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    Do I have samples? Probably! Will I post them... Maaaybe if people harass me enough. But come now... these are free! I love to sketch things for folks and play around with art styles. Going off of descriptions helps me flex my creative muscle more. If I draw things from my own brain, I will set up intending to draw a brawny male and end up with a mermaid and will rationalize that as totally on purpose.

    It is never on purpose.

    Things to bear in mind:

    1. These will probably be messy black and white sketches. My tablet is explodey presently (again... technical terms there) so crisp clean lines are a lot harder to manage. But there is something charming about pencil work no?
    2. There are some things I am not so great at doodling. Like robots. And backgrounds. Also backgrounds. Some things I am not certain I am not so great at and may realize this through drawing your request. I'll let you know if it seems to not be going well though.
    3. The less you give me to work off of, the less likely it is to fit your mental image.
    4. Will I draw sexy things? Yes. Will I have to be -super- inspired to be okay with doing a sexy sketch for someone I'm not familiar with? Also yes.
    NOW! What I need from you...

    Anything you can give me. Really. I do not need to know the whole backstory for your character. And I won't need much info applying to color beyond dark/light contrasts. I -DO- need as much physical description as you're willing to give me. This can be anything as vague as "Blonde hair, brown eyes, tall" to a mathematical breakdown of feature proportions. If you want a particular sort of style, let me know this as well. But that being said... I -do- have a visual voice, so to speak, so let us leave it more along the lines of "anime" or "cartoony" than "Adventure Time style" or "Attack on Titan style".

    That should be enough for now! Feel free to ask questions or demand some examples (the latter which will be met with much pouting... you've been warned).

    I look forward to sketching for you all!
  2. [​IMG]

    so my character is a svelte is form, tall and far more feminine that he is masculine.
    he's not really strong, due to the fact that he doesn't need to be, he's a demon who deals in pyromancy and shape shifting, and his physical stature has nothing to do with the strength of his shifted form or his fireballs. he actually has a pretty face!! not super duper pretty or anything, but the kind of face that you kind of just want to stare at for a little, you know? he's got round eye's and long lashes and he seems to hate wearing clothes.
    the reference pic has what his hair is like, it also has the basic run down on his clothes and facial and bodily appearance. he's a ginger, so lots of freckles are your best friends. he also wears a bear pelt as a cloak, the head used as a hood, while the forelegs wrap around his shoulders and chest to hold it against his back.
    he usually has a really deadpan expression, with hints of sarcasm, or scowls, disgusted looks, amusement, anything that seems crude naturally.
  3. This seems like a good post to try out my descriptive skills! If you would be so willing to draw me a Free Commission, that is :)