Resources for faceclaims?

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  1. Does anyone here have some faceclaim resources? Not anime faceclaims because that's really easy. I mean real life face claims with real people. I got a few myself, mostly tumblr, but i feel like i've used them all up or it's starting to get tiresome combing through all the tags one by one and not finding the perfect face claim for my characters. What do you guys do to find a picture for your characters? Any resources or websites that you think will be helpful? Tips for doing a search? Any advice?
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  2. I really like Pinterest for scouting real life pics. They tend to have really great photography and fashion pin boards!
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  3. what do you type when searching on pinterest?
  4. Okay, I had asked this question somewhere else on this site and I only got one reply, maybe because it was in the wrong thread. So I'm just wondering, where do you go when you want to put a picture for your characters? Particularly real faces, I already have a bunch of sources if I want to use an anime picture.
  5. You can try or Tumblr or just a Google search for some general traits of, say, young brunette or girl with brown hair. Sometimes you can find some really good not-too-out-there portraits on Another good one is It's a big database of models and celebrities.
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  6. We're currently working on a Character Vault that you can store your character's pictures and more in! For the time being, you can put it in your blog, signup post, character sheet, or if the image is small, some people like to copy them into each post that uses that charVter.
  7. that's not what i meant, i meant more like resources if I want a picture to give my character a face. But I am excited for this character vault too!
  8. Oh! Koori has some in the Roleplaying Institute, but I think most folks are using Google or deviantart.

    Remember to note where/who you got the image from, so you can credit them!
  9. I think the real question is; why do you need an image to describe your character to the other players? Personally, whenever I see someone who uses an image rather than a text description, it's like the player is insulting the imagination of the people s/he is playing with. Communicating an idea that can blossom inside someone's mind is the most beautiful part of writing, regardless if it's role-playing or not.

    If you really feel the need to have a custom character portrait, I highly suggest browsing around the Character Portrait Studio. There are plenty of artists on this very site who would love to draw your character out for you. All you have to do is find a style that suits your fancy, ask for a request, and dish out a description. Work WITH the artist to flesh out details, like whether or not a skirt is frilled or merely pleated, how many buttons are on that coat, or the exact shape of that family pendant.

    This way, rather than using someone's art or photo without their permission, you have a personalized portrait tailored exactly to your needs.
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  10. There are pros and cons to using any method, including real life pictures. Sometimes, finding a picture actually helps to kickstart a character, or can give your partners a better idea of the nature of the person you're trying to convey, more than all the detail in the world. Some people may use a few different pictures to get a composite look, or just as a reference to a certain feature.

    And I say this as someone who LIVES for descriptive writing: sometimes, the detail gets overwhelming, and people end up losing what you're trying to accomplish; they end up interpreting it completely differently and lose your vision of it. And if you're in a jump-in, where there might not be a full CS needed, are you going to go on and on, disrupting the flow of your character's entrance to describe what they look like?

    I tend to stay away from custom character art for my personal reasons, but one thing I can say about it is that it's a slow and difficult process, especially when you have something very specific in mind, so why not use the photos as a stopgap in the meantime? I know plenty of people, even artists, who do that.

    Plus, descriptive writing just might not be someone's strong point or style. I would much rather have a picture to go off of rather than a confused or half-baked description of a person. I also choose pictures to help a partner who may have trouble visualising my descriptions. It works both ways.

    We're not here to tell people how things must be done or that one way is bad or wrong. Some people just have a preference for visual images, while others have a preference for text descriptions. Either are valid and have their advantages and their limitations. There are plenty of reasons why someone chooses a reference picture from the internet, not one of which is laziness or trying to stunt the others' imagination. It is actually the opposite. It's research into a character, it's a step up to help the imagination.
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  11. I usually google key words (red hair, green eyes, girl/boy), or do what @Diana says and use Pinterest. It's filled with all kinds of great photos to help jog your creative mind and get a new character started!
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  12. Aah yes google is always a good place to go. Would pinterest still use the same tags? I don't have a pinterest account X) but I did a simple search and i got a bunch of pictures of dogs and nail polish.
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  13. I'd like to say yes, but I'm not too certain. I usually just use google for everything. xD If these examples help you, here are some things I was searching for recently to help me develop ideas for characters:

    steampunk, red hair
    black hair, blue eyes, model
    apocalypse, survival, outfit
    Asian, boy, spiky hair
    girl, book, brunette

    There's so many different words you can use to find pictures. The hard part is thinking of a character, what you want them to look like, and trying to use the keywords related to the idea in your mind to find pictures of them!
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  14. If the other options fail you, try other search engines, like yahoo, ask or bing, because a lot of them turn up different results when searching the same thing. Just using the big search engines has been more than enough for me. With Pintrest, try to target specific tags, like hair color, eye color, or specific articles of clothing until something sticks out with you, then look for similarly tagged objects.

    If you're looking for inspiration, it's really hard to come by; static images can only take you so far. You might want to look up some different forms of media on streaming sites- animes, movies, television shows, manga, whatever- and really broaden your horizons. If you need some suggestions for where to begin, well, there are threads for those. Some really unique personalities and asthetic designs can come from places you least expect them!

    However, if you're just looking for pictures to stick on profiles...

    These picture websites are great resources to look up some ideas of how to make a character, but that's probably all they should be used for. I really support that idea, that's how I've designed a lot of characters, but I've never put anything I've found on a profile for a character, because I would be presenting inaccurate information to a reader, (and conflicting information is never good,) or outright stealing the appearance of another character/person.
    If all else fails, less is more. Begin with bare-bones, minimalist descriptions, and the personality of the character. You can base a lot of their appearance on that alone; beauty is only skin deep.

    Jump-Ins and Chat Roleplays, don't have time for introductions. It's meant to be fast-paced; are you going to break the flow by inserting images? Is there really time or interest in reading all of that, when people are interested in speed and silly dialogue?
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