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  1. It was a soft day, the sun shining brightly, making it just warm enough to go outside without a jacket. That was exactly what everyone did. There was hardly anyone inside this Saturday. It didn't surprise Calliope that the long hallway she was walking through, on the third floor, was just as abandoned as the rest of the castle.
    With a small notebook in her one hand and her quill in her other, she was making her way to the library. Her homework was finished, every task fulfilled. She had the whole day to do what she liked.

    Scribbling down some thoughts, she walked past the boys' bathroom. If it wasn't for her dropping her quill, she wouldn't have noticed a strange sound. She quickly looked around, but there was no one there. It had to come from the bathroom. With a concentrated face she listened carefully, waiting for another sound. Hey! There it was again. It was as if someone was crying.

    After another couple of seconds, Calliope was sure. Someone was crying in there. She couldn't walk away on this. Her curiosity and natural urge to help were too strong. Ignoring the fact that it was a boys' bathroom, she pushed open the door a little. It wasn't enough to see anything. Silently, she slipped in, her short frame easily going unnoticed.