giving you a glimpse of his yellowed teeth. "This world you woke up in is the other side of Oblivion. Sorry to say that you're one of the unfortunate ones whose soul got portal here. You've been reborn into the Veil kid, same physical body and spirit to boot." He takes another sip of his coffee then gently puts it back down onto the table. "Take a look around you."

You do as he says and notice that everything seems to be in stasis, except you and him. "In this world I am a Monitor. Pretty much just a demi god if you rather prefer calling me. You see this world is where all the vampires, werewolves, demons, and all sort of other things exist. This is the plane where nightmares exist and live. Sure this world resembles the one where you came from however this one is home to what you know as, supernaturals. And well quite frankly this isn't your home anymore and you're not welcome here. Like I said you're one of the few unlucky souls that got suck into the Veil."

He leaned back into his seat. You take a moment to look around you and everything is back in motion like normal, like nothing happened.

"To survive in this world stranger, you sadly have to join the ranks of the Faith. Despite what the name may suggest, we just keep the law in this nightmarish world and do what is necessary to keep the peace. Though they're are sects you can join. Slayers are our hunters that dispatch mindless beings that have gone mad or for example, the occasional werewolf that goes berserk. Slayers are granted with the blessing of improve combat expertise, being both agile and strong at the same time or even having herculean strength. Exorcists don't differ too much from Slayers however Exorcists are gifted with special powers to combat malevolent spirits. Priests are our medics in the field who are gifted with the power of miracles; you would understand it as 'healing magic'. Negotiators are who we send in to settle disputes that may occur between vampire clans or the such. They also serve as informants and spies if necessary and if such a circumstance arises then they can invoke their art of shape shifting. And last but not least, the Seekers who accompany Slayers, Exorcists, Priest, or even Negotiators to keep track of activities. They're basically those who record whats going on and report it to the local Monitor so they can plan the next step of action; our eyes and ears so to say. Seekers are granted the ability of empathy which basically translates to you being able perceive one's emotions."

The man looks at your face then laughs. "Too much information at once huh? Well how about you tell me about you and what sect you want to join within our organization." he says, smiling.

In this game your character will explore the Veil as they take on assignments pertaining to their respective sects however there are times where members of other sects join up with one another to tackle a mission. Here is the character skeleton and um sorry for the length of this post.

Name: The name of your character.
Gender: Male or Female?
Age: How old are they?
What do they look like?
Personality: How do they act?
Background: Make sure you tell how they died.
Sect: What Sect of the Faith did they decide to join?
Misc: Anything else you want to share about your character.


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Name: Travis Yutts
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Stands at just over 5'7" tall. He has haphardly cut dirty blond hair, looking very much like he took some shears and cut it himself. His eyes are an almost teal color. He wears tight polo shirts and baggy black cargo jeans with white basketball shoes.

Tends to skittish but would never admit it. He'd rather face down his bully than back down, even if he's about to piss himself. Travis is also a fun loving, risk taking kind of guy. He's also doesn't think before he acts.

Travis was in a drunk driving accident. His older brother had been drinking and stupidly Travis decided to get in the car with him after a party that they'd gone to, a college party. Travis had been sober, which was more than his brother could say. Before the accident, their family had been going through a rough divorce that never ended up being finalized before his death. The brother, fortunately, survived but was in a coma. Travis had been on the side that the semi hit when they went through a stop light.


Still a work in progress.