Remember, remember..

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - v for vendetta- remember remember the 5th of november[/ame]​
  2. How glorious!


    (In reality the tune of the poem was stuck in my head all day yesterday.)
  4. Adam Kane featuring Daisuke.
    Mentioned. otto, alkura, tyler

    Adam kept waking up from mini naps throughout the flight. he struggled to keep his mind off of the letter. his head was full of questions. as soon as he started to think of the letter Daisuke would chime in with a pervy story.

    "Adam did I ever tell you the time I had a threeway with a Jewish woman and a chick from Germany? long story short, I was taking care if the German chick so good she screamed out. "min fuhr!!!" The Jewish girl was so into it she screamed out "Heil Daisuke!!!".

    Adam groaned in disgust. he sat up in his chair and looked around the plane. it was a long flight hopefully they would land soon. Otto looked at Adam, he didn't want to but glared at him on instict. he watched as Otto tried talking to Tyler, she iced him out. Otto said something dramatic and moved to Alkura looking for someone to talk to. Adam shook his head and tried getting compfortable. "are we there yet?" He whispered under his breath.
  5. Heh. We had a V for Vendetta party at my was insane.
    I'm glad we didn't add alcohol...else we go blow up some student government building.