Requesting Male or Female For Rp

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  1. I'm looking to just mainly role play:) I don't mind if you're male or female. I'm a female. Yes I'm bisexual; sorry to give out anything personal about me but it's who I am so I'll role play with either gender. I love romance and fantasy role plays but feel free to suggest anything else. I'm down for mostly anything.
    I'm not too big on the grammar or how much you post as long as you're trying. I'm an easy to get along with type of person. I don't expect much except for you to just be on most of the time to post to me :D I shall forewarn you- I like to get to know people so excuse me for wanting to possibly chitchat during role play.
    Don't like it?
    Bite me >.<
    :D Anyways - Msg me you beautiful people ^_^
  2. I'd be willing to rp with you. I have a lot of characters that I've never used.
  3. Well alright !:) Feel free to shoot me a message whenever.
  4. Feel free to throw a message into my inbox, I'm usually around, though this weekend I'm not on every second because of family is in town.
    With the chitchat in inbox, I'm usually up to that too, as it's fun to get to know new people :3
    and HI! Bisexuals/pansexuals for the win!
  5. Hiii ^^
    I'm looking for a partner or partners- don't care how many I get - to do any type of romance rps they might enjoy. To be honest, right now.. I have no ideas and I desperately want to rp but I don't have anything to rp. (Yeah I'm scared that I have no ideas in mind)
    Anyways, I'm looking for a female to do romances with or males to do so with.
    I don't care for how much you post or how you type as long as I understand what you are talking about.
    I would like for my partners to be active most the time but if not then that's fine too.

    Send me a msg anyways!

    Have a good day !(:
  6. Okay. I'm kind of tired of doing these but I need more people to role play with! We can come up with ideas together; don't let me think of all the ideas and you barely reply to me but you're on all the time! I've had people like that.. they're possibly on right now but hasn't replied to our role play.. so I'm pretty much thinking the role play I've spent two days thinking about isn't good enough. So please- help me! I don't really do character sheets - just a name and picture would be totally fine. It takes me least thirty minutes to think of a name. I can't be spending the next two hours coming up with a personality for the character too. Lol. Anyways; I'm not big on post length or grammar. I specially don't care for gender of what your character is. Bisexual right here! :P lol.

    Well.. I'm corny as hell.. so I'm going to end this but always feel free to message me :)

    Thank you :D
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  7. Lame title - I know!

    Anyways, once again! Searching for a wonderful rp partner(s). See that (s) yes I want more than one! It'll be very appreciated :D
    Male or Female, of course!
    I don't care about the grammar. Just try.
    Post length? I don't care as long it's something!
    We can come up with something together cause I have no ideas at this very moment. Soooo... yeah :)

    Anyways; message me! ANYTIME!

    THANK YOU!! ^_^
  8. Any Male or Female want to role play?

    So.. I play female.. always! My main character always female! Simple as that :D

    Anyways.. post length? I don't care because I don't always post a lot. Sorry but I don't.

    I'm not too big on punctuation because I suck at those too. I put commas in the wrong places all the time.

    Spelling- spell the best you can.
    Grammar- do the same thing the best as possible.

    I'm sorry but I have no ideas at all. We can plot together :)

    Anywhore.. :D .. shoot me a msg! Bang bang ;D
  9. well then, you sound interesting so lets go on plotting . of course if you want to handle a slightly insane character that is almost always dangerous.

  10. Lol sounds promising :) msg me