Red Walls, Cold Halls

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Does this interest you?

  1. I would join this roleplay.

  2. Maybe.

  3. No, I don't like your writing style.

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  4. No. This doesn't interest me.

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  5. Some consideration is needed and there has to be stronger development of plot.

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  1. Preview, I guess? :P
    We all are kept in separate rooms. Sound absorbing, clean, white rooms. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Every day is a routine. People come in, three times a day to give us meals and take out our waste. Every door, a padlock, hung across the entrance, blocking us from our freedom.

    Today started like every other day. I see the sun rising, passing through the bars at an almost 30 degree slant. I know it's time for breakfast. I stand up, hands outstretched and head bowed, but instead of feeling something placed into my hands, I only hear a quiet 'snick' echoing from the door. I look up in surprise, and I look out of my white room of nothing for the first time in my life.

    Basically this fic is set in the future; gifted children are kept in cells since birth, causing them to adopt an extremely apathetic and dependent nature. One day, everyone is suddenly let out of their cells. Chaos ensues, and everyone's world is turned upside down. Though they all are geniuses, they lack EQ, resulting in disputes and many disagreements. This is an exploration of the emotional development of the individuals and the uncovering of the mystery behind the cells.

    If you want this to happen, show your interest in the poll above! if more than 5 people mark 'Yes' or 'Yes after consideration', I might make this an open RP! :)
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  2. I would definitely join! fantastic idea, i'd love to try it out. I just have some things to say. what ways are the children gifted? what age range are the children? And maybe if the story has no direction yet (this is just some ideas c:!) maybe the children who calm down a bit would want to find out more about the people who put them there? and is the place the children are trapped in open? like could the children exit the building? sorry for so many questions! I really like the idea!
  3. Um, I haven't totally decided? I'm thinking that the plot would be based around the paranormal and supernatural, so yeah. It was a loose plot idea that I came up with, and if enough people are interested we can get together and devise details? Hopefully this actually gets attention, ahahhaah! :D
  4. I'd love to work with you on the plot! that'd be awesome! If this doesn't get more attention everyone is crazy. haha.
  5. Hmmm, hi just showing interest .3.
  6. Due to the fact this thing is getting more attention than I think it is worth, it is now posted as a RP in the 'Jump in Roleplays' section! I don't have set characters for you. If you want to join just leave your name, a bit about your character's personality and your 'gift' and just start writing! ^^
  7. Awesome looking forward to RPing in this haha
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