Resident Evil: Hell in Paradise

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  1. Okay... Got enough people for this to be moderately interesting.

    The Red Queen has been in control of Umbrella for a few years now, but her wrath has yet to spread to a global scale. Indeed, much if the world is still functioning as it did when Wesker was leading the corporation. We start on the Carribean island of Jamaica, in it's capital city, Kingston. Some inhabitants are refugees from other parts of the world, such as Japan, New Zealand, etc. While others are there to prepare for the worst, or party like it's the Apocalypse. The question is, when does the inevitable happen? And who will be left standing, if anyone?

    Character sheet:

    Occupation (if applicable):
    Combat skills:
  2. This still happening right?
  3. Yes. It's still happening. Just waiting for people to get their character sheets up.
  4. Name: "Names Kyle, But names really don't matter now a days, do they?"

    Age: "Sadly im seventeen, still under age."

    Gender: Male

    occupation: High school student.

    Appearance: 6"2, is 186 pounds.

    Personality: Very caring, even if he doesn't show it. A jokester, kind unless provoked.

    combat skills: excellent with hand guns.

    Bio: Kyle was trained by his father in military school, leading kyle to his love for guns. Kyles interest led him to hand guns, small and and easy to carry. With precise aim Kyle was top of his class, until the virus hit. With extreme luck, and excellent gunsmenship, Kyle made it out alive, him and 3 others, The school had 5000 Training solders. With the school gone kyle fled as far as he could, Jamaica Kingston. He hoped to avoid the inevitably.

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