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  1. A small town called Redwood is in favor of holding dark secrets. Angels and Demons lurk around every corner, taking shelter among this haven, and having some sort of mental-type power. Not many know of this mysterious enigma, not many know of the agreeable terms between the Angels and Demons. It is a very difficult place to find, hidden in a forest for which it was named. Some of the people walking amongst others are just your ordinary human being. However, a new, abrupt war has risen. An evil force has clouded this town. Angels and Demons have begun to turn their backs on each other, and a new fate has turned its back against those who are still alive. Those who are still sane now hold the duty of fighting to protect the other. This is your home now. Survive, and find a way out.

    The links below are the specific types of demons and angels you can be.



    • There are anarchists. The anarchists' group is called Wicked Coven.
    • There is a Demon Council/Government called Ars Goetia.
    • The Angels' Council/Government is called Order of Angels.
    • Humans live in Redwood, but NONE know about the Demons and Angels.
    • The anarchists are the main antagonists.
    • The (majority of) Anarchists will be Demons and/or Angels. Humans cannot.
    • The only exception for a human to become an Anarchist, is if he/she happens to find out about the existence of Demons and Angels later on- which will be discussed with me.
    We can flesh out more ideas in a plot discussion once a few people come along.
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  2. I want to join!
    I enjoy the idea, so the idea of the plot is that something is clouding the town and they have to stop it, yes?
  3. Yes, basically the evil force is taking over Redwood.
  4. Totally want a demon. >:3
  5. Haha! That's great- I'll be playing my pre-made character who is a Fallen Angel (Demon/Angel).
  6. hi! I'd really like to join if it's okay? :] this looks AMAZING! *is a fan of anything Angelic/demonic*
  7. Yeah, that's wonderful; thanks for joining!
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