PROMPT Responding to Situations: A Gun Is Pulled

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  1. In a roleplay or story, characters are faced with different situations. There is often a single specific way a character might respond - but in many cases, there could be several ways to respond. Sometimes it's great to come up with multiple ideas of what you could do, then pick the response you feel is best for your character at the scene at hand.

    This series of exercises, "Responding to Situations", is about writing out multiple potential responses to a scene situation that is presented to you. Then you, yourself should pick which of the responses you felt best represented your character.

    • Pick one single character.
    • Write 3 different responses to the situation presented, how the character handles it mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.
    • When finished, state the response you feel was most appropriate for your character!

    THE SITUATION: Your character is in a crowded public place. A STRANGER IN THE CROWD PULLS OUT A GUN.

    What does your character do now? Remember, write three different potential responses!
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  2. 1: “Oi bitch give me your money?” Taia turns around in the middle of the high street to see a man holding a gun at close range at her. Looking around she sees others watching but not moving to help her. With a quick intake of breath Taia placed her hand in her jacket pocket and pulled out the few notes and the bit of change she had and threw it to the floor and looks the man in the eye’s “I don’t have much but here take it just don’t hurt me please.” The tears start to well up and she places on hand over her stomach. As she felt the sickness start to rise. She hadn’t yet started her training but she knew not to worry and just give the man what ever he wanted. With the money in his hand he walks off to do what ever and Taia falls to the floor in a mess.

    2: “Oi bitch give me your money?” Taia turns around in the middle of the high street to see a man holding a gun at close range at her. looking around she see’s the shocked expressions of the other shoppers and smiles as they start to back away. With a smirk she turns around and looks the man up and down with cold calculating eyes “Really you think that’s gonna work on me please I have dealt with far worse then you, before I give you the money I want to know why you need it?” She stands with her hands on her hips as if she has all the time in the world while she waits for the man to answer her question. “Ammm I just need it OK” “Well that wont do I’m sorry to say, if you want the cash I have you will have to give me a real reason” Taia starts to tap her feet while she waits to show her boredom with this pathetic male. The gun man looks at her as if she is completely insane and wonders off to find a new target. Taia smiles at the back of the mans head as she watches him walk away.

    3: “Oi bitch give me your money?” Taia turns around in the middle of the high street to see a man holding a gun at close range at her. Taia notices other around her but she doesn’t care who watches the fun she is about to have. Looking at the gun she starts to walk closer to the man and grabs hold of it and pulls it to her forehead “Go on then wimp, picking on a lonely female you must be really proud of your snotty nose existence to be pulling this kind of shit.” Taia can see the man is unsure what to make of her and can feel his start to shake. Taia enjoys watching people squirm and she can feel the happiness bubbling inside of her. With a glint in her eyes she cant help but think of the time she spent training in this kind of thing, with a quick kick to the guys groin she grabs hold of the gun and shots him in the kneecap while his down. “Before I kill you I thought I would let you in on a little secret don’t threaten to kill just pull your gun out and shoot for the kill that way you walk away with everything” she says as she points the gun at his head and pulls the trigger. Taia walks over his dead body and goes back to her home with a new toy in hand.

    My personal favorite would have to be the 3rd on but for this character she would more then likely be more like the 1st. Fighting isn't her strong point she would rather help everyone she comes across then try and fight.(She is learning mind)
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  3. It had been a long time since Alice had been in the city. Now when everything finally had gotten calm and Lucas family seemed to have given up their hunt for them Alice had decided to take a trip to get away from all the magic and training. She needed to relax a bit, so a week alone with her non-magical friend seemed like a good idea. It would be a relaxing trip with lots of shopping. What could happen?

    During the third day of the trip Alice went to the mall on her own. Her friend was going to another place first and they would meet up later. The day seemed like any ordinary day, what could go wrong? Everything. She had barely been able to look into one of the stores before hell broke loose. Someone pulled out a gun and screamed to everyone to get down on the floor. He shot up into the air to show that he meant it and everyone went down on the floor, mostly as a reflex to the sudden gun shot.

    1. Alice looked at the man with the gun, he told them to shut up and take out everything they had that was worth something from their bags and purses and then lay it inside his bag. She was terrified over the situation, but there wasn't much she could do about it. Well, she had a lighter inside her pocket, and if she could reach it without looking suspicious then she could summon Felix, her fire phoenix, and scare the man away. But showing magic to normal humans would be bad. And if it got out then it wouldn't take long before every family in the magical world knew about it, and some would come after her. She couldn't do anything. She simply obeyed the mans orders, just like everyone else in the room. It was better than getting shot or revealing her powers to everyone. But she still felt guilty for not even trying to stop him when she knew that she could. And that guilt tormented her for days afterwards.

    2. Alice looked at the man with the gun, he told them to shut up and take out everything they had that was worth something from their bags and purses and then lay it inside his bag. As he spoke Alice felt terrified, and she held firmly in the lighter in her pocket. She should use it and avert this danger. But using fire magic would attract other magicians. But she were in a different city and as long as she got out right afterwards then no one would be able to know who it had been that had performed the act.

    It didn't take long for her to decide. She took up the lighter in a fast motion and lit it. The second the fire had started to burn Alice had started to use her powers. Felix had gotten stronger, as he had every time her powers had grown. The phoenix didn't hesitate, and Alice didn't have to say anything for him to understand what to do. Felix flew towards the man whom started to shoot towards the fire beast. But the bullets went right through the bird and into the ceiling. Felix flew close enough so he wouldn't burn the man but still make him fall back. The man dropped the gun and ran. There was panic in the crowd from the moment the fire bird had appeared and everyone was now running everywhere, not caring for the man with the gun. Felix disappeared and Alice disappeared in the commotion. Hopefully no one would have noticed where exactly the phoenix had appeared from.

    3. Alice looked at the man with the gun, he told them to shut up and take out everything they had that was worth something from their bags and purses and then lay it inside his bag. Alice held her hand on the lighter in her pocket, she should do something, but if she did then everyone would know about magic. And some dangerous warlock families might find her. No, she couldn't use magic. But she could use her own human strength.

    "No." She said as she rose up. She knew that she acted recklessly. What if he would shoot her? But she didn't think he would actually shoot anyone. He just wanted to scare them into giving him what he wanted. The man screamed at her to get down on the floor again and to shut up or else he would shoot. "Then shoot." She said calmly, waiting. The man started to shake, he hadn't planned for this kind of thing to happen. He really didn't want to shoot her. At least that was what she thought when she looked at him. "You shouldn't do this sort of things, do you really want to become a murderer?" She asked him. A man rose from the floor slowly and also tried to talk to the man with the gun. It made him more and more nervous, and he even started to lower the gun towards the floor. "Please, you..." Alice had taken some steps forward as she started to speak again and the man had responded by shooting. She felt something in her stomach, but it didn't really feel painful. Her clothes was slowly drenched in blood and she thought she heard someone scream before she fainted.

    Number three is definitely the one Alice would most certainly go for, she thinks there is something good in everyone and that she would be able to talk to a person to make them understand that they shouldn't do something that's wrong. But number one is also something that very likely could happen, because she has gotten used to the thought of using magic to solve hard situations (because of magic people attacking her all the time and telling her that she has to use her powers) and she knows that she can't use her powers in front of normal people, so maybe she wouldn't think of the possibility of just talking in that moment.

    The second one is very unlikely for her to do since she is afraid of hurting people, especially with fire since that is the element she has been frightened of all her life. But if she thought that there was no other way then this outcome wouldn't be that unrealistic, plus it helps creating a plot twist x)

    (Oh, and she didn't die, but I guess her ghost wolf-boyfriend, not really boyfriend anymore would get angry once she woke up in the hospital. .... ... She has a complicated love life xD)
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