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  1. My PC is going through updates atm so I tried to use Iwaku via mobile. I found the mobile design really awkward to use so I went to the Google Chrome options and selected "Request Desktop Site" so it would switch to the more familiar Desktop version.

    The browser recognizes I selected it, but Iwaku continues to be in mobile mode. And l note it's not the browser that's failing, this feature works fine on other sites.
  2. So, is this not something Iwaku cares to address or anything? o.O

    Are those who use a mobile device outright required to use the mobile layout?
  3. Mind that tone, young man. D:< Sometimes threads get missed.

    And Yes. Iwaku doesn't have a Mobile vs Desktop version. We have a Responsive Design that just shrinks and adapts according to the device/window size. For the majority of people despite a few awkward parts, this works fine when using on the go devices.

    This is the best we can do that won't involve REALLY buggy free-app softwares like Tapatalk, or shelling out hundreds of dollars to an app designer for something custom and then hundreds more dollars yearly to keep that app available for download in apple/android stores. .__.;
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