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  1. Aiden stared at the needle on the table, Some what glaring at it while tying the rubber band around his upper arm tightly with his mouth then

    flexing his fingers as far as they could go then retracting them several times until the main vein in the middle of his arm appeared.

    "There you are" He said eagerly with a pinch of relief. He picked up the needle quickly, squirting it out a little and flicking it once. He hesitated a second then braced himself and pushed it through his skin, releasing his favorite poison.


    Letting it run wild threw his veins, eating his insides..

    He loved it.

    He closed his eyes after it began to set in...

    And let out a deep sigh as a slight smirk sketched its way across his face.


  2. Becca had just come into his room to see if he wanted something to eat her hand went up to the door and she hesitated. Would he talk to her this time? A few years ago they had been so close and they never fought they were twins, closer then normal siblings on this planet. "Aiden?" She knocked three times hoping to get a response she would make him something to eat if he was hungry. Yes she knew about the drugs he was taking but never actually saw him use them. She tried everything she could to help him but someone who does not want help doesn't need it.
  3. Aiden heard the knock, but he was in a different world now.

    And for her to disturb it would only upset him

    He had moved heaven and earth to get the heroine this time

    because his normal dealer was out of town.

    At the third knock he got up furiously

    "God damn I cant get ANY alone time??!!" He shouted

    She was ruining his high.

    He unlocked the door only cracking it enough for her to see him as he leaned up against the wall

    He tried to focus in on her but his eyes were puffy and unfocused

    "Yes Becca??" He said impatiently trying to hold it together.
  4. When he yelled she winced not knowing if she should talk to him but without her he probably would not eat. The door opened in front of her and she stepped backwards seeing his puffy eyes and knowing he was high again. Maybe she should call someone about this again? "I'm going to go make food I was wondering if you wanted some that's all." Her voice was low and quiet not wanting to upset him but she probably already had at least he was keeping himself calm for a bit.
  5. He stared at his twin for what seemed like ages,

    studying her dissapointed face

    Knowing what she was thinking.

    Assuming what she probably thought of him.

    Some kind of monster.

    He sighed and looked away for a second then back at her

    "Sure" He said still agitated

    as his hand began to shake a little so he ran it threw his hair trying to keep it busy

    "Next time dont knock so damn loud. I can hear just fine" He said closing the door abruptly and

    Falling on his bed.

    Letting the drug bury him alive
  6. When they were younger and before the drugs they used to be able to read each other's mind. When someone was hurt the other one would know about it. Now that the drugs happened she had not been able to read his mind to help him with the drugs. When he said don't knock so hard she had no time to react she did not hard at all but he seemed to think she did. Moments after the door was shut she turned towards the stairs and headed down them to start making something to eat.
  7. About an hour later, aiden descnded from the staircase he had just taken a shower anf he had came down from his high.

    He leaned against the counter not knowing what to say as he watched her

    "Sorry bout whatever happened.." he said runing his fingers through his hair which was a habit for him

    "If I said anything rude.. you know how it is though..right?"

    He didn't know if he was mking sense but all he could remember was becca comming

    To ask him about dinner.. he didn't remember if he had said anything rude.. so he just apologized

    Better safe then sorry
  8. When she heard him coming down she at least knew he stopped taking the drugs and probably off the high now. The food was almost done and she looked up at him when he came down. She had made his favorite food to try and get him in a good mood so she could tell him she's going back to work. With his addiction he was spending all of his money of heroine and they were having troubles paying the bills. No he did not say anything wrong but she had no idea what it's like. "I don't know actually because I don't do drugs." She said simply and put the food on the table then sat near her plate.
  9. Aiden twirled the spaghetti, which was his favorite meal, around his fork, Glancing at his sister once before eating a little

    "I dont do drugs either" He smiled a little as he continued to eat

    No.. drugs do me.

    He cleared his throat a little and sighed "Thanks for making this" He said without looking up at her

    He knew she made it for him because it was his favorite

    and Becca made it better then mom even..

    He could be nice when he wasn't getting high, which was only 30% of the time

    He was high around 70% of the time.

    But when he was at the peek of his rush he could be so ruthless

    and was capable of really anything..

    He could cut your happiness into pieces

    He knew that they were running low on money and everything else.. he even went so far as to sell his girlfriends Wii for money

    For his addiction once. Good thing she was too dumb to leave him

    "Im gonna ask uncle Jacob to send us some money" He said after a little while..

    As twins their minds were often on the same thing

    which prooved itself at this very moment.
  10. He was lieing right in front of her she could not believe it. "I know you do heroine." She said while taking another bite of the food that smelled so good. "Your welcome." When he said he was going to talk to Uncle Jacob about getting some money she sighed. "That's something I wanted to talk to you about. I'm going to get a good job." She said after finishing about half of her food that was on her plate. Her brother would not work she knew that and she had no idea how he was getting the money to buy heroine.
  11. "It was a joke" He said rolling his eyes and continuing to eat.

    He then thought about what she said about getting a job..

    a job?

    "Is it getting that bad around here?" He said thinking about what he had to do sometimes for money.

    just to support this habit

    "I can get us money you dont have to work" He said finishing up and washing his plates and the rest of the dishes

    "Dont get a job - I mean it.. its not that serious" He glared at her

    Mom and dad had always told her to focus on school and not a job..

    not that he really cared but.. he kind of did.. and it angered him that it was his fault
  12. Their parents died which left them a big sum of money but now that money was getting smaller and smaller. "Right now the money we have is going down. If you get the money you will go out and buy heroine with it." She knew that's exactly what he would do she finished the food she was eating. Sighing she stood up and went to put the dishes in the sink after rinsing the last little bit of food that was left on the plates.
  13. That was it.

    "So.. So what are you saying Becca? Im some kind of a CRACKHEAD is that what your saying?"

    He said taking a glass of water he had just made for himself and throwing it hard up against the wall

    as memories of his mother and father rushed into his head..

    the reason he had started anyways...

    To get rid of the pain.. even if just for a while.

    One brief moment of pain from the needle, and for hours on end sometimes he would leave this world.

    "You know what I said I could get us the money and I mean it. IM NOT GOING TO SPEND IT"

    He said rushing in his room to grab a few things then leaving, slamming the door behind him.
  14. When he threw the glass across the room she jumped as it fell to the ground and shattered. Tears filled her eyes as she was yelled at once again where was he going? She tried to stop him from leaving the house but he left so quick that it was to late for her to stop him. Sighing she picked his dishes and rinsed them in the sink she would clean them tomorrow. There was no way he was going to keep the money for himself and she knew that. All she wanted was her brother back like it was before all the drugs.
  15. "Are you ready man?" His best friend Kyle said as they stood outside of the closed Chinese resteraunt.

    "As ready as I will ever be" He said sniffling and putting his skull mask over his head tightly along with Kyle

    Kyle was the one who introduced Aiden To Heroine.. And he thanked him for it everyday

    The drug had given him a new lease on life.

    They both had two bricks each as they approached the glass Kyle held his fingers up




    They both threw the bricks in the same direction, creating a hole big enough for one to fit.

    Aiden rushed inside the hole and Kyle ran to the car and got a big black duffel bag.

    Aiden rook the heavy register off the counter and hit it one good time, causing it to open as he emptied the cash in it as

    well as the tip jar and everything else.

    Because this was a popular Chinese resteraunt, he knew they would get descent cash.. It was his first real robbery

    But if this was successful it wouldn't be his last.

    He put the cash register back as they rushed out.

    Aiden took a safe hidden under the register as well.


    When he got home it was late... he took off the mask and threw it on the couch.

    He then left 450 bucks on the counter with a note that said dont ask just take it on the front.

    All in all, he had gotten 600, but 150 of that was his..

    For his addiction.. his escape.

    He let Kyle Keep the safe, which had money in it that he didnt care to count

    "That should slow her mouth down" He murmured going in his room and preparing another needle.
  16. By the time he got home she had gone to bed not worrying to much about her brother he always snuck out late. Maybe if her parents were still alive he would be different and not be into drugs. Did he do the drugs to get away from his pain from their mother dieing she had no clue. Her door was ajar slightly and she did not wake up when he came home she never did why would this be any different. Her blanket was laying acorss her chest her mouth slightly open like she always slept. Moments later she woke up screaming the same nightmare she had since their parents died two years ago. The scream echoed throughout the house and probably would wake up her brother. When this happened when they were younger he always came running and sat on her bed till she fell asleep again.
  17. He had just put the needle back inside his arm when he heard his sisters screaming

    He quickly injected himself

    "Shit.." He whispered knowing it was just another nightmare

    remembering how he would comfort he

    He knew the high was going to set in soon.. but maybe he had enough time

    He got up slowly and made his way to his sisters room

    Should he hate her for ruining the world he was trying to create in his room?

    He glared at her, but couldnt stay mad

    he had the same nightmares..

    He leaned against the door coughing a little

    "You okay? it was just a dream Becca" He said almost zombie like

    they were starting to take effect

    the heroine and angel dust..

    They were going to take him.
  18. Becca was not expecting him to come in he never came in much anymore when she had these dreams. Her eyes were filled with tears and normally a girl even older would have her mom here to be there for her but she didn't. "Can you please sit with me?" Her voice was soft and filled with pain from the dream the two twins shared the same dream over and over again. Maybe she was the one that needed help to get over this dream but would it really go away?
  19. Aiden ran his hand over his face once, as if wiping away the high he was feeling

    but of course it wouldnt go away

    He stood there for a second, not really wanting to shift off the wall he was leaning on

    because for now his body was just dead weight. His mind way the only thing active- barely

    He sighed and came in the bed with his sister... "Come here"

    He said holding her close

    "It was just a stupid dream okay? ... we have to learn to wake up sometimes"

    Inevitably, mom was never comming back.

    They were alone.
  20. This was the only time they were close and not fighting, the only time they got along and were brother and sister. When he got in the bed she got closer to him and snuggled up. Of course it was a dream but that didn't change the fact that it still happened to her and it scared her. All she wanted was her brother back and him not to leave her again she knew mom was not coming back. "I know." She whispered putting an arm around him not knowing if she would be able to go back to sleep.