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OOC Details
Golden City is mostly a character driven sandbox role play. The player is allowed to roam freely within the city and define their own story. However, there will be an overarching plot that ties the layers of the city together with the help of 'master games'. These stories will focus on the different aspects of the city and its layers, as hinted at in the description. Participation within these 'master games' is not a requirement, however it will bring out the best experience of Golden City for both the character(s) and the player. Master games are run by the GM and Co-GM's only and require active participation of all players who decide to join.

Since role playing is never fun on your own, players are highly encouraged to build up relationships with other players and participate in self-organised games. This can go 'private, or mini-group games. Players can post up 'Plotters' within the Sign Up forum where they can advertise their 'plot' ideas and have other members sign up, or they can do so privately. As long as everyone can enjoy themselves. Side-stories can be organised by whoever wants to and don't have a hard activity rule like known with the main-games, but of course your partners will appreciate active participation.

Golden City is a steampunk fantasy role play. While players are allowed to play races other than humans this is not the main focus of the role play, and there will be no magic happening. If a player, however does choose to play as an other being they are expected to understand the disadvantages this role will bring to their character and that they choose amongst the traditional fantasy races established from fiction.

  • Keep to proper role play etiquette. This means that you will respect your fellow players, and that you will communicate with the rest if you happen to be inactive for a while. Powerplaying, meta-gaming, etc... will forever be frowned upon.
  • Your GM shall be Nemopedia, your Co-GM is darkflames13. Respect them and listen to them when they ask something, please!
  • Respect the boundaries of the world itself! The story takes place within Golden City and its layers, nowhere else. If characters are going to leave Golden City to travel to other places they will have to role play elsewhere, as it isn't Golden City anymore.
  • Each of your characters should take up one post in a thread, which should have the 'citizen file' prefix and your username as the title. You can run ideas by with the GM or Co-GM's to see how it fits within the world.
  • There is no limit to how many characters you're allowed to play, but be sure that you can keep up with the amount. A like from the GM or Co-GM means approval!
  • We prefer it if you don’t edit your character sheet after approval. It is supposed to be a pitch! If you wish to keep track of character development it is recommended to keep a doc instead.
  • Content over coding! Put your attention into writing content, not into coding. However, if you must code make sure to keep it easy to read for everyone and on all screens. If it is mobile-unfriendly you will be asked to edit.
  • Posting-speed in the 'master games' are set to once a week, to once every two weeks. I'm not going to be very difficult about that, as long as the plot advances. However, the posting speeds in side-games can be decided upon by yourself.
  • There is no hard set rule for the length of posts. All I require of every post is that it adds into the plot and advances the story. Usually one liners don't quite cover that requirement, however a novel of purple prose that ultimately says nothing isn't very enjoyable either. Players are allowed to set such rules for themselves within their side-games if they so wish.
  • Be sure to read the posts of your partners. If you happen to be participating in a 'master game', it is important that you make sure to read all of the posts. This so that you won't miss out on important details, but also so that you won't accidentally ignore people. The same goes for the side-games, but these won't be as actively policed by the (Co)-GM's.
  • Have fun, and enjoy yourself! You are mostly free to do whatever you want within side-games. However, if by any chance (Co)-GM's receive a lot of complaints about side-games, there will be some interference happening.
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