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  1. For over a decade, the current law enforcers - known as the Whitehoods due to their apparel - have become corrupt in their divine mission. Their holy agenda now a twisted joke among the people. Lately, the criminal outcasts known as Blackhoods (due to their punishment upon conviction - having a black hood seen into their skin)!have started to become complacent, knowing that if they got into any trouble, bribing a Whitehood was all it took.

    However, a recent rebellion has sparked a change in the land. A militia force has begun to show the people that good shall triumph. This new army has named themselves the Redhoods.

    Their are six different races in this medieval world
    Elves - tall, slender creatures that are able to hone their wild nature to control their weapons. However, their abilities are limited, so they can only specialise in one skill
    Minotaurs - huge horned creatures with the posture of a man, and the raw strength of a bull. They live in the frozen mountain and can survive in any climate, despite being of slightly lower intelligence
    Humans - self explanatory
    Spirits - elusive creatures that, though it doesn't take much to incapacitate them, cannot be entirely destroyed. When a good hearted person dies, their fatal flaw becomes the main part of their life as a spirit (eg. Bloodthirsty man = peaceful spirit)
    Druids - essentially humans but with access to a great power known as the Schol. They aren't fighters, but have infinite knowledge and telepathic powers
    Farseer - again, a lot like humans but with the ability to see into the future. Years ago, there was a genocide ordered by the Whitehoods, so they are few in number, yet they still live
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  4. Character Card

    Name: Nightshade
    Age: 20
    Race: Spirit of Dark
    Weapon of choice: a whip
    Special abilities (if any): can completely disappear in dark places
    Appearance: a wispy shadow in the shape of a human, with only two gold eyes.
    Apparel: a gold chain around her neck
    Other: Before she became a spirit, she was an optimistic warrior. She died in a cave, and one hundred years later, she found herself in that cave, nothing more than a shadow.
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  5. Character Card:
    Nickname: The Black Archer
    Race: Unknown (Presumably Farseer)
    Weapon of choice: Bow, arrow, elvish dagger
    Special abilities: High speed and agility. Quick on his feet and can assassinate anyone in the blink of an eye. Sharp eyes that give him 100% shooting accuracy. Can foresee future events.
    Appearance: See pic
    History: Unknown. (He is a member of the blackhoods. The leader's right hand. His intentions are not clear, but he does not follow the blackhoods' ideals. Acts independently.) caa879a3650d38b0c57fd2e9a0930c91.jpg
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  6. (And so it begins :D)

    It had been an age since Nightshade had been near people. Looking like she does, the screams of villagers haunt her. Demon! They had cried, unaware of the hurt she felt.

    When Nightshade had signed up for the Redhood forces, she had rejected the tent they offered her. Some place dark and secluded would be better, for her and the others. Though spirits don't sleep, they travelled to the Isle of Life in their minds to regain powers. And Nightshade really needed a pick-me-up. After all, she had just joined the losing side in this war
  7. "Burn them all down. Don't leave out a single house!" were The Black Archer's orders to his gang of Blackhood archers. His eyes gleamed with a fiery sorrow as he watched the people of the tribe they attacked get burnt alive. The screams that escaped the lungs of innocent little children brought up images of his dark past inside his head. He watched nonchalantly as all the men and women of the village failed to put out the fires that devoured their lives. Some of them tried to escape, but his arrows were a lot faster as they pierced their frightened hearts. "Forgive me." He muttered as he closed his eyes under the mask, and shot down the last survivor, a large man, grieving over the death of his wife and daughter.
  8. Nightshade could feel an influx of the dead from the other side of the Spirit Barrier. Another village, gone. She let herself fade from the Isle when she heard the cries of one too many innocents. Burning rage started to fill her, she longed for justice. She let her smokey form attach to the ends of the cloud those damn Blackhoods had made. She traced it to a group of archers, each with that black coat permanitly attached to their bodies.

    Her whip coiled around her ankles before she cracked it, giving away the element of surprise. Nightshade wanted to see their faces as she took their lives
  9. The Black Archer's senses were absolute. He could hear the cracking of the twigs on the ground beneath him, the strange gust in the air that caused the fires to sway right and left. He knew something was off, but he decided to turn a blind eye to it. After all, he feared nothing and could take on anything. "Back to base!" He ordered his men as they all turned around and began to walk away from the scene. The Black Archer towered over the dead bodies before crouching next to the body of a dead little girl. His hands clasped a necklace that hung from her neck. The necklace radiated in the heat of the fire. "Rest in the heavens, little one. You will be avenged." He said and squeezed the necklace in his hand. He placed it in his pocket. A souvenir, or perhaps, a reminder...a reminder that Justice is what lies behind his mask of evil.
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  10. Nightshade was appalled. The General had not only killed a little girl, but had stolen from her corpse. She grew tired of just killing the lookouts.

    With a solid flick of the wrist, she whipped the man on the back, directly on his spine
  11. "So, you have finally decided to show yourself." He said as he stood to his feet, unharmed. His back was plated with armor. The whip had hit the dagger case on his back and pulled it off. He smirked beneath the mask and closed his eyes. It was better for him that way... to See. "Tell me, stranger. What do you think of the future?" He exclaimed, his arms wide open.
  12. "I fear for the children, and not just the ones you killed," Nightshade spat as she flicked her whip around his leg, then pulled, tripping him to the ground. She stood up, ready to end his life
  13. The Black Archer began to laugh. His laugh almost turning hysterical. "Correct me if I'm wrong, spirit, but judging from the way you are acting, you were a VERY bad person in your previous life, right?" He said as his laugh died out. He stood to his feet and signaled his men -who had come back to help- to lower their bows.
  14. "Brave thing to sacrifice yourself to the dead," she hissed. He was so cocky, but he didn't seem inherently evil. Being a spirit of darkness, she could sense a persons alignment; whether they were mostly good or evil. The amount of people she had warned away from con artists and scammers was starting to creep into the hundreds. She knew he had a good heart, but he was just fighting for the wrong side.

    No matter, she thought, he still had to die. She waited for him to make the first move
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