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This was supposed to be the perfect society. Government allowed functions, planned out schedules, genetically perfect beings, and a caste system. Everything was in its place. Meals were packed with the right nutrients, the elderly were put to rest at a decent age, and teenagers had the perfect education. Until one day....

We can start from there? There are roles like government officials and low members of society along with everyone in between. This idea came from a novel called "Matched." Its about a dystopia, a society that is suppose to be perfect but bound by oppression. If anyone is interested just let me know. ^.^
This reminds me of the Uglies series..
I like the idea.~
Dunno if I can join another rp with how many I have going.. xD
But I really enjoy this idea.
I completely understand =] Thanks for looking at it though. Haha.
The idea as a start is good but it seems a bit half baked almost.

What causes the dystopia? How is the government ruled? Is it like George Orwell's 1984? Or was it simply made a utopia without any abstract means?

What technology is available, what is the time era, etc etc.
It does go along the same lines as 1984, in the sense that the government watches what everyone in the society does and how they function, forcing everyone to conform. The government decides when people get married, conceive, die, eat and where they work. They monitor most everything that happens in everyday life. If someone steps out of the boundaries that officials have set, one of two things happen. Either a pill is taken that erases their memory to just moments before, or an official will call a meeting and tell you the consequences of your action, in essence, warning you that sooner or later you will be exiled to the outskirts of town. In "Matched", the event that causes people to wonder if their society has it all together was when two faces flashed on screen at the matching ceremony, a ceremony where the teenagers find out who they will marry. One face was purposely on the screen because he was in the matching pool, but the other face was a mistake. As for the time era, it is set in the future. Technology is more advanced with screens, microchips with every persons information on them, and so on. The government stepped in and tried to form this perfect society after a massive war which proved how ignorant humans are without guidance.

I don't want to lay out a lot of boundaries such as technological things because I think that's limiting, and it would be interesting to see what others come up with. I know that may come off as a bit lazy, or not well thought out. Thank you for asking that question though, and I hoped I explained it a bit better. I'm sure I am still lacking in my explanation somewhere or didn't go quite in depth...
It's quite alright. Not everyone has their ideas completely out on paper for the presentation, and feed back [I think] is always a good thing.

Half baked isn't always bad-- it allows for creativity to be expressed, but there does have to be some sort of "guideline" or somthing that kind of starts it off.

Do like the idea, though, still.
I love this kind of setting, (slightly reminds me of The Giver) I would defiantly be interested. However, what kind of plot are we going to be playing out? Or do you want us to throw ideas out there on the table and see what everyone likes?
Throwing out ideas would be great! I never planned out a set plot because creativity needs to flow. Know what I'm saying? haha
The idea sounds amazing me to, has a mass amount of potential I think.
Would be interesting to see it go into an uprising/rebelion maybe slung into another war between the government and those who have been cast out, maybe some still within as well as spies and such. Could be interesting if it went that way. Just saying, but that's probably what you already have planned for happening I'd imagine, or thats the way it seems to me. Kind of seems like it's set up for that.
That's a good idea! I would like some romance thrown in there somewhere. Every good story needs some love interest =p The spies are a really good idea and so is the uprising of the cast outs =] My idea sort of included that, but I wanted to see what everyone else could come up with.
Ah, yes romance would be nice to go along with it. Perhaps some tragedy as well, you know other than the obvious, maybe someone dies somewhere along the line. Or something like that. Course, that's just my dark side talking lol, I always like a bit of unexpected tragedy. Though, I guess now after mentioning it, it would now be expected >.<

Anyways, if you get this into RP form, I'd totally be down for a Castout spot lol. ^.^
Tragedy does add good plot twists =] I will put something up soon and when I do I will make sure to notify you!
I like the idea of rebellion but I think we also need people who are in the society already (not as spies) showing some form of public unrest as the outcasts are rebelling. I also like the idea of romance and tragedy, maybe to combine both have a love interest between an outcast and someone who is within the society (maybe a spy who is caught and now works as a double agent even against the outcast loved one)?
I agree that there needs to be set people within the society, and if needed, I will double up and be one of those characters. I was thinking of a relationship along those same lines as well. I turned more towards the idea of a spy and a prominent government member. The spy gets caught and imprisoned or cast out. Know what I'm saying?
Ohh, I love that Idea. Well, both really. Course, you know what else could be interesting?
What if, say there was a relationship between a government member, and idk say his/her gf/bf right? And then that gf/bf, fiance, husband or whatever, is the one who becomes the outcast? That would stick said government member in an awkward position, could even be the cause of the uprising, maybe government member turned spy for the outcasts. -shrugs- Just a random thought.
Ohhh that is a really good idea! I like that =] It would cause an awkward moment and it would surely be a good reason to cause an uprising. I think I will move this thread soon so you guys can start posting character bios if you'd like. Sound good?
Awesome ^.^
Love it when I have good ideas lol.
And sounds good to me :)
Sweetness. -clicks-
I shall begin working on one.