Religious Arguments Really, People?

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  1. Yes, I know, Sensitive subject. but it needs to be said.
    I go through Youtube comments (Yes, I know, never good.) And saw someone post something inspirational. Then, someone had to turn it into a Religious Argument.

    One of the comments:
    Yeah, and they were so nice that they forced People with an different Religion to become Christians, Even against their own will

    Really, People? Christians go from Raving Lunatics, to Humanity's Greatest! You can't base a whole religion off of the actions of a few like the Crusaders and Constantine, or the Salem Witchhunters. Without Christianity, some advances would not have happened *cough* Renaissance *Cough* And yes, I did kind of Generalize there, but forgive that.

    Jesus, Christianity's Patriarch, was a preacher of Peace! Not violence. Then, the Crusaders took it a bit too far. Same when we debate religions. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism have many similarities. does that mean they all ripped off of Each other? NO! That means they all believe strongly in something. Many things have similarities. does that mean they took from each other? NO! That means they all have their basis in something. Christianity and Judaism are essentially the same religion, except Christianity stretches it a bit farther than the Jews. Buddha and Jesus taught the same things essentially, and The same with Islam/Judaism/Christianity. We are too advanced and peaceful people to be debating religion! Also, let people believe what they want to believe, and do't cram your belief down other's throats. That way, we can all be at peace.

    Now, I know someone will disagree with me, and I don't mind if you talk, just don't start a Flame War, or anything. I just wanted to rant on my views of Religious debates, and Got a bit distracted. So, forgive me, and have a good day.
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  2. The internet (in broad strokes) is a pretty poor place to discuss religion, politics and sex. While it's a pretty poor place to have many discussions, those three issues tend to be the most hot button. I wouldn't let what people say get to you, it's not worth your time to get riled up over. You believe what you believe, it brings you comfort, solace, inspiration and so on. That should be enough at day's end.

    As an aside, I don't think I've ever seen or read any scholarly material which would compare Islam, Christianity and Judaism to Buddhism, they are far too different. Now I've read plenty of literature discussing Islam, Christianity and Judaism since these three are incredible similar to one another: holy land, prophets, etc. Judaism often considered to be the progenitor of the other two since it's the oldest. But Buddhism is a different theological animal.

    Any who, don't let the web bring you down.
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  3. Hi, I am SUPER happy this has been made!
    I personally am a Buddhist and I believe the whole world is equal! We don't have a God but we respect those who do!
    Why are my Muslim friends treated differently because there is ISIS and the Taliban? They themselves are not come they can not walk down the streets without a dirty look shooting towards them because of what they wear? Why do people at my school walk on the other side of the corridor, scooting around them as if diseased?
    I'll tell you why - people only follow what the media says! Instead of showing the two sides of the argument, they highlight one, and like dominos, the religion is stereotyped and outcasted by society!
    If one individual can affect the whole opinion of a religion, how is our world not in nuclear war?! How come a person is treated different because they believe in something? My friend had a rock thrown at her for wearing a hijab! This is someone who is a good person!!

    Sorry I kinda ranted a little...just venting frustration.

    EDIT: Right, new message appeared. The way I see Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam linked is that they all follow a set of teachings. The Tipitaka, The Torah, The Bible, The Quran ect, and they all describe how someone should correctly live their life.
  4. Pretty much this.

    People are mighty shithawks over the interwebz.

    Good rule of thumb is extremist beliefs of any sort is bad, while secular and moderate thought is good. It doesn't matter what you believe, so long as you're not tearing somebody else down with it, be it pro or anti religious in nature.
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  5. I been called "Atheist Boy" by some turd burger. Why? I said I don't observe Christmas and I celebrate Lunar New YEars and Yule. I would be Agnostic with a bit of Shintoism.

    I found that person calling me such a thing uncalled for and disgusting. I respect people and their believes. I don't like having things shoved in my face and be called words such as "atheist boy" or say I will go to "hell" if I don't believe.
  6. My family contains Buddhists, Christians and Atheists. One of my grandparents does not see my family anymore because they said "It's a shame on the family," at the mix. It's a shame that people can't just accept others. The world would be such a better place.
  7. A person who said I was an "Atheist Boy" was banned here. I wish people got a long these days, rather than be at each other's throats for something.
  8. Don't be silly, man.

    There's no place for a reasonable middle ground. This is the internet.
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  9. Honestly, religion has gone too hardline these days. Catholicism seems to be making a move toward equality, but then you here about the attacks in the Middle East and you realise it's one step forward, one century back. Religious debates are just basically flames in themselves in order to rile everyone up, it seems.
  10. I competly understand! I have a Syrian friend, who got questioned on the Bible when we were handing out tracts, all because some guy thought he was Muslim.
    Also, Buddha and Jesus have Somewhat Similar teachings it seems to me, but I don't know. never studied Buddhism. seems like a cool religion though.
  11. I do agree with that we need to stop hating other people over religion.
    One can feel free to disagree with a Religions system, but to hate individuals for it is just silly.

    But I would also like to speak the unpopular opinion of "Maybe it's not the Internet that's the issue".
    Every time I hear people complain about debates of "Religion, Politics etc." it is almost always followed with something like "The Internet is horrid".
    Where in my personal experience, that's the furthest from the truth.

    Yes a lot of those debates do go sour and hostile, but I don't think that's a result of the Internet but rather a result of the content being debated.
    I have been in many enlightening debates and discussion online, far more than those I have experienced in person.

    I mean imagine trying to debate such topics in person? (Discussing your own religion/political stance with someone of the same religion/political stance doesn't count).
    More often then not, people will always get angry, resort to yelling and very often refer to one person as a heathen. Rarely have I been able to have a quality conversation or debate on those topics if it was not either with close friends, or in something like a Philosophy class where debate was the whole point of the class. Yet on the Internet, I can get into those conversations with a lot more people without it exploding into flaming.

    Once again, online or not such topics becoming flame wars is common place.
    But it is still easier (at least for me) to be part of insightful discussions online than in person.
    Which is why I find it's not the Internet that's to blame, it's just a risk that comes with the territory of debating those topics.

    I mean what's the worse an online debate can get me?
    A hate email and some comments saying I should burn in hell.

    The worst I could get in person?
    Family being alienated, physical assault, house vandalism etc.
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  12. The internet does change things, though -- because it introduces anonymity. Online, it's easy to start shit with someone in the Youtube comments with zero consequence. Because you're so distanced from the person you're talking to -- having no idea who they really are and not being able to see them in front of you while typing -- it's easy to say anything without thinking about who you might offend. Additionally, in real life, there are more social norms to conform to. You wouldn't start some crazy fight on the streets upon overhearing someone's opinion on something because you don't want to start a scene. Online? That sort of thing isn't holding you back anymore. You can read a comment and there's nothing stopping you from replying to it.
  13. Silly...
    Religion starts wars, interweb arguments should be out of the question.
  14. @Ser K+

    I have a feeling you only said religion starts wars because this thread is about religion, but for my 2 cents, which you can easily throw away, people have warred over 2 cents, along with land, politics, because they wanted to, because they feel some people wronged them, etc. War is stupid, and is started by many stupid reasons. I imagine this will probably cause a flame war now.
  15. The Internet certainly makes it easier to be cruel, and makes it easier to start said debates.

    But when you seriously look at the nature and results of internet debates vs real life debates?
    The backlash is not nearly as severe, and the results not nearly as brutal.

    And I'd argue that the ability to start more debates online is a perk, not a flaw.
    It means people are more open to discussion, and sharing opinions on what is otherwise seen as taboo.
    Minds get working, ideas get flowing, and we are allowed to question more things rather than be told "Be quiet, your opinion is unwanted".

    Though in all honesty that isn't even a 100% true comparison between RL and the Internet.
    People can start a debate as easily in person as online, it's just that in person it must fit more precise standards.
    Online I could start a debate from any perspective, while in person it is usually only done if it's the most popular opinion.

    Like say if it was a Christian town, and someone passively said they were atheist. People would be very likely to start to gang up on and question it, because they are coming at it from the Christian/Majority perspective.
    Or say a questioning someone's democratic beliefs in a majority Republican crowd. But at that point it's less of a debate/sharing of ideas, and more of a "Hey, you're opinion is unpopular! Let's all gang up on it!".
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  16. Nah. I'm not a flamer.
    I hear you, but my meaning was that religious beliefs are the tinder of some wars; as stated before, The Crusades, The "Holy" war, Thirty Years' War, so on. So there shouldn't be any surprise that some people on the internet spark arguments over the subject of religion.

    I wasn't trying to turn war into the topic.
  17. Understood, and I wasn't trying to start anything either, I just know that that's one of the #1 excuses as to why religion needs to be eradicated, when people conveniently forget the nine-thousand and 1 other possible reasons there are for said same conflict. Not sure how to conclude this, so

    Yoda Cat
  18. Expecting logical, civilized arguments over the internet is like searching for the Holy Grail. You won't find one, and if you ever do it will turn eventually because you guessed it; trolls. Extremists are everywhere; try not to let them get under your skin.
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  19. Yeah, I know. This just needed to get off my chest.
  20. Alright, thanks for all your support of this, guys.
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