Reforming the Duke.

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  1. April 10th, 1791 the House of the Dampierre was attacked. This was not uncommon during this time as it was during the french revolution. Young Charles Dampierre crawled out of bed as an ominous orange light spilled into his room, being only 10 he didn't know much of what was going on, but his parents had warned him and his brother and sister that if anything were to happen they were to follow the secret passage way and escape from the country. Charles did not believe it was so. But now as he peaked out the window, seeing several peasants coming closer to his home, he heard them crying into the night, 'Mort aux aristos!' 'Death to the aristos!' He stumbled across the hall to his brothers room, but the bed was empty. After stumbling into the hall, he had to duck down, smoke filling the air. "Armand!" He called out his older brothers name, "Marie." He called to his younger sister. A small cry came from behind him. He turned to see his sister, bleeding and crawling toward him. "Frère dirigé!" She cried. 'Run brother!' He saw his sisters eyes roll back. Tears sliding his cheeks. He ran to his fathers library, crawling under his desk and moved the rug aside. He lifted the secret panel and crawled down into it. Following it out and beyond the borders of his house. He had escaped! But he cried seeing his home going up in flames. His family was dead and he was alone. "Come young aristo!" A woman whispered from the dark. It was his mothers maid. He didn't trust any of the peasants anymore. But her, he wanted to trust. So he followed. Nearly four years later his mothers maid was turned in and killed for her crimes, and Charles thrown into a jail. He was beaten several times, and after that he was all but forgotten. In that time, his humanity was lost, he forgot how to speak and act in society. He had grown into a man when one night his door was thrown open. A man walked in. "Charles, is that you? It's Armand. I've come to rescue you. It's me your brother." He gently reached out. The touch to his shoulder caused Charles to howl in pain. "Shh. I wont touch you again." He stepped back and gently picked up the chain. "Follow me, keep your head down." Charles obediently followed. Remembering the word brother. His brother led him past several guards until one stepped in front of him. Charles noticed that Armand was dressed as one of them. "What are you doing with him?" Armand straightened. "He needs medical attention. I'm delivering him." The guard looked at him, then Charles. "I don't believe you. I want him back in his cell then you will report back to me." Charles looked up...cell. Back in that hole? No! Not when he was so close to being free. He rushed forward, grabbing the chair the guard had stood up from swinging it against the guards head. The guard fell over. Blood spilling from his head. "Well that was effective. Come on, lets hope no one else stops us." Armand chuckled and continued through the prison, sneaking out one of the exits. "You're free now Charles! I'm going to bring you back to England, with me and ma me're! You'll be safe. I'm going to hire you a tutor and she will help you okay?" He frowned, he didn't understand all of what his brother was saying. "It has been fifteen years too long Charles. I never believed you were dead..."
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the summer of 1791 a young girl of about 3 years old was dropped off at a church in England with only a piece of paper that read "Sera" it. So the little girl was given the name Sarah Smith. Smith was a common name given to orphaned children. She was sent off to a school to be trained to become a governess. She was employed 15 years later by The Duke Armand Dampierre, to be a tutor for his brother, the comte de Dampierre. What she didn't know was that he was a man. And she was not to be a governess but a tutor for a man. She didn't tell her employers that her previous employer had been pursuing her to be his young wife to raise his children. He was a widower and lonely. She was perfect for the job. But on telling him no she was fired. But he has not stopped trying to make her become his wife. He will do anything for her. She finds comfort in Charles' arms, but she is afraid to tell the family of her problem. Worried she will be fired for bringing such trouble to the house.

    I will be playing the part of Charles. I need someone to play the tutor. If you would be interested please comment and I will tell you more about the part, and will start a post! I don't expect this to be one hundred percent correct, I'm probably not even one hundred percent correct in this. Please do not be shy. I do want effort though! At least one-two paragraph posts, and and interest in some detail.
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