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    A small town called Redwood is in favor of holding dark secrets. Angels and Demons lurk around every corner, taking shelter among this haven, and having supernatural abilities. Not many know of this mysterious enigma, not many know of the agreeable terms between the Angels and Demons. It is a very difficult place to find, hidden in a forest for which it was named.

    Some of the people walking amongst others are just your ordinary human being. However, a new, abrupt war has risen. An evil force has clouded this town. Angels and Demons have begun to turn their backs on each other, and a new fate has turned its back against those who are still alive. Those who are still sane now hold the duty of fighting to protect the other. This is your home now.

    Survive, and find a way out.
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    Phil had woken up in a wrong position that morning. His neck had a serious ache in it as he made his way down to the bar. While they didn't open for another hour, he liked to get there early because he not only could get some free time in but he was able to practice. Well, in truth, he only really got there early on days that he'd be performing and tonight was gig night. He was set to play at six tonight but he always liked to get some singing in before the show, he had a fear of being humiliated on stage. He opened the door and shut it behind him, pulling off his black leather jacket and hanging it up behind the bar. He turned on the coffee maker, having prepared it last night before he went home, and turned to the stage. It was a pretty average sized bar and dance house, but had that thirties look to it blended with a retro punk. The floors lit up in a flurry of colours when turned on, the only bright lights when the lights were turned off. But for show days, they had a pretty nicely lit yet had a shadowy tint to it for the singing nights for all the hidden talent in the town. This was a popular bar, Phil was happy to work in it. He had known the owner for years before working here, and was rather content with making this his career. He wasn't a really wild kind of guy most days, in fact if anything he was the calmest bartender around. He was the guy everyone wanted, or needed, to talk to when they were having a rough time in their lives. ​

    Pulling out the stool that was pressed against the back of the stage, he sat down with his guitar slung over his shoulder, a knee kicked up to balance it. Testing the tune, he began to hum the tune of the song he would be singing that night. He wasn't wearing anything really out there, just a skin tight black shirt and blue jeans covering the black shoes he wore. To his knowledge, everyone who came into his bar thought that he was just their run of the mill human who had really no interest in supernatural beings other than fantasy.
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  3. Matthew Harrison, #00FF00 Matthew stood at a black street corner lamp in front of a well-known café known as C'est La Vie. It was cool outside, the autumnal equinox having just come a few days ago. The days were shorter, Redwood's temperature dropped a little, and that was one of the reasons why Matthew found autumn one of the best times of the year. He just didn't like waiting around outside. He was too stubborn to go inside either- Fia told him to wait in front of C'est La Vie, so he wouldn't wait anywhere else.

    Off in the distance, he could see many people coming and going from different shops, bars, and restaurants. He saw Genevieve off in the distance glance at him, wave, then turn to go inside Bell's Sports Bar. He smiled broadly, waving back at his coworker. Following after Genevieve, he caught sight of another coworker, his childhood friend, Liesel. Catching Liesel's beautiful sapphire eyes at distance as well, he waved to her too as she followed Genevieve inside.

    Turning his head slightly towards the left, from his peripheral vision, he could see the large clock tower. Dark-coloured Roman numerals situated the white circle in the middle of the large building and Matthew waited patiently, but impatiently, for Fia to arrive. "Damn it's cold," he complained, rolling his shoulders in an attempt to warm up. "I'm turning into an icicle or rather, I will turn into one about any second now if she doesn't show up..." He glanced around him, squinting as the sun instantly hit his gray green eyes when he turned to face further down the streets where his back had been previously facing. Off in the distance, he thought he could see a familiar face, a familiar shadow he was sure he knew the name of.
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  4. Liesel Blake, blue Liesel let out a relieved sigh as she stepped into the warm inside of Bell's Sports Bar. It was rather cold outside, and even with her jacket over her button-up shirt the chill still felt like it could seep into her skin. The warm and comfortable interior of the bar was a welcome thing, and she looked to Genevieve.

    "I guess Matt's coming in later," she mumbled, thinking back on the young man she had known since childhood. Now that they were of legal age, they were both working at the bar. Liesel didn't know yet what she really wanted with to do with her life, Redwood had been her home and it was comfortable. Maybe it felt a bit isolated, surrounded by these woods, but she knew most of the people here who went to the local high school with her. The young woman deliberately did not think deeper upon the 'other' aspects of Redwood. Speaking of Matt, it seemed like he was waiting for someone just in front of that cafe, C'est La Vie...

    "To work, then." She shook her head. It wasn't her business what Matt did with his time out of work, it just felt a little strange to see him so expectant. And waiting in the uncomfortable cold like that...

    Fiametta Scordatto (Malphas), red A gloved white hand spread out and flipped white cards idly as pale, blue-grey eyes looked across the street, spotting the young man waiting in the cold by the front of the cafe. The young woman approached him quietly, her steps leaving no sound at all even on the paved street. "You didn't have to wait in the cold," Fia murmured, just appraising Matt with an unblinking stare. Her pale blond hair was thick and wavy, reaching past her waist, and she had rather pale skin that contrasted with the black and grey of her clothes. Sleek black dress pants hugged smooth legs, as did the dark grey button up shirt and black vest hugging her at her waist, the only color on her rather monochrome outfit the apple red tie she was rather partial to. A black top hat was perched on top of her head. Her other hand was wrapped around and ornately carved cane, tapping at the ground.

    Her current human contract was an interesting one. Of all the things he could have asked of her, a demoness, with the contract, he asked for something so simple. It was something he could have achieved with another human if he had wanted. It was... Confusing. In her eyes, the exchange was unequal, but if that was what he wanted...

    "Let's go inside... Matt," the name rolled off her tongue in her usual low and husky voice, and her blue-grey eyes looked to the entrance of the cafe. "You should warm yourself up."
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  5. Genevieve Carrington, #FF0080 Genevieve glanced over her shoulder upon hearing Liesel's tone of worry, her blond tresses following her as she swung her head to face her sapphire eyed friend. "What's wrong with him coming in later?" she inquired out of curiosity. "Don't you think Matthew probably just wants something to warm his soul up before he gets here? That's probably why he wakes up early a lot, goes to C'est La Vie, then arrives here on time." She gave her friend a lip smile then turned her head to focus on the beginning trek towards the backroom. "I don't mean to be offensive or anything, but you always seem to be so... I don't know, protective of him? Is there something going on between you to? I've never questioned this before, but you seem to be interested in Matt, if you know what I mean."

    Genevieve opened the back door and turned left a few feet down, heading towards the large room where all the employees' personal belongings went. Unlocking the door on the far right, she stepped inside, allowing Liesel to enter before she went straight towards her usual area, slipping her bag off her shoulder. Her smooth hands reached down into the large black purse with buckles pulling out some lip balm and beginning to apply it to her lower lip, then moving on to the top. Genevieve's brown eyes glanced up at Liesel expectantly as she waited patiently for an answer. She was curious- never had the fact that Liesel was showing some interest in Matt ever occurred to her. It was interesting to know that she seemed a little worried for him. Genevieve was aching to dive in between both and find out what was going on.

    Matthew Harrison, #00FF00 "Fia!" Matthew exclaimed, laughing and grinning as if their meeting was a joyous reunion of two extended families. His green gray eyes scanned her from head to toe. She was impeccably beautiful with that luscious wavy blonde hair and monotone coloured outfit with red accents. "Do you have any idea how long I was waiting?" he remarked with a grin. "You didn't have to wait in the cold," she murmured, appraising him with an unblinking stare. Matthew shrugged, waving her words off and rolling his eyes in amusement. "It's cool. You told me to wait here so I did." His grin grew larger in size until his jaw hurt.

    Matthew chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the lower part of his jaw area. Ouch. Fairly recently, Matthew had gotten ahold of an entity he had no belief in at all with a complicated ritual. Who knew those books that his hometown had in the library actually allowed you to do amazing things like summoning a demoness. She'd been a wonderful companion so far, someone that immediately changed his life altogether and himself. He was glad that because of her he had been able to take charge of his life and develop a positive mind set. He smirked at her statement. "Of course. It's not like I was about to freeze to death," he lied, rubbing the back of his neck and chuckling nervously. "The cold doesn't bother me anyway, you know?"

  6. Demenore/Leon, black

    Demenore had just gotten to R-Bar, since he was the main bartender he had to get everything sat up. He still couldn't possibly believe how humans loved to drown their sorrows in cheap booze. The bar was the best place to spot different unique people that needed guidance. For now Demenore was just getting over the fact that Luvino the most "prettiest" Cherubim around was working with him at R-Bar. Demenore didn't look at Luvino as competition, he just didn't like how he was all about love and happiness. In Demenore's line of angelic work he saw only death and sadness, if only he could take a break and see some love. Demenore just shook his head and started cleaning off glasses. In came Luvino with that same charming smile of his. The whole place seem to have a vanilla smell and serene feel now; well except around Demenore it was still cold and dark.

    Demenore gave a sarcastic grin, "What's new Prince Charming?" That was Demenore's nickname for Luvino; he knew that it got under Luvino's skin. Demenore had a big brother, little brother relationship with Luvino; if anything he knew that Luvino had his back and vice-versa.

    Luvino/Carlito, pink

    Luvino the "Angel of Love", the reason why the sun shined soo bright in the morning, why birds chirped soo beautiful when he arrives; that's what everyone thinks about Luvino. The human women on the streets stopped and stared at him; they have never seen a man so beautiful in Redwood. Luvino just gave an innocent grin to the women that blushed and giggled. Luvino liked coming to Redwood; he could have a break from being a messenger and have sometime to do human "things".

    Once Luvino made it to R-Bar of course the first person to say something to him was big ol' Demenore. "Nothing so exciting Prince Death Breath." Luvino gave him a giant grin walking to the back to get ready. R-Bar was usually full of people. Most of the time it was usually 20 something girls wanting to come see Luvino. The boss didn't really care about what Demenore or as he knew him as Leon or Luvino/Carlito were and where they came from; as long as they brought in the big money. Luvino checked himself in the mirror like usual fixing his hair up. Luvino patted Demenore on the back. "Hey I'm going to go for a little back before anyone shows up." Luvino didn't give Demenore the chance to talk, he walked out of R-Bar.
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  7. Liesel Blake, blue Liesel started slightly at Genevieve's questions, turning to her friend, her eyes widening slightly. She looked into Genevieve's warm brown eyes and only saw curiosity and concern, so after a moment she answered. "I knew him since we were kids, it's not like that..." she said, her cheeks warming in embarrassment at the idea of being interested in Matt. He was a good guy, maybe a bit awkward sometimes but he also looked out for her and Genevieve while they worked together. She also went to high school with him so she knew him quite well. She averted her eyes then followed after her coworker, saying a small thank-you as Genevieve let her enter first. She hung her leather shoulder bag on the rack in her assigned place, taking out a compact mirror and pressed powder before flipping it open.

    As they were fixing themselves up for the day ahead, she noticed Genevieve's expectant eyes on her. "I guess I tend to look out for him. He tended to get in some trouble when we were younger and it became a habit," she said, giving her friend a wry smile and trying not to sound too hurried or defensive. "Maybe he was just about to get in, but he seemed to be waiting there for some time. Just curious since he seems to be going or waiting for someone often these days." If he was waiting for someone, it wasn't her business - but it was still enough to make her wonder...

    Fiametta Scordatto, red "You say that while you're shivering slightly and tightening your jacket around you," a dry tone had entered Fia's voice as she watched him grin awkwardly at her, seeing the falseness by looking in his brown eyes. She didn't know why he even bothered to try and hide it from her. As his contract demoness, it wouldn't do to let her human just harm himself without reason while she was here. She always made sure to take care of them, and considering his request, even if it was a bit foreign to her, she tried to be more of a companion. "Let's go inside for now." Fia wasn't bothered by the cold at all, but he was only human, after all. He didn't have to be embarrassed or mindful of it since it was in his nature.

    She moved to the entrance of the cafe, hand set on the doorknob before turning it and pushing open the door. A bell rang, signalling the entrance of another customer to those inside the shop. The demoness felt the eyes on her of both human and inhumane, but brushed them off with ease as she met their stares unblinkingly, making them turn away first. When she had first come into here with Matt, there were even more supernatural eyes, but she... Had made sure... They wouldn't be bothering her or Matt anytime soon, unless Matt wanted to talk to them. She waited by the entrance, glancing over her shoulder at Matt.
  8. Zachriel aka Zachary Shepard, blue It was a quiet morning to work as usual for Zachriel. An early riser by nature, he was already awake before the sun had started peeking out onto the town, and had quickly gotten ready for work. In the human world, his work was actually something he liked, even if it was only to pretend to be normal in front of mortal eyes. Library work did suit him in a way, as an angel with power over memories and knowledge, didn't it?

    The angel disguised as a common man was simply dressed in a white button-up shirt and black pants, a light blue jacket also doubled over him due to the cold morning. Even if he wasn't really as affected to it as humans, there were simple human pleasures that the angel had learned to appreciate during his time here. He stood in front of the Redwood Public Library, getting out his key and opening the entrance. The building was relatively large for a town like Redwood, and was painted a simple white. The design allowed for a feeling of more space with its wide windows showing the inside of the place, but to keep the ones inside from feeling like goldfish being ogled at in a bowl, there were some curtains that could be drawn closed over them.

    Zachriel, or as known in the human world, Zachary Shepard, was usually the first one to come in to work here. He quickly moved inside and headed towards his own workspace, which could be entered by a door to the right side. The office inside was simply furnished, with a desk and cabinets lining the wall, with letters to mark which files were inside alphabetically. And while he didn't really need it, he had a computer to put in the database for the books of the library.

    Placing his black shoulder bag on his chair, he let out a breath and went out to the main library area to see if Mai was also up and about. His assistant lived here in the library, after all. "Mai?" He looked around the place.
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  9. Mai Takamitsu, blue

    At the very back of the library was a concealed wooden door, leading to Mai's cramped bedroom. A small bed tucked into a corner, a simple wooden desk with flasks neatly lined up or stacked in a pile and a chair to accompany it. It was a plain but well loved bedroom surrounded by bookshelves. The angel didn't own a house in Redwood, so when she had the permission to live inside the library, she had cleaned one of the storage rooms to make it her home. After closing hours, Mai would take her time reading or patrolling the library, sometimes continuing to sort out books, anything to keep her occupied.

    Mai had woken up very early in order to continue sorting the books sitting on the trolley back in the main hall. The sun hadn't yet risen and Mai had to turn on one of the big lights, hoping it wouldn't disturb the rest of the town. For an hour she diligently returned the books to their rightful places, dashing here and there all over the library, planning on at least returning all the book on the trolley to make work a little easier during opening hours. Mai was already feeling tired when she pushed the last book - something about plant life - back where it should be. Returning the trolley to the front of the library, Mai skipped to north-west corner of the Redwood Library where the sight of a comfortable plush chair welcomed her. Happily, she grabbed the nearest book, noting where it came from and sat down. Mai was someone who didn't mind what she read, everything was interesting and she enjoyed just about anything. The book in her lap was fiction, but halfway through reading the words began swirling around and swim in her eyes. She peered outside the window, and seeing that it was still dark outside, she closed her eyes and dozed off.

  10. Luvino/Carlito, pink
    Feeling the chill outside of R-Bar, Luvino couldn't help but give a little shake. It was unusually cold today. Luvino would not have to come to R-Bar for a while since it was a 18-22 Young Adult type bar. Most 18-22 were in high school or college at this time. Luvino knew that his old friend Zachriel was probably at the library by now. If anyone liked their human job hands down it was Zachriel. Luvino liked being a waiter but the girls were a handful. Being an angel of love it came with the territory. Luvino made his way to the Redwood Library. The door was unlocked. Luvino walked in and yelled out for Zachriel. "Zachriel! It's your old friend Luvino! I have nothing to do right now we should catch up, seemed like we haven't seen each other in ages." It was true Luvino rarely came to Redwood often like the other angels, he had a busy schedule being the main messenger to The Angelic Lord. Luvino made his way to the front desk, waiting for his brethren to greet him. At the same time Luvino created two love birds that flew around the library chirping love notes; it was Luvino signature hello when he enter someone elses domain.

    Aaron Jacobs, darkorange
    Today was Aaron's first day working for Bell's Sports Bar, he couldn't believe that he got a job there. He heard around Redwood that it was one of the more popular places to work. Aaron was shivering in the cold; he hated cold days. Aaron wished that everyday was hot with just a touch of wind. Before Aaron walked into the bar, he fixed his hat and outfit. He could see that the bar must of just opened. Not a lot of people were in there right now. Looking around for more employees, Aaron walked to the bar counter. He saw an employee only sign near the back; that's where they must have been. Aaron walked to the back to meet his new coworkers. He saw two workers a brunette and a blonde. Aaron gave his huge sly grin and walked over to them. "Hello ladies, I'm Aaron I'm the new bus boy." Aaron sat his eyes on the brunette. It was something about her that Aaron liked, the blonde was ok but the brunette was WOW! Aaron isn't the forward guy all the time, he usually likes to be in the background and then show his true colors when he feels comfortable. "What are your names by the way?" If this was the type of people he would work with, Aaron wouldn't have any complaints.
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  11. Zachriel aka Zachary Shepard, blue
    "Good morning, Mai," Zachriel said dryly as he sighted the other angel asleep on a comfortable chair. He had seen how the books were arranged. A book was precariously perched upon her lap, having fallen from her hands. She must have dozed off. He wasn't upset at all, since he knew who might have gone dashing about the library putting books back in place and arranging a few other things. Even if he had told her that he could help since he was also here early, and also during the closing of the library in the evening, the girl still diligently took care of the place.

    Then he heard a familiar voice call him by his name, just by the entrance of the library. Heading back to the entrance, he smiled at the sight of the love birds and the musical notes that filled the quiet space. "Luvino, those had better not leave droppings here," he chuckled, smiling wryly and nodding to his friend. He didn't see Luvino often here at Redwood, but since the cherubim was God's main messenger, he understood. "Here at Redwood on down time?" If being swarmed by hormonal and infatuated teenage girls at R-Bar could be called down time, that is. "And how's Demenore?" He didn't know the death angel quite as well as Luvino, since Demenore tended to keep more to himself, but the angels here mostly knew each other, even if they were just acquaintances.

    "It's pretty early right now so we have time," he said, motioning to the library. There wouldn't be visitors yet at this hour. "Let's find a place to sit." He wondered if Mai had woken up because of Luvino's entry and the birds, or if she slept through that.
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  12. Mai Takamitsu, blue

    Mai had woken up to the sound of two voices and strangely, bird chirps. She opened her eyes and stared at the two figures near the entrance of the library groggily. She stood up, almost yelping when the book that she had been reading earlier hit her foot. Muttering under her breath, she picked it up and inspected it for damage, and when she was satisfied that the book was fine, she pushed it back where it belonged in the bookshelf. Mai then headed towards the voices, spotting Zachriel and one of the rarer visitors; Luvino.

    Not wanting to be rude, Mai greeted them. "Good morning, Mr. Zachriel and Mr. Luvino," she said, bowing quickly. She stared at the sight of the birds fluttering around Luvino, their voices high and charming. Mai suddenly felt very self-conscious, realizing she had not changed out her sleeping clothes, having only thrown on a white jacket to keep warm. Her hair was mussed from sleep and there were dark rings under her eyes. She felt uncomfortable seeing that Zachriel was already dressed well for his job and Luvino looking like...well, the angel of love. The common angel shuffled on the spot, her eyes averted.
  13. Cassandra 'Cass' Jones, Pink "Thank you! Make sure you come again!"

    Cassandra Jones, better known as Cass among the ones closest to her, waved to yet another customer exiting the café named C'est la Vie. A cozy, slightly fancy little place that always seem to have a tranquil-like atmosphere engulfing it. The young brunette was wiping down the counter in front of her in order to pass by the time, waiting for some more customers to come in and, maybe, settle down for a little while. The familiar jingling of the bell located above the door caused her head to shoot up, eyes trained on the entrance. There were two new customers about to enter the café, a male and a female, who was quite pretty. Gorgeous, to be honest. She shook her head, letting the thoughts flee.

    "Hi! Welcome to C'est la Vie!" She called to the two new customers, offering them a bright smile and a small wave. She was radiating joy and politeness. Her attention was focused back on the counter she had been wiping down before the jingling off the bell had called for her all of her focus. Out of her peripheral vision, she kept an eye on the two, ready to service them whenever they deemed themselves ready. The teen was a hard-working person and she intended to uphold that precious trait, no matter what. She was always making sure that the customers where satisfied, or beyond satisfied. As far as she was concerned, most of the people she served left with a smile on their face and a good aura surrounding them. If they didn't, well, it usually wasn't because of her doing.
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