Reign of the Warped (In search of partner)

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  1. It all started five years ago when the government came out with a shot that would "cure" all diseases. This of course wasn't the case. In all reality the shot cured absolutely nothing. The liquid that was being injected into each citizen was filled with hundreds of microorganisms. These organisms were used to control what the population felt, heard, saw, and even what they believed. It granted the president full control over the nation....and then it spread to other countries. Soon the entire world was controlled by one man. Thankfully, some saw through this and were able to avoid the shot...These people are out there fighting everyday to free those that are being controlled.

    This will be more of an action roleplay than romance but, I would very much enjoy romance as a side plot. I would of course, like some mature scenes. I apologize for my rather lackluster sounded much better in my head. If you are interested please read my rules listed below and then either message me or comment.

    1) Try to match what I write

    2) Please be willing to play a male/double. This is my baby and I would really like to play the main female. I am not opposed to doubling up though.

    3) Please have decent spelling and grammar. I understand mistakes happen just do your best.

    4) Please be willing to contribute to the story

    5) Please be patient I have finals in two weeks and work. I will do my best to be on as often as possible but, things happen. I will also try my best to let you know if I will be gone.

    6) This is not really a rule but a preference. I would really like it if you would allow me to weigh in what your character looks like. By this I mean I tell you what I am attracted to and you tell me what you are attracted to. This was we can make sure that everyone has fun and enjoys the character their own character is paired with. If this isn't okay with you then I won't complain.

    Anyway, I hope you will play with me :)

    P.S. The title is changeable.....I just really couldn't think of anything else.
  2. I am very interested if you still are (:
  3. I sure am:) I will shoot you a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.