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  1. Please read all of the following before jumping to the plot ideas. The below commentary is necessary for partners to understand before engaging in play.

    I'm going to try again to make a return to online roleplaying. This will require a bit of rehab for by brain that's been bomb-blasted into dysfunction by life. This means I require partners with some patience, compassion, and above all, honesty. I can't fix how I'm playing if players don't speak up and tell me if I'm doing something wrong or the plot is going sour. I've lost some great roleplays because my partner didn't have the balls to simply tell me what needed adjusting to bring back the fun.

    I am.. a hopeless romantic. I'm also bored silly by modern mundane/contemporary plots. I seek RPs that include romance and some form of extraordinary spice. A little bit of fantasy or supernatural goes a long way. Oddly enough, I'm also far better at playing male characters than female ones, but that doesn't mean that I don't like being the girl on occasion. It just means that my female characters tend to have less depth. Perhaps I can work on that here too.

    For now, I'd like to go easy with the RPs that I agree to. Allow me room to warm up a bit. RPs with half plot and half erotica work well. I might also go with three quarters plot, one quarter erotica depending on the plot. All plot or all smut just kills it for me. However, I've been known to forget my own rule there in the heat of a particularly good story or sex scene. Derp. ^_^* If I do, please do give me an OOC nudge in a better direction. Speaking of OOC, I am not at all bothered by OOC chatter as it often helps to steer a story in the right directions. If you require those in a separate section, just let me know.

    I'm a switch on bed positions. When playing a serious character, I will invariably find ways to lighten the mood when it needs it, even at the expense of my own character. I prefer straight pairings, however, I might agree to try a homo pairing given the right plot setting. Don't be afraid to ask.


    Okay, all that About Me stuff said, we can finally get to the plots and plot elements I'd like to play with in this rehab of my RP skills.


    Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
    Space Opera

    Despite being a science geek I generally don't do so well with science-fiction settings. However, I'm still open to try some of the softer science-fiction settings. I prefer to go Howard/Tony Stark style sci-fi rather than X-Men. Also I tend to treat Superhero figures as simply regular people with extreme talents. -shrug-


    Doctor/Healer X Patient
    Bodyguard X Ward
    Warrior X Warrior
    Vampire X Human
    Shifter X Human
    Vampire X Shifter
    Fae X Human or Other Supernatural Type
    Other Supernatural Type X Human
    Supernatural Type X Supernatural Type
    Merman X Human


    Role-reversal situations are awesome with the right story. Like a normally strong character reverses roles with a normally weak character. A normally more dominate or authority character reverses roles with a normally submissive type. Only mild BSDM scenes please.

    Two warriors from different units (soldiers, federal agents, whatever) are stuck in a battle that looks dismal for their side of the conflict. A break in the fighting and a bunker to hunker down in provides conditions for an unexpected sexcapade. One that gets them through the battle, but leaves them with AWKWARD when time comes to return to life as usual.

    A celebrity or other famous figure unexpectedly needs help from a lowly fan or university student who's been studying them or the environment they come from. (Yeah, I know. This one needs a lot of work on details. :P)

    A marine biologist discovers by accident a merman or shifter. Plot twist needed.

    I'd love to try a RomeoXJuliet scenario of one or both members of the pairing aiming for the opposite team but with the story ending on a high note rather than a tragedy. There's too much of that shit in the daily news that I now avoid for that very reason.

    In feudal Japan, the daughter (perhaps also escorting a younger brother) of a regional lord must flee to the lands of an allied clan after the sacking of her family's castle by a rival clan. She finds herself under escort by an unusual samurai, who despite a lower rank, turns out to be one of her late father's most loyal soldiers. Working against him is a mixed-race bloodline, a hot and idealistic temper, and the reputation of one of her father's most ruthless assassins. Yet she has the same fiery spirit and keen mind that made her father a person worthy of respect and even hero-worship by some. She'll do whatever it takes to ensure her clan's survival. (I'd like to play the guy on this one. The story is loosely based on a what-if alternate ending scenario stemmed from a real chain of historical events during the Muromachi Peroid, thus why the plot is so detailed.)

    ADDED AS A MAYBE: Two women (or men) are in a prisoner of war camp. One is a brawny soldier, the other is a civilian geek caught in a world she isn't prepared for. While imprisoned, an unexpected chemistry erupts between them and the soldier decides to use it to pull a Sucker Punch show for the camp's brass as part of an escape plan. (I'm not even sure how to pull this one off. I would be playing the wimp of the two, who would have next to none if any sex experience. I might also agree to have it go the way of the top brass making them put on the show and the relationship and escape plan growing as a result of rather than the other way around if that sounds more likely to the other player. Still, it's just a maybe plot.)

    *NEW PLOT* They say everyone has a twin out there somewhere. At a new high school or college, two completely unrelated people turn out to look like nearly identical twins, yet their personalities couldn't be more different. This leads to an instant hate for each other, which turns out to be the object of amusement by their peers. Time and awkward situations lead to a change in feelings that neither of them expected. - FYI I make a terrible jock. I was always on the nerd end of things. I will also only go as far as mild BSDM scenes and only where appropriate to the story. Otherwise, I'm cool with being the jerk or the joke. lol (I'm also willing to have one or both be of supernatural sorts if the other player wishes to go that route.)
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  2. I would love to do your romeo x Juliet like rp or marine biologist discovers by accident a merman or shifter. ^^
  3. Cool. Shoot me a pm with your preferences and we can put something together. :3

    And bump for plot updates
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