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  1. Even though I do have an RP ongoing, I do wish to have a second one on the side as writing practice! I can't say I have millions of ideas for the moment, but I am open to brainstorming with a potential partner to make a really exciting plot. I put temporary because once school starts in the fall, I'll probably be a bit slower on posting. Now, for the obligatory icky stuff:

    1. I am a slow-ish poster. I get at least one post in a day, a few times a week if I'm busy. Though usually because "new things hype", I post multiple times a day for the first few days when an RP starts. Heheh.
    2. Writer's block is my bane. If the scene is moving slowly or if I'm the one dragging it on my own, it's going to affect my ability to write. Though don't think this'll happen often. It's actually a bit rare but worth mentioning~
    3. I only do fantasy. Bonus points if it's fantasy/Scifi.
    4. Romance is a must. If romance makes you uncomfortable, peruse the other fine request threads this site has to offer ;) Smut is situational, as in I'll only do it when the characters really call for it...and if you're an adult. No trouble here.

    Now for my partner:
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    -Post several times a week. Daily is even better. It'll get my ass up and running even more.
    -No one liners. We both can't work off of that. But also no novel-length posts. A paragraph or two is completely fine.
    -Help me carry the plot. Don't let me be the only one to do everything. I /will/ run out of material quickly.
    -Don't vanish on me without saying something. Communication is /key/ to roleplaying, and I will never cease posting without any word.
    -If the plot is getting dull, tell me. We can work something out.
    -Talk to me on the side. I don't bite. I like making new friends ~
    -Please use proper grammar and spelling.


    Vague-ish plot ideas: Two are temporarily closed* One is still OPEN

    *Means romance-oriented
    *Means not entirely romance-oriented


    *The Arrogant Huntress:

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    In a distant world, a family of horned people simply claiming to be called "Demonkins" arrive through unknown, magical means by accident. Their daughter, a beautiful white haired woman named "Airakou" deals with losing both her social position as "Young Lady" of her father's city back in her homeworld, and therefore the honor and high class that came with it. The woman is incredibly arrogant, strong, and skilled with well having a special ability that allows her to connect with dimensions in a spiritual and mental way. Even if she comes off strong, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She is nice to those who deserve it and...maybe a little cute.

    Seemingly frustrated and distraught about being in an unfamiliar world, Airakou flees and goes on the road, hoping to find some answers.

    She finds a man (your character) who will either challenge her tough persona or show her that this world is just as good and is her new home now. They both bond and live life on the road.

    *The Ghost's Whisper:

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    A shapeshifter named Minaro posts a request up in town for a partner in order to aid him in finding the source of all the evil spirits that have been tormenting the region for years.

    *Bought Happiness:

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    You (your female character) are part of a well distinguished family in a wealthy mountain town named Noonvale. Your father is a well known painter who has developed many iconic pieces of work, therefore with the art trade has amassed a fortune for him and his family. Though, your mother has only the skills of manipulation and lies to get what she wants. Because of her money obsession and the loss of money due to your father's worsening physical condition, your mother decides to sell you to a wealthy man to get money for herself under the guise that it'll help pay for your father's treatments and keep your house.

    Though at first you're against the marriage because your heart belongs to someone else, the man you marry isn't bad at all. Aside from a temper and pride, he is kind, strong, and helpful. You soon find yourself navigating the uncertain waters of a forced marriage. Will your heart start anew? Or will you try to escape that marriage?

    (Inspired by a story I read as a child, by the way)

    PM me if you are interested!
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  2. You first idea interest me.
  3. Plot list updated!
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