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Modern Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Historic/Period. I'm quite versatile and open. More prone to original content than fandoms, though base inspiration is welcome.
Hey all, hope this is finding you well. I'm putting out some feelers for some roleplays. I'd love to find more partners who are willing to come up with some great storylines with me. I don't like to type up a huge thing about exactly what I want because it should be a mix of my ideas and yours. So I try to hold back when putting basic plots up. Please ask, though, if you'd like to hear more about any particular one, or launch right into what it makes you think of. All ideas welcome.

I like most every genre, but will not do canon characters or a lot of fandoms. Inspiration is great, but continuing someone else's character and storyline isn't what I'm looking to do here. I'll play male or female of whichever persuasion.

I will add that I'm looking to keep characters over 18. I simply find older characters more interesting and high school quite not. So here we go:

It began with prosthetics, a great leap for those missing limbs and later even organs. There were full robots, too, with no human root and without great intelligence. Those models were discarded when we developed a way to download the human existence into the metal synapses of the robot shells. People were safe from death. However, they too, became a thing to fear. These robots with human consciences and even those with only a prosthetic limb were put into containment camps until the government decided how to deal with them. Those who still possessed human body parts went first; they couldn't survive as supply chains dwindled. Years later all that remain are those full robots in whats become a wasteland and a dump. Some lost their minds, doom to forever wander until their metal bodies deteriorate, still a long while. Some still wander. Rumor has it, there's a whole robot city out there, but that's just a rumor.

I'd like to pursue a good story involving one or two packs, something gritty and complex. Not much to go on, I know, but this can go many many ways.

I have a starter for this already, actually. I posted it in the Jump In section, but no takers. Basically, two people wake up in a motel room, no idea how they got there and not knowing one another, but knowing the dead man who also shares the room. They don't remember the night before, but don't think they could have done such a thing - so the question is, who did it and why does it involve them? I'm thinking this becomes wrapped up in much bigger things, whether it's a mob/gang issue or something that goes supernatural/otherworldly. That's up for discussion.

I don't know an overwhelming amount about samurais, but I loved Samurai Champloo and I'm willing to research. So if anyone is interested in doing a historical, edo era Japan roleplay, let's figure something out.

Going off the last topic, I rarely come across anyone who wants to go back even fifty years (aside from medieval), so if you're game, I'm game - please suggest it. There's always Rome, eighteenth to nineteenth century Europe and America...Wild West even, or just the Indian part. And so on...
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The murder plot sounds interesting.

Would there be any mythological elements in the samurai plot, or would it be straight historical? Are we talkin' real samurai, or our modern-day-interpretation of samurai?
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