Red's Really Summer-y Seasonal Search [MxF][Closed]

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  1. I now have more time on my hands since it's summer vacation for me. I'm looking for the following:

    -Consistent RPers (i.e: don't vanish on me, post often, etc)
    -Post length of at least a paragraph. No one liners.
    -Likes playing fantasy/scifi. Magics, and so on.
    -Friendly. I'd like to be friends with you, too.
    -There COULD be some moments of libertine IF the situation AND character chemistry calls for it, so in that case I would feel a bit uncomfortable playing with teen members for obvious reasons.
    -Lots of communication. Plot not suiting you? Tell me. Confused about something? Tell me. Writers block? Tell me. Going away for a while? Tell me! I'll do the same.
    As for me:
    -Sometimes I have really bad writers block. So some days I might not post as much or even at all. Have patience for me as sometimes I just feel too empty on ideas and energy. This doesn't happen too much at all, but just putting it out there for now.

    Keep in mind that this is most likely going to be a seasonal roleplay since during the summer and winter I have MUCH more time on my hands. However, if the pace of the RP is pretty good, I'll definitely continue it past Summer :)

    As said above, I love scifi, magic (usually steampunk magic), and fantasy. Plus points if it's all three. Post your interest on this thread and then I'll PM you for the deets. If you have skype, then add me so that talking to you would be easier~

    I don't have any solid plots for the moment, so you bet that we could construct one between the two of us. Romance in a plot is important for me but would not overshadow the plot, so there's that. Everyone loves a bit of romance, right? :P

    Hope to work with you soon~
  2. I rather enjoy steampunk Victorian fantasy type rps. Maybe we can discuss some possibilities? PM me if you like :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.