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  1. I'm probably going to get a job this summer, and with the growing popularity of the interwebs, quite a few questions have sprung into my mind. This is for all you level 20+ Human job-guru internet-veterans out there:

    Has your presence on the internet impacted your professional life in any way?

    Do companies/job people actually look through your Facebook/look up your name on the internet?

    Is it very important to keep an anonymous low profile on the internet?

    Now, I'm not too worried about this but the school hypes this stuff up to be a big deal so I was just curious if any of you had some actual real-life experience with this sort of thing. Thanks ^.^
  2. It hasn't affected me, personally, but at the moment I haven't worked in over a year and stuff, and all of my work has been around retail or so.

    Companies do look at your Facebook and Google you, though, but it's usually for more "important" jobs than slinging pizzas and other stuff that I did. Office jobs, jobs where you'll be representing a company in a more major way, I reckon they'd look you up.

    I doubt you'd really have to try to be all that anonymous, to be honest. Just use some common sense. Don't take a selfie smoking pot or take a picture of your pals as they're robbing a bank. You know.
  3. Haha yeah. My friend is a spokesperson for this insurance company, and if you go on his Facebook you would never know that he's actually very active in the cosplay and ren fair community. I asked him why he never posts pictures and he told me it's because his company and coworkers would look bad for it and I thought that that was crazy and sad, because he couldn't express who he really was. Thanks for responding!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.