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  1. Do you need relationship help and trust some random person to help you? Then post your troubles here! I would like to ask that everyone is kind and understanding. Meaning no making fun of someone or being rude at all! I will help out as much as I can, as well. If you would like some private help, just message me and I'll do what I can. I swear an Oath of Privacy. Anything you say will be between us unless you want me to tell someone else or I feel like it needs to be told to another. Hope you find this thread helpful!
  2. I don't think it matters how strongly you feel about it, you shouldn't be telling anyone else if you've sworn an oath of privacy. By all means encourage people to talk to others about it, but if you start stepping in yourself because you "feel" that it needs to happen, then you're just asking for problems.

    As for me... I'll offer advice too, but right now, I have a simple piece of advice. If you want to avoid relationship problems, then don't get into one. ;)
  3. Every relationship has issues. I would rather be in one to do everything I can to make it work rather than avoid it. Potentially missing out being with someone who could very well become a lasting partner because I didn't want to deal with problems. I would say one issue is communication between two people or maybe too much, every relationship is different. Take the issues as they come, work together to see what brought this point up. If it is not meant to be it's just not.