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This is my naughty-free thread that will contain fandom plots only.

Important note: Do not post here! Contact me by PM!


1) I only rp on the forums, so no E-Mail, Skype, or any other alternatives.
2) I need a partner that can post at least one paragraph, absolutely no one liners.
3) If your main posting style is first person, then we will not be compatible.
4) You must have decent literacy for me to understand, i'm not asking for masters, just do your best.
5) If you lose interest, need a break, etc, then tell me and I will understand. I will not bite, I promise.
6) You have an idea? Then drop it in Pm, I am more than willing to listen.
7) Iwaku rules applies.
8) We are here to have fun, and it shall be so!

Preferred Roles
Female (Hetero)
Male (Yaoi)


Sonic Gold
Sonic the Hedgehog

A young girl fell from the sky, landing on Earth to warn Sonic and his friends that a threat is coming from her world. That threat is Sonic from another world, and she has a powerful object that he needs. She asked for Sonic's prime's help before it is too late, that the blue hero must fight himself.

Ashes of Angels
Resident Evil

Claire Redfield has been kidnapped, and woke up in a cell with no idea how she has gotten there. Unknown to her, she is a pawn of a grander scheme as an overseer places her into a new nightmare, and let her face someone she thought died a long time ago. Steve Burnside is very much alive, and she decides that she will free him from the Overseer and escape with the survivors intact.

Love is Snow Deep

Mac always has a crush on Kaori, everyone pretty much knows this truth...maybe except for Kaori herself. They have been friends for a long time, and Mac wishes to confess his feelings at last. A new SSX world tour is here, and this maybe his only chance to do it.

Infinite Light
Resident Evil

It has been a year since the events of RE4, and Ashley hasn't been the same since being kidnapped and almost used as a weapon. She has been having terrible nightmares and having trouble sleeping. In order to help her, she is sent to her mother's home in Quebec, and Leon decided to join her. It is the one place she thought that would put her at easy, as family means everything, but the family require something from her.

The Platinum Sun
Harry Potter

It has been 7 years since the battle of Hogwarts, and Draconia is a teacher of Hogwarts after her parents were murdered and her family home destroyed. This is the only place that she calls home, a safe place from the outside as there are those who are looking for the few former Death Eaters that escaped justice. Harry Potter is an auror, investigating an anti-dark wizard cult that are killing former Death Eaters with a magical artifact. It is believed that they are targeting Hogwarts next, so Harry decides to stay as Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher in order to protect Draconia.

Soul Salvation
Soul Calibur

Sophitia Alexandria once again sets off on her mission to destroy Soul Edge, leaving her loved ones behind. Her younger sister, Cassandra decides to chase after her, wanting to convince her to go home so that she'll destroy the evil sword herself. On the way, she meets a knight named Siegfried that has a connection to the sword and decides to follow him in hopes of finding it and her sister.

Eyes of Heaven
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Legend told of two gemstones that unlocks the stairway to the heavens, one has been lost, but the other is found by the Speedwagon Foundation. Noriko Kakyion is given a special heirloom after the unexpected death of her parents, and that's when strange happenings began to occur around her. She was almost kidnapped, but is rescued by a friend name Jotaro, and both are now thrown into a world of wonder and danger.

Primal Fury
Dragon Ball Z

Goku and Chichi are newly weds, starting their lives together to make one happy family. Goku barely talks about his past, not telling her that he is an alien warrior who has abandoned his violent, war mongering ways. Unfortunately, the past come back to haunt him as Saiyans come to the planet looking for him. They seek to punish him for abandoning their crew, and will show him the meaning of pain, that is why Goku must protect the ones he loves at any cost.

The Blood Witch
Resident Evil

After the Raccoon City Incident, survivors are starting to go missing, as they are kidnapped by the USS and taken into a facility to be experimented on. Yoko Suzuki has been taken as well, to be punished for daring to betray the company even thought her memories are still in the fog. But regardless, she swore to protect David King who is also captive here.

Lady of Mercy, King of Nightmares
Little Nightmares
There is a mysterious and wealthy lady that lives in the sea, protector of the young ones that comes into her arms. Despite this, a shadow is hunting her from a mighty tower, a king who is looking for this fair lady of mercy.

True Love's Kiss
Sleeping Beauty
Once upon a time, a prince and a fae fell in love with each other, even though their relationship is seen as forbidden. They were forcefully separated by betrayal and hurt, and the prince became a king. Years later, the fae is protector of the forest, and has a daughter. By fate, the king and fae met with each other again, but would they fall in love again?

The Sweet Side
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Honey Una lives in New York City with her daughter Trish, trying to live a normal but careful life. She bumps into a strange man name Risotto Nero, having this man meet up with her in the strangest places. He is getting close to her because it is his job, believing that this woman is the wife of a powerful Italian Mobster Boss. He swore to take down the mysterious boss, and also protects Honey and her daughter before he gets his clutches on them.
Blessing of the Azure Moon
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Long ago, the people of Fodlan were graced with the Goddess Sothis' blessing. and those blessings took the form of four crystals. The Agartha people corrupted their crystal, the vessel of an unholy energy, and they were punished for it. The crystals have been passed down from barer to barer, and it is holy law that the 4th barer must die. Dimitri found a strange girl in the woods, and notice that there is something odd about her. His crystal shines every time he is near her, could she be the one with the dark crystal?
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