Remakes/New Versions that Surpass the Original

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  1. So today I discovered this:

    And it is insanely awesome. I've known about 331Erock for a long time but hadn't come across this particular video. And to be honest, I think I even prefer it to the original (if only it had the singing the whole way through rather than just toward the end ;-;), despite the original being one of my favourite guilty pleasure songs ever.

    It got me thinking - it's pretty rare for someone to enjoy a remake/cover/new version of something more than the original. You might like it a lot, but there's always "your" version, the one you first fell in love with. It takes something pretty special to surpass the version you originally heard and replace it as "your" version.

    So I'm wondering: can you guys think of any time this has happened? That a new version of one of your favourite songs or movies or something has actually replaced the version you first adored? Post below!
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  2. I think this version of Right here in my Arms (by Him) is better because it sounds more exciting, and sexy. The original, while good, was pretty bland imo.
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  3. Oh, dude, DUDE.

    SUCH an improvement on the original! They actually gave it some energy!
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  5. I like this version a little better than the original by The Cranberries, which for many years was a mainstay on my playlists and such because I loved it.

    I liked the original version of this song by The Prodigy a lot when I was a teenager, but this version is amazing and far closer to my current musical tastes.

    And then for a non-music example, I like the Lord of the Rings film trilogy quite a bit more than the books. Despite them being gargantuan movies, they cut out the majority of the "omfg this is so slow fucking get to doing something interesting already" content that filled the books. They're good books, sure, and they did wonders for the fantasy genre as a whole, but holy fucking shit are they slow and dry. The movies, at least in my opinion, struck a great balance of cutting the chaff and hyping events up a bit more to keep the pacing on point. They're some of my favorite movies, whereas the books have sunk from their favorite status of my teen years down to being just good books that I appreciate more for their influence on the genre than for their own contents.
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  6. To me it depends on my mood, but I like the original "Old Man":

    And Redlight King's:

  7. Yes, the Gary Jules version is a remake of it. The original was by "Tears for Fears." The Gary Jules version was made for the film Donnie Darko.
  8. I love that guy!
  9. Yeah, I prefer the Gary Jules version too. On the note of Tears for Fears, Disturbed's version of Shout is another example for me:

    He's insanely good. And a really nice guy as well, as a bonus. :P

  10. Leviathan - Jerry Goldsmith

    Epliogue - Mitsuo Hagita and Akino Arai

    ....Someone ripped off someone else....

  11. Because I'm a huge fan of the original, but dis version, dat gravely vocals is just divine.
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