Research Challenge #1


Duke Ferret

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This marks the beginning of my line of Challenges known as Research Challenges.

Its simply really. I will pick the topic, and you must research this topic. Usually it will be a event in history or a time period. All you need to do is read up on it and post here. You can post a Poem, Prose, Short story, or even just write your opinions on the topic.

This Weeks Topic:
The Boxer Rebellion

So, in the early 1900's, well, starting in 1898 in China a group formed. They called themselves the I-ho ch'uan, or "Boxers" as the western cultured press called them. They practiced boxing and calisthenics because they believed that it would make them impervious to bullets. their first desire was to destroy the Ch'ing Dynasty and rid China of foreign influences. The Empress Dowager backed them and in 1899 their sole purpose became destroying the foreigners. That year there were bands of the Boxers all over China destroying Christian missionaries and Chinese Christians. In May 1900, a force of 2,100 American, British, Russian, French, Italian, and Japenese soldiers were sent to china to help stop the rebellion. The next month, the Empress Dowager ordered all foreigners to be killed. Several ministers and families were destroyed before the international force could help them out. The Boxer rebellion was subdued in August of 1900, and their actions hastened the 1911 revolution in China. The rebellion had weakened the Ch'ing dynasty that the revolution was able to overthrow the boy emperor and make China a republic. The rest is history as they say.