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  1. Red.

    The one word could lead to many things.


    I'm sure you're thinking "What does that have to do with this story?".. Well, let me tell you.

    Vampires were born into this world long before the Dinosaurs, Humans, animals.. But they've been hidden for thousands of years. That is.. Until humanity had become weak, degraded. Their... So called 'President' had died. The vampires found it the right time to finally come out, and to finally rule.

    Years after they came out and ruled the remaining humans, animals, and plants, new rules have come to be.
    Vampires used humans as slaves, and were allowed to do as they pleased to the remaining humans. Of course, most used for blood while others used them for... For sex.

    It was now year 300920.
    Most humans remained as slaves, but there were some whom lived hiding in the sewers.

    I am one of those humans, and I'm very sure I don't have long.
    But I am trying, and I need you to remember this story. My story. If the Humans rise above the vampires, then create a book, tell them what I have been through. I will keep you updated somehow through this journal.


    They have found us.

    They have found me.


    Hi! So this will be a Male x Male RP.
    I hope this interested someone, or maybe a few people. If I decide so, this could become a Group RP. But it just depends on how many people PM or message me on this Thread stating 'Hey I'd like to do this RP with you!'.

    Anyways, if you're used to me and my Rp's. You should know what I'd like for you to have. But, if you don't know. Then it's not much, but I shall tell you.


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    More plot than Sex. ‹


    That is all.
    I can't wait to do this!
  2. You've got too many good ideas. -w- I might be interested in this too. XD
  3. Well before we start discussing it, are you alright with playing the Dominant vampire male?. Lol.
  4. Yeah. o.o I mostly play dominant characters anyway. XD
  5. Ohhh my god saaaaaame. xD Anyways, alright. I'm glad because if you were to play a Submissive male I would be like 'Nooo I'm not changing my Plot-Line/Characters anymooreee DX'.
  6. Haha, don't worry about it. XD I'm usually not picky about which role I have either way. :P
  7. Hehe, alright ^^'. Normally I'm perfectly fine with being Dominant. But I would like to play Submissive every once in a while. Anyways I'll send you another PM and we can discuss it. x'D
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