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  1. Adventures in Mossflower
    I've been thinking about running my own RP for a while and was trying to decide if I wanted to use the fantasy world my personal fiction is based in, and which I have run a few D&D3.5 sessions in. Did I want to come up with my own world from scratch? Or what world do I know well enough to conceivably run a RP in? Huge fan of the Dresden Files but that could get hard to balance and I don't want to be all, "sorry, please rewrite your post, it would take WAY more power than you currently have to do that." There are a bunch of anime worlds I like too, TV shows, other books... It is a hard choice.

    I also am a bit of a furry.

    What do I have to blame for this fascination with anthropomorphism? I don't know... Winnie the pooh, The Land Before Time, Almost Every Disney Movie Ever, aaaaaaand Redwall. Mother#&^%ing Redwall. The series, not just the one book within it. Ever since the digitally animated Stuart Little movies (starring House... er, Hugh Laurie of all people as the father, brilliant!) I have been dying to see the Redwall Series made into feature films, I loved the cartoon than came on PBS as a kid. Tapped every episode on VHS but missed the finally, I was heartbroken. I feel like I grew up running around Mossflower Wood, crashing through the tunnels of Salamandastron, and stealing pies in Redwall Abby. Got a badgers strength, a hare's appetite, a mouse's courage, a mole's common sense, a shrew's loyalty, an otter's love of the sea, and a marlfox's cunning. So many memories, so many stories, I think it might be fun to create some new ones.

    So, down to the brass tacks, if I were to run this it would be well after any of the books took place. I do not personally enjoy alternate history or soandsoXsuchandtheother stuff. The legends and stories exist, you can be descended from whoever if it makes sense (if they died in the book with no heir, you're not going to be that tryst Jaques never wrote about). There would also likely be limitations on choice of race, possibly of origin (i.e. no vipers, owls, or badger lordlings... but I could be convinced otherwise on that last one).

    I would be playing the role of Game Master, I am not familiar with how others typically run things, I'm still quite new here, but I thought it worth mentioning a little bit about my intended style. I like to play the world, NPC's, environment, what have you. I come from a tabletop background, but I recognize the format is a little more open online. I am very strict on god-modding. Also, I can and will come up with a story but I rarely do so from the outset. My preferred method of GMing is perfectly summed up here. The players do things, and I make the world react. Sometimes the world does things, and I see how the players react. Then let the story unfold on its own, with the generally rule that "once stated, it is cannon."

    SO, what do I want from you guys? Well, before I put any more effort into coming up with something akin to an OOC - Signup thread, I wanted to see if there was any interest. And get an idea for what size group this would end up as.

    Please let me know if...
    - you are interested
    - you have ideas for an rp like this
    - you just love Redwall and want to comment

    Hey all you critters out there, the OOC is up! Head on over here to see what's up.
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  2. Love redwall! 'Specially the otters and long patrol! Also the food......ugh so hungry EVERY time I read a feast scene!
  3. It is amazing how he was able to make these amazing feasts that contained no meat at all! Maybe fish once and a while but that's it. Always loved candied nuts cause of these books.
  4. Indeed! I always wanted to eat most of the foods....even though I hate vegetables XD
  5. I wanna be a rabbit! Can I be a rabbit? Oh, I'd love to be a freakin' rabbit.

  6. If this becomes a thing, of course you could be a rabbit. Though, it's usually the hares in Redwall, the actual rabbits hide and dont show up much from what I remember.
  7. I don't think there's ever been a rabbit in a redwall book. then again I haven't read Rakety Tam and beyond.
  8. Well, I am calling dibs on a hare! And this will be a thing, I will make sure of it. Muahaha. :)

    But, in all seriousness, I would love to be a hare! Be a member, or a young hare trying to become a member, of the Hare Border Rangers!

    This is so awesome. :D
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  9. I'll start putting together some ideas then and possibly start an OOC signup thread, it may be a few days/weeks due to school and such but spring break is next week and as long as I don't spend the whole time playing Tera I should potentially get something done. Definitely open to suggestions though!
  10. This could be fun if something gets rolling. It's been a long time since I delved into the world of Redwall, but I was a big fan of the series. Not sure what I would play off the top of my head.
  11. You could be my hare-brother. We could talk of the battles we've fought, all the while eating loads of roughage. :)

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  12. *just loves Redwall and wants to comment*


    I have no time for this... but will help with advertising and what-not.

    *slaps staff endorsement on roleplay*
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  13. I'm in the same boat as Asmo. Loved the books, don't have the time to join. :[

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  14. Whenever I see Redwall anywhere nowadays, I can't help but remember that Overgrowth game.

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  15. It is my personal Opinion that Redwall should have happened INSTEAD of stuart little. ~clears throat~ I stand by my conviction.

    And I call Ferret O.O
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  16. count me in i LOVE the mighty badger lords of Salamandastron
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  17. I'd probably make a kung-fu hare, no joke.
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  18. You could be a member of the Fur and Foot Fighters. :D
  19. The only problems I have are finding art that would fit a, y'know, kung fu rabbit, without looking like every other furry artist ever.
    Could be either female or male, really. Doesn't matter too much.
  20. Not sure I could pull off the hare way of speaking, lol. Was pondering one of the 'evil' types but I dunno. Maybe a mouse or squirrel.
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