[REDACTED] Act One: The Chimes of Freedom

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  1. Hawthorne

    He frowned "You know I could have handled it." Belle shook her head

    "We aren't too sure about that one Joey." She grinned. He rolled his eyes

    "Okay I see your point."


    She smiled thinly "It's not as bad as the shit you went through. Luckily she backed off when I got really pissed, and I'm actually glad I didn't live with her. It's nice being independent."


    She blushed "Flattery is going to get you no where mister Harper." She poked his nose "CEO."
  2. The cell at first glance appeared to be empty, it took a minuet to see the dark shape sitting restlessly in the corner. The buzz of the alarms spurred him into activity but in the spartan room allowed nothing but restless string on the hard cot. He had given up on sleep and instead tried to remain as invisible as possible.

    he sharp electric buzz from the lock on the door came as a surprise but he jumped up immediately and stood at attention in the center of the room facing the door, prepared to salute the first one to walk through the door. But no one came. A full minuet passed and the door still didn't open, full of curiosity and concern he crept over to the one way glass and swung the door open.