REQUESTS: Roleplay Partners

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In addition to our Player Resume which is a great way to put your interests out there for GMs looking for players, we're now providing this One on One Partner Request thread. Many roleplayers on Iwaku are seeking partners for small two player roleplayers, but aren't sure who or how to ask. Fill out the form below to announce when you're seeking partners and post it here in the thread.

Contact potential partners by their requested means of communication!



[noparse]Link to your Player Resume: (link here if you have one!)
Contact Me By: (PMs, Messengers...)
Gender I Play: (Make a note if you only play male characters, female characters, or if you'll do either one.)
More Than One Character per RP? (Do you tend to play more than one character or additional recurring NPCs in your one on one roleplays?)
Are you it for Romance? (If YES, please note if it's light romance, heavy, or naughty!)
Where do you want to play: (Forum thread, Private Messages, IM Service, Club, etc.)

Put a list here of rp ideas and scenes you have for your one on one roleplays! If you don't have any ideas of your own simply list what sort of things you might be interested in.[/noparse]


Link to your Player Resume: (link here if you have one!)
Contact Me By: (PMs, Messengers...)
Gender I Play: (Make a note if you only play male characters, female characters, or if you'll do either one.)
More Than One Character per RP? (Do you tend to play more than one character or additional recurring NPCs in your one on one roleplays?)
Are you it for Romance? (If YES, please note if it's light romance, heavy, or naughty!)
Where do you want to play: (Forum thread, Private Messages, IM Service, Club, etc.)

Put a list here of rp ideas and scenes you have for your one on one roleplays! If you don't have any ideas of your own simply list what sort of things you might be interested in.
Link to your Player Resume: (link here if you have one!)
Contact Me By: PM or [email protected] or [email protected]
Gender I Play: Female
More Than One Character per RP? Not really. I only do multiple characters if it's needed for that specific moment, but I don't keep them throughout the whole rp. If you want too though - Go for it. :)
Are you it for Romance? Umm...Not like hardcore gritty sex scenes. I mean sure - a couple could have sex, buttt generally I fade to black after a certain point.
Where do you want to play: (Forum thread, Private Messages, IM Service, Club, etc.) Any of the listed. :)


I don't have a plot, but I'd like a one on one dark romance. By dark I mean like it's not "ohhh love at first sight! You are my prince charming!" I like character conflicts - even if they do like each other. Fantasy is preferable as I feel there's to come up with as far as a plot goes - but I won't be picky. :)
Link to your Player Resume:
Kidnappable?: Sure! Drop me a line or a plot anytime!
Playing Habits: I like to play everyday but lets face it sometimes you just can't. I do try to be very regular about getting on and posting. I do enjoy being able to post more then once a day.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Female
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Romance The romance is usually mixed in <3
Genre You DON'T Like: Syfy
Playing Style: Mostly passive but if there is plotting I can help be aggressive
Plot Candies: Romance, kidnapping, I really hate wimpy guys
Character Stereotypes: Girl with tragic past, clumsy
Character No-Gos: I can't think of any off the top of my head
Random Notes: I try really hard, but sometimes my post aren't that great
Scene Sample:
Remmi walked through the town sipping her bottle. Her glossy red lip stick smeared on the edge of the lip, she had abandoned its cap on the street as there was no use for it. The black leather of her boots was soft against her legs as the three inch heels added to her height correcting her posture. The corset was like a second skin to her torso, accentuating her tiny rib cage causing her breasts to look like they could strangle her if she moved wrong. Her outfit was red and black with small hits of gold.

The town had buzzed to life. New traveled fast especially in small towns. The bar was still covered in crime scene tape, and the city had seemed to grow about tree times its normal population in only a few hours. People were all over news like this no matter the size of the town. It was like some kind of side show attraction. The police were too busy with the bar to worry about an open bottle.

Her senses were shot with how much she had consumed, she saw a man walking with a little girl to the hospital and thought that was something more people should care about then what happened at a bar with a gang that had warrants in many states. Many men approached her, as she flirted drinking more she couldn't really bring herself to do much. Kaleb still cut through her heart like a hot knife. Damn him.

It was a popular season for bikes Remmi had noticed as she ran her fingers over one catching the attention of its owner. He was practically drooling over her looks as he approached her and rand his fingers down her arms. She had no idea what was going on or what made him think that he could touch her without invitation. She licked her lips in nervousness and he took it as an invitation pushing her against his bike. She was trapped by the bike and this mans body. She tried pushing him away but he just roughly grabbed the back of her neck and forcefully kissed her. She had tried kneeing him in his junk but he trapped her leg between his, his free hand grabbing her other leg on her thigh underneath her skirt holding her in place.

They would have looked like they were in a passionate and hot embrace if it were not for the fact that her eyes were open and tears were starting to roll down her cheeks. She felt helpless the liquor taking her reactions and common sense of a wolf away. She could have floored him but she was drunk and slightly frightened over this situation. It was one that she was completely new to, the girl in her was frightened and didn't know what to do and the wolf in her was hidden and distorted by the liquor. The worst part was that nobody noticed and if they did they must have assumed, that by what she was wearing, that was who she was with and they were just being inappropriate in public with a disregard for authority.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Moon, Blood and Wolves Bane and Collect and Capture
Contact Me By: PM, Skype shankitten, or in the cbox
Gender I Play: Only female
More Than One Character per RP? I tend to only play one character. In the event that I need to add another t's generally only for a few posts.
Are you it for Romance? Hellz yes. I can do any kind <3!
Where do you want to play: Not in PM's but other then that I am open
MY PLOT/SCENE IDEAS: I generally like to come up with plot ideas with my partner in crime ^_~
Link to your Player Resume: (link here if you have one!)
Contact Me By: AIM: Crimsoncero - Skype: Moonlit_Blade - MSN: [email protected] - PMs, CBox.
Gender I Play: Either gender!
More Than One Character per RP? I can play quite a few characters for a roleplay, and sometimes prefer it.
Are you it for Romance? Any type of romance is good.
Where do you want to play: Thread and IMs. Don't do PMs or e-mails, simply because they're bleh. >.>
MY PLOT/SCENE IDEAS: I do Fantasy type RPs, recently started thinking up plots for Sci-Fi ones, and occasionally will do a Modern/realistic one.
Link to your Player Resume:
Kind of. I'll gladly hear your ideas/invites, I just might not join. Always ALWAYS open to help at the very least.
Playing Habits:
I can post pretty often but I tend to get busy with school. I'll let you know ahead of time if I'll be absent.
Gender You Prefer Playing:
Experienced with both.
Favorite Genres:
Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk, yaoi, yuri, neko, apocalypse, sexy... I'm open to anything.
Genre You DON'T Like:
Kay, I lied, not ANYTHING. I don't do high school, furry, or mecha. I also prefer to not participate in anymore mass RPs, as they stress me out tremendously. Too much reading, too many demands...
Playing Style:
I can do anything!
Plot Candies:
Bloodshed, romance, plot twists, life changing experiences for characters.
Character Stereotypes:
I have a variety of styles... I don't like to play the same kind for every RP. I like to try something different and apply some of my different personalities to it. Looking at the trends of my current characters... Males are dorky but badass, while the females are broken up inside but still smiley on the outside, or tomboys. Like I said, I have a variety when it comes to characters. I'm eager to try anything.
Character No-Gos:
I have yet to find a character I wouldn't play. I think I just won't play furry anthros, those are kinda gross.
Random Notes:
I'm a college student, be patient when I request it. ;)
Contact Me By:
- PMs are definitely okay.
- MSN: [email protected]
Gender I Play:
I'm willing to play either.
More Than One Character per RP?
If NPCs are necessary, then yes. Otherwise, I don't worry about them.
Are you it for Romance?
I am the romance queen. There must be romance, must! XD If not, I won't cry about it! I'll do any level of if you wish. I'm even comfortable with homosexual, if you're into that. If you like to get naughty, you needn't ask. Fluffy lurves smut. I also have a thread if you'd like to have any discussions.
Where do you want to play:
Threads or the Smut Club, please. I'm not always logged into my MSN and I despise the limit of letters I can send per message. PMs, I've learned, are not a good idea. I neglect them/forget about them. c__c

I haven't got any; I'm open to whatever you want to do. I'm not good at anything military themed, that's about the only weakness I can think of. [And I don't care to improve that.] If it helps, I am a lover of fantasy-medieval themes, I love sci-fi if it's got aliens and big, awesome weapons, I love modern if it's supernatural.
Link to your Player Resume:
[My Roleplay Resume! FunFun (:]
Contact Me By:
Facebook -> if you have me added (:
MSN -> im usually online !
PMs -> i like it for planning (:
Gender I Play:
Female :D
&& I can play certain males --> overprotective, brotherly, action types.
More Than One Character per RP?
I usually play just one unless the need arises (:
Are you it for Romance?
teenager romance ~ (: so light ? I guess, haha. xD
Where do you want to play:
On the forum! :D
MSN is cool, too (:
Fantasy, Modern, School Life, Medieval, Sci-Fi.
No horror, please xD haha (:
Link to your Player Resume: Roleplay Resume! and My Smutclub Resume
Contact Me By: PM, Visitor Message or in Cbox. I am online most of the time.
Gender I Play: Female only. D:
More Than One Character per RP? I play one main character, but add NPCs and extra characters when necessary.
Are you it for Romance? YES. Light to naughty. Give me a romance subplot and I'm your baby.
Where do you want to play: On the forums or in Smutclub, please. So I can keep track. :D

Uh... I have A LOT. Ask me if you'd like to browse my plot folder. I am also open to any of YOUR ideas and plotting lots with partners. >:D But here is a quick list of some things I wanna do:

  • Exhusband coming back in to town!
  • Girl coming back to town after two years and going "by the way, I had your kid."
  • Fate or Coincidence: Two people that have never formally met before, and yet keep running in to each other. Like at a coffee shop, restaurants, walking by on the street, etc. It's enough where both have noticed each other and recognize the face, but neither thought it was worth introducing themselves over. Until one day "something" happens and they are stuck in some zany or interesting situation!
  • Bodyguards on Mooses: Damnit. I wanna play a pretty lady that lives in a castle in a snowy kingdom and rides around in a sleigh and has bodyguards that ride mooses. c__c;
Link to your Player Resume:
Contact Me By:
AIM: AshadelMG - Skype: diamond_soul.andenia - PM
Gender I Play:
Female, rarely ever male.
More Than One Character per RP?
Varies on the story.
Are you it for Romance?
I don't mind romance. Honestly, I can do light and fluffy crushes to hard-core smut. Doesn't phase me.
Where do you want to play:
Depends on the RP. I don't mind forums, but I can do messenger as well. I also don't mind e-mail, and I adore Google Docs as well.


Behind a spoiler, just because it's large, and changes pretty often. Heh.

* - Mild Interest
** - Moderate Interest
*** - High Interest
**** - Craving!​

*** Black Collar Servant (female x any, high fantasy - smut driven):
Two days after a birthday gala thrown for a spoiled young woman, the guests of honor realize that they are more than just that. Left behind by loved ones and handed to a woman that makes most grown men quake in fear, they are forced to act as servant and swine. When the young mistress is kidnapped by unknown forces, a choice has to be made. Will those she has broken and reshaped for the better realize what she has done, or will they be forever bitter for her abuse, and leave her to die?

**** A Memory of Hope (high elf/male character, high/modern fantasy - plot driven):
A sweet hearted and pure dancer runs afoul of a man with the worst intentions for her, but as things come to a boiling point, both are torn through a portal that drops them in an unfamiliar place and time. Forced to rely on each other, the two form a tenuous friendship just to survive. Will they make it back to their own time and place, or will their new world swallow them whole?

**** The Missing Emotion (female/male character, high fantasy - plot driven):
Disgusted with the mortal races, a minor goddess turns on those who worship her and ignore their pleas. Angered by her callous disregard for those who depend on the light she brings, the Triumverate lock her abilities, taking up a priestess who worshipped her as her replacement. Unable to read the wicked priestess as the ex-goddess can, she is banished to back to the mortal plane amidst a war her very ignorance caused. Captured and sold as nothing more than a slave, she attempts to convince a man who has nothing left that love and compassion are worth saving, while her replacement plans to destroy it all for good. Can she pierce the wall of indifference the soldier has put up around him and convince him to help her? Or will he treat her only as what she is to him, and watch the world burn?

*** Business Not As Usual (female human/male fur, modern fantasy - plot driven):
She's a workaholic with the sense of humor better suited to a clam. Tired of her reclusive behavior, her friends drag her to a club in an effort to get her to mingle. That's where she sees him first. The next time she sees him, it's in a box in an alley. So she brings him home, unwilling to see him starve - or worse. "It's only for a few days," she says...

*** Blood and Thunder (female draenei/male blood elf, high fantasy - smut driven)
The elements favor the willful draenei woman, but not enough to rescue her when trapped by the enemy. A proper prisoner of war, she's taken from her comforts and thrown to his mercies, used and abused as nothing more than the cobblestone she is to him. He tempts her with freedom, releasing her bonds to let her run free, only to catch her again and beat her back into submission as his slave and unwilling pet. Not one to be broken, she decides to win her freedom the proper way - by his love, or his death.

** The Color of Death (female vampire/male whatever, modern fantasy - plot driven)
She's always wanted to be alive again. The world of darkness has become little more than a passing fancy, and her overbearing kin have made her feel trapped beyond belief. Determined to see the sun again, she purchases a male slave who claims to know someone who can take back her immortality, and give her the life she never wanted to leave, for a price.

*** Stolen Blades (female human/male human or fur, medieval fantasy - plot driven)
Unwilling to become just another breeder in her society, she steals the blade of her father and sneaks into a caravan that has stopped into her town for the night. Unknown to her, this caravan is headed for war, and by the time she is discovered, they're too far from home to run her back. Determined to prove that she can hold her own, she begs the men to train her. They laugh, but one takes her under his wing, dealing with her ineptitude and treating her as he would a fellow soldier. After a skirmish that leaves her wounded, he beings to realize that he doesn't see her as just 'another one of the boys.' Can he convince her of his honorable intentions, or will he be forced to bring out the darker side of his psyche to win the independent woman over?

**** The Ugly Duckling (succubus/male human or fur, modern fantasy - plot driven)
It started as a joke, really. They dared him, the 'hottest' guy in school, to ask out the girl that no one would touch or even speak to. He knew the one. She sat in the back of the class, took her notes, answered questions when asked with a voice that was considered at most to be cute. They called her 'Ducky' and it wasn't in the most flattering of tones. Not one to back down from a dare, he asks her out, and is struck dumb when she politely declines. As rumors rage about her questionable sexuality, he seeks to find out her reasons... and gets far more than he bargained for.

*** Ebon Scale, Azure Eye (female human or elf/male dragon, medieval fantasy - plot driven)
His kind have nearly been wiped to extinction, and most now cower in caves far from the rest of mankind. He remains, silently plotting the destruction of the kingdom that has destroyed his once-home. On one rainy night, a wounded girl stumbles into his cave. When she finally sleeps, he takes pity on her and heals her wounds before flying out to feed. In the morning she is gone, and he goes about his brooding as if nothing ever happened. When she returns again, and makes it very clear she plans to stay, he is forced to reveal himself... and finds that his new cave-mate is not at all afraid of him!

Link to your Player Resume:
Kidnappable?:Sure Go ahead
Playing Habits: My Frequency on this site is chaotic at best
Gender You Prefer Playing: Male, very rarely will I play a female.
Favorite Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Modern Fantasy.
Genre You DON'T Like: A deep introspective and discussion of the main characters desires and emotions
Playing Style: Either or, depends on the cahracter
Plot Candies: Betrayal, Massive plot twists, Re drawing of the battle lines so to speak.
Character Stereotypes: The Warrior, The Priest
Character No-Gos: The Fairy, The Pacifist (which i will often refer to as the same thing)
Random Notes: If It move's I'll probably try to kill it. more than once.

Contact Me By: pm, clubs, my MSN is [email protected]
Gender I Play: Exclusively male.
More Than One Character per RP? Sometimes but not usually. It can be really hard to keep track of sometimes
Are you it for Romance? If you can make one of my characters fall in love with one of yours, or at least make him horny, then sure
Where do you want to play: MSN, pm's, threads,

MY PLOT/SCENE IDEAS: collaboration, Its no fun if one person or the other just leads it, It like having this beautiful woman who's perfectly willing to go the distance. Then just sitting there and....well you get the idea.
Link to your Player Resume: blogging totally the way to go.
Contact Me By: PM,Cbox, Msn: [email protected]
Gender I Play: Female. But, I can play a male if it's needed.
More Than One Character per RP? I only play one, but if I have to, I'll use an NPC. They're usually fun too.
Are you it for Romance? Yes. I'm a sucker for romance, totally.
Where do you want to play: On the forums or in Smutclub.

MY PLOT/SCENE IDEAS: I don't really have any at all. I'm wide open. I'm just not great with role plays that are sci-fi.
Link to your Player Resume:
Contact Me By: PM's on the site, I always check them if I have them.
Gender I Play: Female, I've just started to play males but I still need a bit more pratice, I also only play the males gay for now. At the moment though I prefere female, though if you can convince me I will play male.
More Than One Character per RP? I can but no more than two major characters. I can play any number of minor characters.
Are you it for Romance? Romance is a must. It has to be in there somewhere.
Where do you want to play: Prefere to play on the forums.

- 1800's romance - A young lovely maiden catches the eye of a wealthy young heir? and arranged marriage between a beautiful lady and an older gentleman? A forbidden love between a poor man and a young heiress? I could go on and on!

- The Boss - An innocent woman somehow getting involved with the wrong crowd and getting the bosses attention? Talk about some crazy fun!

- Adventure Time! - No it isn't the show...It's a crazy adventure in distant lands and far away places. Where dragons roam and where a bandit is on every corner. Let's travel the globe and make a story!
Link to your Player Resume:

Contact Me By: PMs mostly :) I check my mail on here almost everyday

Gender I Play: Both! Yep I play male AND female characters

More Than One Character per RP? Sure. Just don't swamp me lol!

Are you it for Romance? Yeah, sure! Just not too naughty ok? ;)

Where do you want to play: Hmmm. I'd rather play by forum thread, but I'm willing to branch out, too!


Uhhhh wow toughie.....hmmm anything and everything mostly. I do like vampire plots and romance plots and vampire romance plots LOL XD Just throw something at me-----I can work with with most any plot :)

Link to your Player Resume: Here.
Contact Me By: MSN: [email protected]

Or PM me. Whatever floats your boat.

Gender I Play: I'll do either.
More Than One Character per RP? Not really. Maybe the occasional NPC, but only to make the plot run smoothly.
Are you it for Romance? HELL YEAH. I love romance. I'm in it for all of the above, but it has to have some semblance of a plot. A good one at that. They can't just up and start tappin' each other. That's no fun.
Where do you want to play: Forummmm. I'm in it for posts and to get the hang of the site. Though, if it leads to PM or MSN, no problem with me either.


Uh, whatever you're wanting. I tend to like tragic, angsty plots.