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  1. So, Did you ever think of making something new out of the old, The image of a characters changes all the time but the character is still there. This is the challenge friends, I want to see how creative and flexible you are. It is time to take a character and reimaged them. You can change the character as much as you like (to the point that there some kind of living rainbow ninja) but the character must still be there in the end. To get a idea take a look at Stan lee's (The immortal) Just Imagine... from 2001.


    The Beautiful Princess Diana of Themyscira, A world wide know sign of female Empowerment and disempowerment depending on how you look at it. But you can not deny she is a iconic as any other male character in main stream media. Your task is to Reimaged Wonder Woman.

    Name: Wonder Woman (you can change name but at less one name should be the same)

    Secret Identity: Diana Prince ( same thing for top)





    Titles: (Maybe she became a tyrannical Queen)



    Personality description:

    Abilities and Powers



    Family: (Optional)

    Friends: (Optional)

    Enemies: (Optional)
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  2. Name: Queen Diana (Wonder Woman)

    Secret Identity: Diana Prince

    Age: 58 (looks 30)

    Race: Caucasian

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: homosexual

    Titles: Queen Diana, The Tyrant, The Wonderful Monarch

    Occupation: Queen of North, South and Latin America and also Themyscira


    Personality description: In this world she has transform into a cold and heartless monster to all males, Even young boys.Infants that can not defend themselves. She has a hate for all people who even try to help men. She is the epitome of the term Misandry. She has retain most of her kindhearted nature when it come to women. She has en fact embarrassed woman in her sexual practice. She is a master tactician and excellent charmer, This was use in her plot to take control of America.

    Abilities and Powers:
    Attractive Female
    Super hearing
    Super Speed
    Super Strength
    Unarmed Combat
    Weapon Master

    Lasso of truth (You know what this is already)
    Amazonian Sword (Can cut the flesh of the man of steel)
    Amazonian bow and arrows (Pierces tank's armor)
    Zeus's Spear ( A spear that conducts lighting)
    Royal Crown ( Mental connection to all amazons)
    Sandals of Hermes (Flight)
    Sash of power (doubles all abilities)
    Echo's ear rings (Allows super hearing)

    History: She follows up the same history as the normal Wonder Woman (Post-Crisis) we know but the change come when the North American government placed a secret base in Themyscira (paradise island) that was discovered. This spark a conflict with North America and later Man's world. The Amazons responded by attacking Washington DC and killing the president at the time. This sparked a large scale war that WW had to get involved in, even if she had to slay her friends. She fully embraced her distaste for men and encourage the annihilation of all even children. Diana made many choices that cause great destruction. She kill Superman in the battle that decided the winner of the war ( The Gender War). She hunted down the Batman's Resistance groups and disposed of them as well. Many male heroes fail and many female heroes and villains joined her. She even had a child with Trevor before he did trying to end the conflict. He was shot in the head by a rouge U.S solider. 20+ years later she rules every continent that connects to America or that is close. She rule with a iron fist of militant Feminist rage.


    Name: Derick Prince

    Age: 25

    History: He is one of the few males with more freedom (Most are slaves or rebels) for he is the son of Diana. He is her top bodygaurd who will cut down any body with his great sword who threatens his mother. He loves his mother deeply but the love is lightly returned. He is treated with respect by his comrades even if he is a male. He is ranked 4th in the arena but is chastise by his mother for not being at less number 2. Since his father died before he was born he only knows what his mother told him.

    Name: Queen Hippolyta

    History: Killed by Catman and Atom (golden Age) , A paramount choice in Diana conquest of Mans world. She had fought with them in the past and sadly suffered a bitter end at the hands of her old friends.


    The Amazons


    Organization name: The Resistances

    Name: Captain Marvel

    History: He is one of the last power houses able to stand up against the tyrant queen. Now with him in his 40's he is becoming tired from increasing age but still fights to free the world from Diana and The Amazons with the attentions of Annihilating the race.
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  3. Name: Diana Prince

    Age: 99 chronologically, 24 physically

    Race: Mutated human

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Titles: Mother Diana, The Woman of Wonders, Saint for the Small

    Appearance: Diana sports short, dirtied black hair styled into a pony tail and eyes without pupils that glow golden, along with a pear shaped figure/plump frame. She dresses in a pair of dark blue denim jeans, sandals and a red shirt whose sleeves reach to her elbows. Over that, she wears a kevlar vest with neon colored tape in the shape of an eagle. About her wrists are a pair of iron manacles with scratches and whatnot from battles triumphed and failed. This contrasts with her hands, described by those she protects as being soft, and as gentle as her own heart. She often takes on confident poses and keeps up a smile-- or a grin when she knows a fight is in her favor.

    History: Diana Prince lived originally with her wealthy CEO and philanthropist mother and a number of adopted siblings, all of whom she was very close to. She grew up excelling in her classes at school, and at numerous sports through the years. Fresh out of college, she struggled to support herself for a time and lived with her childhood friend, Steve Trevor with whom the two were able to pay their bills. After nearly being accepted into a prestigious workplace, nuclear armageddon took center stage. Along with the first survivors, Diana had been one of the first to emerge from her Fallout shelter after a supply shortage had occurred. While searching for supplies in an abandoned laboratory, a device hit her with doses of high powered rays that mutated her very being. She found that she had become stronger and faster than ever before-- and put it to use.

    Diana went on to provide for her family as well as any others she could, until her mother and sisters died of old age while she was as youthful as ever. This prompted her to move on, to travel and try to encourage people to work together towards healing the Earth, a quest that has been going on gradually if not very slowly despite years of research and hard work. Where the healing process has been difficult, she has however come to defend and inspire others, known most of all for her fierce devotion to the safety of all children regardless of race, age and gender. This has earned her a legendary status as "Mother Diana," or "The Saint of the Small".

    In good time, Diana came to learn of others who sought to repair the broken Earth or possessed strength enough to take on criminals through the wastelands and the terrifying horrors that roam it, seeking to bring harm onto innocent lives.

    Personality: Diana Prince has always been a friendly young woman, raised up to be altruistic by her mother and sisters. However, her eldest siblings have taught her how to defend herself, and to demand change when a problem is inherent in someone or something. She despises dishonesty in others, and always demands the truth from others with a passion, and sometimes also with a great deal of anger.

    Diana enjoys exploration despite the horrible ruination of the world by nuclear warfare, trying to help heal the world and find beauty in what has survived. She loathes being alone, but has easily gone on trips solo for the sake of others.

    Abilities and Powers: Diana Prince has been altered by contact with radiation while scavenging through an abandoned laboratory for supplies. Since then, her aging processes have been slowed down to incredible levels.

    Superhuman Physique- Diana possesses superhuman strength and enhanced durability comparable to nigh-invulnerability.

    Longevity- Diana ages at a slower rate than ordinary humans, and surprisingly even most mutants.

    Expert Combatant - Diana grew up with training in the martial arts, honed through dedicated practice along with other sports, such as archery/gymnastics/track and field/etc through childhood.


    Wire- Diana carries a wire made from a highly durable form of metal she discovered. She can utilize it as a lasso, a whip, and when sneaking around, as a garrote.

    Candy Bar/Toy/ETC- Whenever Diana can, she carries at least one treat or toy in case she runs into a lost child, to gain their trust and to calm them if they're still afraid, or as in most cases, because she's generous.

    Family: Diana previously grew up with her mother and many siblings, most of whom were adopted. Despite this, they were all very close to one another.

    Friends: Diana is a very outgoing person, and she gains the favor of most if not all children due to her maternal nature towards them. Here are a couple of her friendds:

    Bat Rider - Bruce "Wheelman" Wayne, descendant of the Wayne bloodline. After his parents were brutally murdered by a gang of 'Road-Raiders,' Bruce took to the streets in an experimental vehicle that had been in the developmental stages while Diana had been a college freshman. Since then, the Batmobile has been modified to be one of the most advanced vehicles on the face of the planet. Bruce assisted Diana when Firefly and Mr. Freeze engaged in a gang war that was quickly approaching a settlement of innocent survivors.

    Superman - Kal-El was a member of a species of rare, secretive mutants who dubbed themselves 'Kryptonians,' known for their telepathic and telekinetic powers. They formed the hidden city-state of Kandor and concentrated on re-building advanced technology previously damaged or lost after the nuclear armageddon. At one point they had rescued a number of ordinary human survivors. However, these survivors had been afflicted by a unique form of radiation dubbed Kryptonite. Not only were these humans immediately fearful of the Kryptonians, believing them to be aliens who had brought on the fires of hell onto the world. In a fit of anger, these humans mutated from Kryptonian genetics, and became the 'Doomsday Horde'. In the ensuing chaos, Jor-El and Lara Vor-Van had their child escape on Krypton's first re-creation of a military drone, giving it a seat and directions to a settlement of human survivors to live on.

    Kal-El was taken into the care of Jonathan and Martha Kent, a pair of survivors who had followed Wonder Woman's example and attempted to plant crops with some success. After re-naming him Clark and raising him up to follow idealistic values, they came to realize that Clark was a mutant. Rather than fear him as many would with their own offspring, they sought instead to encourage him to find his calling. Clark would go on to live in the remains of the city of Metropolis. Shocked at the lack of morality, Clark set out to act as Metropolis's protector, encouraging the resurgence of science, the news, and so forth. Diana would meet Clark while traveling, even discovering that her legends served as an inspiration to become Superman. Since then, the two have remained the best of friends, but never quite bordering on romantic feelings.
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