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  1. Hello. Just for those willing to help me, I have a group rp at and was hoping for a banner to be made for it to go up into the banner rotation.

    I had some ideas for what to have in the banner but what you can come up with I won't mind using either. The first idea is an image of a male character with short white hair and vacant white eyes and wearing a set of headphones using telekinesis to lift objects around him and the title of the rp to be on the banner, "Touch"

    Another idea would be that same male but not using telekinesis and is just facing away from a little girl who is facing away from him.

    There are other ideas that I have in mind but I don't want to pressure you guys into making a banner that will please me. I trust that with your own expertise any one of you who help make a banner for me will do great. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.
  2. I'll see what I can do with my spare time, supposing school doesnt suck that away from me XD
  3. Great, thank you Shadicmaster.
  4. bannerfans_15504217 (1).jpg bannerfans_15504217.jpg
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  5. I would say go with sun moon's considering I have suddenly become very busy, but The only suggestion I would have is Reduce the height! The banner requirements for iwaku are 100 pixels tall by 800 wide
  6. Yes of course. I understand your troubling schedule. Even though Sun's will go up into the rotation, I would love to see your banners that would have gone up. Do send it to me whenever they are complete :).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.