Reposal Of an Idea! (Proposed as 1x1 or Small Group RP Idea)

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Okay...So I"m going to propose an idea that seems like would be fun to Roleplay! I"ll be more spesific this time.

Idea #1 :

There is this long time couple. They have been togeather for a couple of years. One night as they are coming home from a date/ night out on the town they stumble across a crime scene or some sort of drunk Gang member. Stuff goes down and someway the guy ends up being killed by either the criminal who committed the crime or the drunk gang member. The guy "wakes up" as a spirit/ghost in the morgue a few weeks later. He wanders around a bit before he figures out he is dead. The guy finds a psychic who can auctually see and speak to him. He wants to get in contact with his lover who in the meantime is trying to move on with her life. The psychic dosn't want to and dosn't think that his lover will believe him/her but the ghost insists so he does. They get in contact and things would go from there.


-Male of the Couple
-Female of the Couple
- Possibly the Psychic (Depends on weather this becomes 1x1 RP or Small Group RP)
I like the idea =] I wouldn't mind being any of the characters. That is if you'll have me? ^.^