INTEREST CHECK Reform Academy (Rp discussion/interest check)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would like to do an rp with me about this idea:
    It is an academy for both boys and girls that don't fit/belong in society. They have done some sort of crime or crimes and they stay and go here to learn how to get along in the world. And the characters don't have to be human, but at least look it.
  2. :D Ok, yay first recruit xD I hope more join.
  3. I hope more join too XP This RP looks it'll be awesome
  4. Sure, why not. I may be new here but I've RP'd for a while. Might be a good starter.
  5. xD Yay! Another Recruit! This was an idea that I had on another site and it died cause the other person didn't keep up with the posts. But if we to, we can have a few NPCs if need be. I know I will be playing at least one or two characters.
  6. May I join?
  7. This looks interesting, are you still looking for more people? o:
  8. Yes I am, both of you can join in :D
  9. Awesome, also I am someone who doesn't have a problem playing multiple characters as well if and when that is needed.
  10. Ok! Good to know. I think I have enough people. :D So Ill get it up soon
  11. I also have a character up now
  12. Ok, thanks. I approved all your characters :D